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  1. Most powerful HOB Skimmer

    You need to add Bubble Magus NAC5E to the list......
  2. JBJ Oceanstream

    Depends on what you are going to keep, I have a Oceanstream 1600 gph kit in my all SPS 40 gal breeder frag tank and its plenty. In my 40 gal breeder mixed frag tank I have the Oceanstream 500 gph kit at the front, but added a 750 gph powerhead the back for the SPS. The Oceantream has a very wide spread on the way it pushes water.
  3. Is this RTN?

  4. Shipping Prices

    AC 110 media basket is light enough to be shipped for $3.99
  5. [WTB] EVIL Par38 20K

    Sorry about not replying to the PM's that were sent. Went to bed early last night, us old folks need their rest. At work I do not have internet access and only have an IPhone and its errors when trying to send a PM. j_mccord gets one of the bulbs. I have two lights being built and they may be ready to ship by Friday. I will have one more Nanoturner PAR 38 20K, 3 Rapid LED PAR38's for sale (3RB 1BL 2CW 1WW), 1 Rapid PAR 30 (3RB 2CW) all the bulbs with 60 degree optics.
  6. [WTB] EVIL Par38 20K

    Caught me driving home, I'm not out to make money on the light, it served it's purpose and someone else can get use out of it, it is an evil66 bulb, Nicholas Driver had to change the lens from 40 to 60 degrees on their last shipment because thats what they received, he did it for free because of the LED build I purchased. The light came in with the chrome rim also.
  7. [WTB] EVIL Par38 20K

    $30 shipped will be fine, 60 degree lens
  8. [WTB] EVIL Par38 20K

    You will need to cut your price in half.
  9. [WTB] EVIL Par38 20K

    I will have 2 available in a couple weeks
  10. I want my AC 110 media basket!

    Appreciate the update Steve.
  11. I want my AC 110 media basket!

    I'm running low on some supplies, also have to get another 40 gal breeder started.
  12. The new Red Sea Reef foundation kit comes with everything you need and are very accurate, very easy to use. The kits are getting good reviews.
  13. Official PAR38/PAR30 LED Poll

    I have Rapid LED PAR38 both with all cool white and new one with warm white, also the Rapid LED PAR 30, I have several of Evil's PAR38's, but the one that I like the best are Orphek's PR25UV Par38's, the coral growth and color I'm getting are better under these.