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    my clownfish and corals, aquariums, painting, soccer, crime drama,
  1. Reefscape with Maroon Clown

    love this picture! wow...beautiful clown...
  2. Bizzare Picture of Myself

    thanks not contacts; just grey/green eyes -- i didn't think this was myspace... why is it that everyone else can have a picture and i get bagged on because mine is creative and not a mug shot?-- thanks for backin me up on that one andre!
  3. Bizzare Picture of Myself

    Top View
  4. Green/Orange Zoo

  5. Some Assorted Zoos

  6. My 20G Nano

    "Natural Look" Style tank for now
  7. My Clowns

    Female is in the front, Male in back (Hosted In 2 Xenia)
  8. My 12G Nano ( ~ 4 months old)

    wow, i love the layout of your tank--- totally gorgeous
  9. 2 Clown Pairs?

    awesome! thanks guys!
  10. 2 Clown Pairs?

    I currently have a 10g nano that has a resident pair of perc clowns. the trouble is that i am hoping to upgrade to a 33g this summer. If i were to do so, could i put in a second pair of clowns...possibly black percs without too much fighting if both sets were introduced into the tank at approximately the same time? Also-- is this tank large enough to house 4? thanks so much! tina:)
  11. problems with frags

    i use a pin, and pin them to where u want from the edge of the shroom
  12. retarded mushroom got himself stuck

    mine too-- 'these boots were made for walkin'
  13. Eagle Eye Zoanthids?

    p.s. = Does anyone have any fun zoos like eagle eyes...or other in canada?? I am desperate for some hot zoos! PM me
  14. Eagle Eye Zoanthids?

    id agree with BK, i have some lime green and aqua zoos that i got with short skirts, and even tho they are on the same rock with my orange centers and spotty ones, ever since i put them in the tank at home, the green ones have developed longer fuzzier skirts... the others still have short skirts.
  15. retarded mushroom got himself stuck

    ...he got himself in there, he can get himself out... unless he's just being sneaky and MEANT to go in there :