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  1. Cant upload pics email me at pheasantfuy@hotmail.com or pm me you email for pics.
  2. Have a 40 long for sale, 48 in by 13 in by 16 in. Drilled in the upper left. Also have a 4ft wavepoint t5 2 bulb fixture available with it, Also have a home made stand and a 20 long tank as the sump. Comes with a mag 5 pump. Asking $200 obo and will part it out. Also have 75 gallon tank drilled upper left and lower right, with stand, 20 long sump, mag 9 included and a 6 bulb aquatic life fixture. Asking $400 obo. Located in Pa 17866. Pick up only, no shipping on anything.
  3. Frags F/S in Pa 17866 Pick up only

    All stuff is sold except for some macros and plates.
  4. Frags F/S in Pa 17866 Pick up only

    im positive i dont wanna ship. sorry.
  5. Frags F/S in Pa 17866 Pick up only

    The fungia are $5 cause i have about 50 of them in my tank. And in the past year i took out about 20 or 30 of them. i have a dead plate thats growing them like crazy.
  6. Have a few frags I need to clean out. Dont have pics at the moment but I can get some on here of whatever if you ask. Plus since they are pick up only its best to see them in person. Here is what I have 2 going on 3 heads of maroon with green tip Frog Spawn. $25 1 2/3 inch frag of Tyree Neon green polyp ToadStool $15 1 6+ inch long cut of Photosynthetic ribbon Gorg $20 1 chunk of anthellia/waving hands $5 2 frags Devils armor 3+ polyps each $10 each frag 2 frags Spiderman Zoas 3+ polyps each $ 10 each frag 1 frag Mohawks 3+ polyps $10 1 frag AOG 5+ heads $10 1 frag Chonga Bonga 2 + polyps $10 1 frag Captain America 2+ polyps $10 2 frags pink/orange ring palys with curly tips really nice 2+ polyps each $5 each 1 frag Brown/White Grandis 2 polyps $20 1 frag Yellow polyps 12+ $5 1 frag lord of the ring 3+ polyps $10 1 frag Green Cloves 2 polyps $5 1 frag Green Cloves 2 polyps w/ 2 polyps of yellow tip green center cloves(Like papya cloves but yellow)$10 Also have tons of little green fungias, Size is roughly a dime to a nickle but when fully expanded probably the size of a quarter. $5 each, free if you get a bunch of stuff. Also have lots of macro right now. Red Grape Flame Hamileda Codium Eluda All this stuff is pick up locally in pa 17866 Thanks for looking
  7. Green Leather Coral not really blooming

    Looks to be a toadstool. How long have you had it? How long has the tank been running? Some times they take a while till they are happy. Lighting could be a issue but if its new I would bet thats more the cause than anything.
  8. cant figure out what plant this is

    Definitly not calupra prolifera. For one its not green. Second thier would be runners.
  9. cant figure out what plant this is

    Looks like sargassum but I could easily be wrong.
  10. Any thoughts on what this is?

    Its either a hairy shroom or a elephant ear shroom.
  11. XBoX360+ Reef = AWESOME PICO!

    Now if you did that with a PS3 and you could still game with it, you would have something. But good use of a xbox.
  12. red or blue hermits?

    Zebra hermits are the way to go.
  13. ID green thing on frag?

    If your talking about the macro algea pull it off its invasive.
  14. Urchin ID

    First pic was fine. Id is still the same.