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  1. with regular water changes, purple tech and or purple up really dont make a difference in my opinion. patience is the key, and make sure you have good flow. all i use is a 10k and atinic t5 ho. i have had coraline grow with just a 50/50 lamp before.
  2. My First Online Livestock Order!

    You always get what you pay for and then some. Awesome service as well.
  3. got pics of the pink boobies?
  4. Possible aiptisia

    I would just buy a peppermint shrimp or two and they will take care of it and any others you might not see
  5. Interesting name as i used to work for a company called Xerxes. Nice pics by the way
  6. Take it out of the tank and bust it up into smaller pieces. Thats what i would do

    You got that right. I would figure a float shut off in there somewhere
  8. Glazer

    Well, 1st post on the boards here and Just wanted everyone to know this guy is top notch! shipping was fast and great price on a surface skimmer/overflow box. Craftsmanship is high quality and packed in the box like a professional. I will be ordering again soon!