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  1. delete

    Favorite Thread EVER
  2. dinoflagellates

    I got rid of my dinos with manual removal and algaefix. Try that.
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy online an JBJ 28 gallon LED AC/DC converter and have it overnight shipped. Mine is out so my tank is blackout and I am afraid my corals will die. Alternatively, if someone has one for sale, please let me know.
  4. Radion

    Steve please post 2010 tax returns. Thanks
  5. Filters Question

    I just got the cannon t3i and a bunch of filters - CPL, UV, FDL. Should I have all three of these on at the same time?
  6. Best practices for maintaining a sand bed?

    its ridiculous how much crap you pull out the sandbed when you vacuum. YOur bucket of water will be brown. I don't do it often enough but once in a while. its tough cuz i have a lot of stuff on my sandbed. If I don't vacuum I try to suspend the deitrus into the water column with my kent sea squirt before scooping outthe water. This way I get some of it out the tank. Also this way it will get caught in my stevie T filter floss. Which is always brown too.
  7. Vendor Photos vs Your Photos

    Your froggie is awesome. Whatchu complaining bout
  8. frag tank

    hahah. Good catch. your totally right
  9. Help ID the Crap on New Coral

    alright, Guess I can move into the display now.
  10. Help ID the Crap on New Coral

    the purple matt is a sponge? it is enveloping one of the trumpet heads?
  11. So I purchased a trumpet coral off of divers den and it had all of this crap on it. I thought it was cyano, but it is rubbery and kind of hard. I've had cyano before and it is easily removed or picked off, this stuff is not. I haven't put this coral in my tank, it is in QT along with the palm tree coral I purchased, It looked like it had a little bit of this stuff on it too. I am on my second dose of chemi clean on the QT tank. I've always found that chemi clean does the trick on cyano in one dose. This stuff seems unphased. I'm pretty disappointed with divers den, I don't know why they would sell this coral. I thought they were better than that Thanks
  12. Wamb0010 28 Gallon Nano Cube

    You are forever my enemy jimbo. So happy Team NO MA'AM was eliminated
  13. Woot Camera

    Is this a good deal? I am looking for a camera to take pictures of the tank. Can I put a macro lense on this or no? http://www.woot.com/
  14. Wamb0010 28 Gallon Nano Cube

    Thanks again for all your help everyone