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  1. Need Help Quick Plz...

    I am well aware of that however from what i've read they mainly nip at SPS and clams, something I will never have. I am sticking to softies and LPS so yea =P, which they can nip but not as likely as SPS. I also believe if they are well fed they will be fine. Thank you very very much for the response.
  2. Need Help Quick Plz...

    So school starts soon and I can't order online once school starts so yea... Would this be too much to add at once to a biocube 29 consisting of 4 coral frags and 2 small fish (Yellow watchman and ocellaris clown)? -coral beauty angel (1-2 inch), going to request smaller one -bangai cardinal fish (1-2 inch) -pink an dwhite feather duster (2-4 inches) -1-3 polyps of neon green mushrooms -2.5 inches of yellow polyps -a 1-1.5inch brain (or a 4 inch plate coral, probobly not going to happen lol >.>) -probobly another coral so it makes it $140 dollars and I get free shipping =P... looking at kenia a 2.5 inch piece or a 2.5 inch torch coral. PLEASE HELP HAVE TO ORDER BY TONIGHT
  3. Shopping Spree... Help Plz

    Thank you very much for the excellent response.
  4. So I am going to make an order from bigalsonline.com. I was wondering what would be some things I'd need to buy. 1) I only have 3 coral frags in my aquarium along with a leather coral. Will I need to start dosing calcium and w/e? If not, when will I? 2) I have zoos, a trumpet/candy cane, and a leather toadstool coral, which foods should I buy for them? I already have mysis shrimp and cyclops. Should I buy marine snow? Also which coral eats what? 3) I plan on replacing my oceanic power head for my biocube 29. Should I get a koralia 2 (600gph) or a 750 koralia (750gph)? 4) Recommendations on reef testing kit? I'm looking at the API one. Seems cheap and good reviews. 5) Anything else that's cool that I should buy?
  5. Cycling Questions. Help Please.

    Alright. I was planning on listening to them from the beginning lol. Thank you all for the input, it really helped me to start cycling.
  6. Cycling Questions. Help Please.

    Thank you for your response. Really cleared up my questions and more.
  7. Alright so I got about 20 pounds of dry rock in my tank and about 5 pounds of live rock in my biocube 29. I got the temperature at about 76 degrees and the salinity at 1.024. I dropped the live rock in and turned on the powerhead and the pumps. My questions are... 1) Should I run filter media as I cycle this tank? If so what ones? I have purigen, carbon, pura pad, and filter floss. 2) If I were to get Chaeto, when should I introduce it to the tank? I suppose I should when the nitrates start rising but just making sure. 3) How often should I be testing the water for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate? What about PH and Alkalinity? 4) I dropped in two or three pinches of cyclop-eeze to get the ammonia kick started, should I just do this once or continue to do this throughout the cycle? If so, how often should I add the fish food and how much? 5) Should I keep the lights running? If yes, how long? 6) Should I perform any water changes throughout the cycle? If so, how often? Thank you all for your help.
  8. Horrible Sandstorm

    Don't plan on buying anything else lol. But I am playing with the power head. I placd it at the bottom of the tank and aimed it up. Guess I'll see if this works. Any other suggestions?
  9. Horrible Sandstorm

    So I put in marco sand and I literally can't see a single thing. Then the next day I saw everything a little bit better but when i turned on my power head everything went back to normal. I figured I'd just turn on my return pump also and that it may return to normal but after 8 hours it still looked the same. I did rinse the sand before putting it in but I see that marco sand has a very light sand that gets disrupted very quickly.So my question is... How can I prevent a sandstorm from happening when I turn on my power head?
  10. Biocube Filter Help Please

    Alright, thanks for the replies. If anyone else has anything to add it would be appreciated. I do not plan on buying chemi pure since I already have carbon. Maybe when I run out.
  11. Alrighty, I have several different filter media and I am unsure which to use. What I have is: -Filter Floss -Carbon -Purigen -Pura Pads I was just wondering what would be the best combination of using these filter medias. I was thinking of running carbon 24/7 and using filter floss. If I were to do this, could I reuse the bag from the carbon each time? Also would there be any benefit in using the purigen and carbon together? Any other combinations of filtration and greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. So I am setting up my 29 gallon biocube and I know a fair bit, but I figured I should still ask incase I am missing anything. So any tips on anything would be appreciated. Anything from live rock, live sand, mods for the biocube, etc. Also if anyone with a biocube would mind telling me where I should place the purigen and chemi-pure. Should i just drop it in the second chamber? I have already removed the bioballs.