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  1. Now if you did that with a PS3 and you could still game with it, you would have something. But good use of a xbox.
  2. Coral Banded Shrimp
  3. What kinda clowns you got their?
  4. Blue cloves or blue antheilia. Speads fast in the right conditions
  5. Those look like hairy mushrooms.
  6. Thats exactly what it has done. Its a barnacle in the center of the hammer. I had a frogspawn like that and seen several other pics like that.
  7. Feeder tentacles of a barnacle or something like that. Their not hammer feeder tentacles.
  8. purple nukes, nuke deaths, purple deaths, nuke greens(green deaths), & captain americas
  9. One of my favorite palys. Found a single polyp hitch hiking in some blah zoas.
  10. Someones box of crayons melted.
  11. Thiers no room for things to grow.
  12. Did you buy it or is it a hitch hiker?
  13. what size tank is that?
  14. They aren't any worse than any other paly. I got 30 or 40 grandis in my tank and nothing ever happens when I work in the tank or frag them.
  15. I wish my pics came out half as nice.