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  1. I had a break out on not live rock of white web like allergies was told it was spiderweb algae
  2. Plz help never had this problem before !!!!what do you think it’s I keep getting mixed reviews
  3. Hey just got my light last week from AI installed the hydra 26 put some fish in and two corals just to see how the tank dose it’s going great will post tomorrow to show you got it looks
  4. @ReefCap Thank you I’ll start with that question I’m running my aqua Illumination hydra 26 do u have any advice what my schedule should be ? Thank you
  5. One thing is the pump is really loud I’m going to switch it out
  6. I want to sps but haven’t decided thank any advice
  7. I want to do sps but might make it a mix haven’t decided Yet I’m cycling it for a month any advice just want to do it right this time I’ve done a lot of different styles
  8. This my new tank just getting started and want to show you every step I take I have been doing this hobby for 10 years now so let’s see what we can do
  9. This my little tank wanted to try something. Small How to get rid of the snails they are breaking out crazy
  10. to build stand they discontinued it so what do you recomend nee d to build stand they discontinued it
  11. any ideas to build my own that holds it
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