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  1. love this picture! wow...beautiful clown...
  2. thanks not contacts; just grey/green eyes -- i didn't think this was myspace... why is it that everyone else can have a picture and i get bagged on because mine is creative and not a mug shot?-- thanks for backin me up on that one andre!
  3. Top View
  4. "Natural Look" Style tank for now
  5. Female is in the front, Male in back (Hosted In 2 Xenia)
  6. wow, i love the layout of your tank--- totally gorgeous
  7. Me!

    awwww Tigaboy! Dont be jealous! I would think u'd get more hits... ur all sweaty!! hahaha
  8. This is my female, Mandarin
  9. This is my male clownfish, Tangerine
  10. Brand New Bit of my bigger rock, Fabulous Lime and Sky Blue-- even when they aren't under actinics!!
  11. wow!! love the color! where do u find all those fabulous zoos?
  12. Percula clown and Bicolor blenny hanging out with mushrooms and xenia!
  13. This is my galaxy coral, with my electric blue hermit "Beetlejuice" climbing all over it.