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  1. Check out the vertical pillar of growth starting in the middle of my second leng sy
  2. how are you attaching the bag to the baffle? I want to add something like this to stop micro bubbles from skimmer chamber
  3. Side thought: salinity and alkalinity are my top 2 parameters to watch tightly. You can pick up an ATI refractometer from BRS for ~50 or less. Best money you’ll spend.
  4. Well, if salinity is too high, osmosis would make softies and nems shrink up. It fits. You could remove a quart of water and replace with RODI in the morning and again in the evening to see if it responds.
  5. if nitrates were truly zero, your leng sy monti and SPS would be super unhappy too, so that could help decide how much weight to put in the test kit -- or not. People raise mag to 1600 to kill bryopsis with snails being the only think I remember taking it badly. What about lighting or water flow? Too strong? Too weak? Brown jelly disease? salinity?
  6. Carbon dosing is a sound solution for removing nutrients as long as it's eased into and a powerful skimmer is installed. Our tanks can become carbon limited and if that's the case, carbon dosing is fabulous. Too much too fast and oxygen is depleted by bacterial growth though. And if a powerful skimmer is missing, it's just a bacterial bloom instead of nutrient reduction. It's a shifty game to play in our little boxes of water. Just a simple difference in aeration or fish-load for example can make the difference between your friend's tank going down by anoxia and yours being just fine. Aren't there algaecides in vibrant? I can't remember - maybe it was another product. It has crossed my mind multiple times that there is potentially a proprietary algaecide/dinocide of some sort in NOPOX--something that just doesn't leave the water column over months time. Supposedly NOPOX is vodka and vinegar and water, but I've carbon-dosed with vinegar and vodka in the past with no downward spiral like this. I recall Nanotopia commenting about a KZ product that caused zoox to be ejected from acros for coloration, but it could go overboard and kill the acro instead. I don't recall what product it was. Spur, maybe? Anyway, I think it used trace elements as an algaecide/dinocide. There's still the uncertainty of which nitrate test kit to believe: 0-1 or 64+. All of the above can be explained by 0 nitrates also. ATI test apparently reports nitrates. I'm going to kick something if the test kit reporting 64+ nitrates was the bad kit and they really were 0-1 all along. Hopefully results by friday. Hey, acropower is amino acids so you're double-dosing them if you're also using brightwell AA. Acropower is amazing. I've also got it on a dosing schedule. Love it!
  7. Oh yeah, from the very beginning I’ve been more about understanding as much as possible about these complicated systems and sharing the mishaps as well as successes. It would be dishonest to suggest everything always goes well, but the faulty nitrate test kits have certainly led to the largest downward spiral since the aptasia wielding Pom Pom crab spread her cooties all over the rockwork. I hate to lose coral. It’s made me emotional today. But I’m also learning a valuable lesson about what kinds of husbandry are not compatible with extended lack of water changes. I found on my apex notes that the last water change was 4 gallons on mid November 2017. So that’s actually 16 months with no water change. Anxious to get the API test results in. Kicking myself for not sending it off in January when ions we’re balanced and corals were all thriving before dosing nopox and before the bleaching event sequele. I was curious about why so many seem to use nopox without issues, and a quick google on another reef site showed results like mine are not unusual. Nopox appears to be another nano-reef marketing hype. Havent used anything brightwell since my first days of reefing. Do you remember Nanotopia? She convinced me not to bother with the company. I am becoming convinced that there’s no magic pill for nutrients. Export is best via natural-based methods: skimming proteins, denitrate reactors/or anoxic sand areas, and water changes. Im also becoming convinced that an algae-sterile tank might be pretty, but it’s not what healthy reefs look like. There’s so much macro algae on Caribbean reefs, it must be eaten by herbivores. Yeah, tank will turn around. It always does. And I’ll share progress.
  8. An update on the tank's response to NOPOX dosing. Here's the chain of events: 1) 01/17/19 dosed 2 mL NOPOX -- less than recommended. 2) saw some lightening on red planet acro, no other negative effects. 3) uncertain if nitrates are 0 or 64+ depending on test kit so I waited a month to see how tank responded. 4) became increasingly swayed towards nitrates actually being on the high side which means all tests over the last year reporting 0-1 ppm nitrate were wrong. 5) dosed 2 mL NOPOX 02/17/19 6) Red planet acro and Rainbow acro loose color, some bleaching, some STN from base. 7) notice all zoanthids are melting away 8 ) dino outbreak 9) still high nitrates so I add matrix and de*nitrate media from seachem 9) continued decreased growth overall 10) alkalinity, calcium, magnesium rise steadily because SPS are no longer growing. Cutting back dosing is a guessing game as growth decline rapidly and levels rise steadily. 11) ORP steadily falling dangerously low 11) it seems like NOPOX - whatever is in it beyond carbon source - is not being removed by skimming and is continuing it's damage, compounded by unbalanced ions. I had hoped it truly was only a carbon source that should have been used up by now. Maybe it is, but I can't think of any other reason a flourishing tank with no other changes suddenly starts a huge downward spiral after dosing NOPOX. SO, is it the NOPOX, or was the new nitrate test kit reporting 64+ nitrates actually the bad kit. bleaching coral can be explained by both a poison that isn't removed and a lack of nutrients to grow with. 12) realize if coral are not growing there's no way to remove excessive Ca, alk, Mg from water without water change 13) did a 4 g water change last night to try to balance reducing elements and not shocking the system too much. 14) Setosa RTN, Rainbow Acro STN, Red planet acro STN, sunset montiora bleaching, forest fire digi STN, red plating montipora bleaching, unknown monti bleached. 15) sent off ATI ICP test kit today. Sure hope they report nitrates - I don't remember if they test for them or not. Long story short, I will never dose NOPOX as long as I have SPS ever again. I will never buy a red sea nitrate test kit ever again since some of these issues can also be explained by super low nitrates. With 20/20 hindsight I should have done a 100% water change after the second NOPOX dose and left everything alone. tomorrow I plan on a 100% water change and cross fingers. corals that are still doing great Cute little goby enjoys its birdsnest This just showed up—I didn’t buy the frag. So curious what it turns into!
  9. If you stay on top of trimming GSP from the back wall as it grows nearer the rock it can work. It's quite a bit more difficult to remove from rockwork if it's neglected though, and I'm not into making reef-keeping harder! 🙂
  10. Thank you! 😊 you are completely correct, in coral warfare GSP wins against everything but stinging LPS. Plus it grows very fast. So the key is ensuring no rockwork touches the back wall. Even though SPS eventually grew into it, it only died at the war zone. The rest of the SPS colony was fine. Just trim it back regularly—it’s easy on the smooth surface of the back wall.
  11. Oooohhh. I’m sorry I missed that you pulled the skimmer. Never intend to make anyone feel sad. Some of them are a huge pain for sure. Unsure how fast foundation elements will rise. What I meant is that coral pro vs Red Sea blue bucket has elevated levels. So eventually alkalinity will rise to 11-12 and calcium, magnesium, and potassium will be high also. Lots of people have success with it, just wanted to give you the heads up if you happened to be unaware so the acropora frag stays happy. 🙂
  12. Love the fancy crab mansion! I want a video. Tank is looking good. I'd 100% keep the skimmer especially since your salt is coral pro. Every water change will increase alk and Ca to (probably over-) compensate for what is lost in skimming. Plus, skimmers leverage the niche house cleaning abilities of bacteria, etc.
  13. My nutrient control arsenal is getting refreshed today to double down on nitrate and phosphate. I’m still annoyed by the bad test kit that gave me a false sense of security. But on the bright side, corals and fish were doing well until NOPOX. Anyway, look at those tube worms! The entire back chamber looks like that. Pretty sweet!
  14. Awww, that's so touching Dawn. 😍 Thank you. You got me thinking with the morphing over time comment and I had to go look at the first post with 5 years of FTSs. You've been reefing for a long time too so you'll get this: It's fascinating when you look back at all the stages we've each gone through. I can see an ebb and flow of growth, mistakes and losses, changing interests, the replacement of all the rockwork trying to beat (and winning) the aptasia war. Who knows what it will look like in 5 years, but I hope it's 6-8x bigger! 😃 Lately I've been watching videos of large tanks filled with flowing softies. Once the zoas stop dying I think I'll start adding in more gorgonians and leather-type corals for more movement. There's still a small frag of green star polyps hidden by the camera angle that I' like to grow over the return nozzles again.
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