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  1. Will different type of lobo sting each other?

    The answer is YESSSSS , Orange/Blue lobo is so aggressive, it killed one my ric and I moved it near the Red lobo , Last night it stung my Red lobo really bad , I hope it could make it I can see the selection where the Orange lobo stung
  2. My clown fishes hosted in RBTA

    Thank you
  3. Will different type of lobo sting each other?

    I hope they dont sting each other till I find a good place for it.
  4. My orange lobo killed one of the ric and I moved it close to my red lobo, will they sting each other?
  5. Dwarf Seahorse Tank Build (Fluval Spec 2)

    How is the tank doing? I was thinking to buy same tank for Dwarf Seahorse , it is a good idea?
  6. Finally My Clown Hosted in RBTA :)

    But my male clown still is hosted in elegance and dosent join the female !
  7. stocking 34 gallon tank

    They are mostly reef safe ,but it is hit and miss , if you really like this fish buy it if it touched your corals sell it and buy another one !
  8. Baby Snails Found

    +1 ^^^
  9. stocking 34 gallon tank

    1 Bengali Cardinal 1 neon goby 2 clownfish 1 firefish 1 yasha goby + Pistol shrimp I have a coral beauty in my RSM 34G and she dose not toch any corals
  10. Beautiful Torch

    +1 ^^^^^^^
  11. My clown fishes hosted in Elegance II!

    Elegance just get used to them and they bring some food for it when I am feeding , but I like them to host in my RBTA right above the Elegance