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  1. Hello - just looking for a cheap heater around 100w - just going to be used for water changes on my 10gal. PM me what u got
  2. yeah theres three chambers total, overflow chamber leads to middle one which is a bit smaller (usually where the heater goes), middle overflows into the 3rd return chamber
  3. is it the aquashield? i saw that, but looks like it only goes in the overflow section 1, which would mean i have to give up my media rack
  4. anyone know of a UV sterilizer good for nuvo 10? ideally to fit into the 2nd middle chamber so i don't have to remove media rack..battling dinoflagellates and read UV sterilizers will help
  5. Thanks for all the advice. Didn't make it unfortunately =[ I still want a pair of clowns eventually, when would it be safe to get another pair? Do I need to treat the tank with anything
  6. Thanks I'll probably try that. Does it mean the display is still infected? When could I add the clowns back if they get healthy or new fish if they die
  7. did you ever get the last question answered? I'm having the same exact issue..can't get my clowns to eat anymore either, don't have a QT, might have to try a bucket and treat with general cure. but just in case they die - when is it safe to get new fish?
  8. they don't seem to be eating anymore..also i dont have a qt setup which looks like would need since general cure can't go in display/isnt reef safe. any other suggestions?
  9. just been feeding new life spectrum pellets
  10. Hello I've had my two clowns for almost a month. New tank. At first they were both eating then one started being aggressive to the other and that one stopped eating as much eventually he had some white poop coming out that seemed to be worms or something so I treated my tank with prazi pro and did a water change a week later. Now (a few days after the water change) I noticed my more aggressive clown has the same poop and worries that he might be sick now..which is strange cause thought the prazi pro woild have gotten rid of it for him too. Here's some pictures I just took. Otherwise he's been super healthy, usually eats everything i drop in the tank but today didn't eat much if at all. Does this look concerning?
  11. I just started up back in the hobby - and saw some threads related to palytoxins being a thing. the second coral into my new tank was some mohawk palys/zoas that were given to me. Are all palys bad, are these mohawks bad? the risk seems low, but at least want to be aware of the potential since its not just me in the house.
  12. wow strange. there is no way the 16mm adapter is fitting on there, the holes are roughly the same size..
  13. anyone have experience with VCA RFG on the nuvo 10? I ordered the 16mm adapter - per BRS site recommendation - but it seems to be too small. perhaps i need the 19mm? not sure if thats too big though
  14. Have a IM minimax reactor desktop size available. PM me