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  1. Gats 150G Mixed Reef

    So the other day I noticed my PBT swimming really hard right at my WP-40 then diving out of the stream. Then doing this over and over and over. Fish are so dumb, good thing they are pretty.
  2. How to prevent condensate on glass tops?

    Just read this on WAMAS too.
  3. Gats 150G Mixed Reef

    I will not. This is MY thread remember. Thanks man.
  4. Gats 150G Mixed Reef

    I see you creepin Jedi. Checking out my PBT huh?
  5. Gats 150G Mixed Reef

    Got a few more frags from a friend today. See Below plus a few pics of fish. Sorry they are crappy iphone pics.
  6. Jebao WP-10 vs. Vortech MP-10

    Why do people still buy the battery back ups that only run a single pump. Why not just get an UPS?
  7. AJ_Tsin's Zeo 47g Shallow. NEW FTS

    So I was thinking to myself today that I haven't seen an AJ thread in a while and was wandering if you had one up. Granted I was away for a while. Good to see you getting a tank going.
  8. Gats 150G Mixed Reef

    FTS First
  9. The Black lagoon

    4 weeks ago. Thats a long time between updates.
  10. Gats 150G Mixed Reef

    Oh I missed the wrasse part. I do love me some flasher wrasses. Any ideas what the suggested fish numbers are for this thing? I have just been adding, but should probably figure out where I need to stop so I can make sure I get what I really want not just what looks nice at the LFS when I get there.
  11. Gats 150G Mixed Reef

    Exactly. That is my next project. I know I should and at this point I have already introduced ich to the system, but I definitely need to. My lfs keeps their wild caught in medicated tanks so that does help a little, but I plan on grabbing a 20L and setting it up.
  12. Gats 150G Mixed Reef

    HAHA yea that was my thought. But it could have been worse. Could have been on main level on carpet and the basement floors could use a good cleaning.
  13. Gats 150G Mixed Reef

    Well i got caught. I was hoping my wife would not go down stairs until I got home from work and cleaned up the water. Then I got the GCHAT "im assuming you are aware of the flooding in the basement - by the look of the soaked towel and paper towels sitting in the water on the floor". OOPS.
  14. Is this a bad idea...

    The only problem I see with jumping to the 50 is you are going to want to clean the tank and plumbing prior to putting everything back in. If I were you, I would do a mock set up of the 50 while you are waiting to move and get the plumbing done maybe leak test that way when you move you just snap it all back together. I moved my sumped 40b and it sucked, but a unsumped 20 is as easy as a couple of buckets. I completely understand wanting something bigger. I went from a 20L to 40b and now to a 150. I think I had the 20 for a year and wanted something bigger.
  15. Is this a bad idea...

    Would you go BB or sand if you went with the 20? I would think an upgrade to the 20 would be easy. Mix 20 gallon of water, run for couple days, add rock and livestock. I say go for it. Let your coral grow out so when you do upgrade to the 50 you have mini colonies instead or growing out frags.