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  1. Things have settled in nicely. Everything is enjoying the varied waterflow, fresh water, lighting (currently running blues and colors both at an even 50%), food, and placement. I’ve named my Royal Gramma: Haynie. We’re becoming buddies, he’s just the right amount of activity and water column usage. I want a green warpaint clown goby to pertch inside all of the scrolling capricornus montiporas. It’s going to be a while before they grow out! Behind the green ricordia, the clean sand leads to a candycane shrimp burrow. I think a nice barbershop shrimp goby peeking up out of there would look great! I’m thinking a red or blue long tenticle gonipora to fill the volume between the torch and toadstool, upper right towards the back. Medium lighting and medium/low flow. What final piece would you get to fill this space? Finally, it may be cliche, but a mated pair of ocellaris clownfish living in the torch would be so supreme. That way, everyone has a place, and a home.
  2. well, I am no expert, but I do remember getting frags from a guy during revision2, and his tank was swimming in them. I like the tiny white sand sifting stars but these medium small ones I want to aviod in case they multiply like the plague. what phone? i’m using an iphone 6S and with camera+ during daylights only can i get it close, with much adjusting of temperature, highlights, sometimes exposure, and tiny saturation adjustments. under blue lights only the camera goes nnuh uh, nooo way.. Which is such a shame because that’s where the real magic is to behold
  3. My cherry coral order arrived on Friday. They protected the frags with plastic cups inside the bags and then insulated the whole thing so tightly, everything was warm and happy. Expert. I floated briefly to bring the temperature up, then into the coral rx they went. I love killing pests, got you black star!! After a rinse, into the tank they went. Everything opened right up. The purple polyp green montipora cap got sunbstituted with a cc ultimate rainbow encrusting monti, which worked out because I was out of room for any more capricorus montis. The starburst cap is sweeeet! A lot of time was spent arranging and rearranging frags today. I think I can let things rest and see how they like the placements. I’m so pleased with it all, I can’t stop staring at it. If theres a way to photograph the tank and show what I see with acitinics only, please let me know?! I have the camera + app. The goniporas perked up after the first feeding early this week, today I fed again. My regiment will consist of: 20 drops phyto feast and 1/8 tsp reed roids target fed then circulated 30 minuets with no filter pump on, once every week. Usually a water change not too far behind that. A rotation of selcon soaked NLS or Formula 2 pellets, Rods Frozen original fish and coral food, frozen PE mysis and PE calanus; one of those choices every 2 days. I’m being very leery of broadcast feeding phyto and any left over foods, I want to stick to a regiment and see how things look in 6 weeks when the internal cycle balance occurs. I also want to get my fish bioload up to its final level soon for the same reason, so keeping an eye out for my final fish choices. I tried feeding the torch very small silverside chunks today but the tubes weren’t very sticky. I will give it a week to acclimate to the new spot and try again. Pictures after they get some r & r!
  4. Thing are finally quieting down after returning home. As soon as I stepped foot into the door, I had to check the critical parameters: temperature, salinity, and water level. Everything was on par! You could just barley see into the tank, the glass was so brownish green. I spotted my peppermint shrimp and Royal Gramma staring back and me hungrily, so I fed and planned my angle of attack. The next day proceeded with a 20% water change. GAC and GFO change. Purigen change. I pulled the chaeto rack out and was amazed at the growth: My fuge light is definetly working, the entire grow volume was filled. The chaeto is healthy on all sides despite not being rotated, I am very pleased. I cut this wad in half and put it back in. I am kind of baffled by my evaporation rate. I would say it was 3 gallons total, over 4 weeks. I was expecting more. I had a little salt creep at the hood seams, but the salinity actually climbed to 1.027. I set about cleaning the glass, my Piranha Float magnet cleaner made short work of the caked on mess. I love that thing, though sometime I get vertigo and think my tank is swaying with how much force I have to apply to move that strong magnet! Many filter floss pad changes later, I did a good feeding of Reef Roids, and then another 20% water change. You could definetly see the entire reef relax with the food and fresh clean water. I lost two zoa clusters, one I could tell was in severe recession before leaving, but the other one was a total surprise. I have two more clusters that are currently in recession, I may try a lugols dip but they seem destined to recede away. I am a little dissapointed with my gorgonians as I thought photosynthesis alone would sustain them, but they both are fasting down and looking skinny, pale, and in trouble. They really appreciated the Reef Roids yesterday, I will keep that up and also get some live phytoplankton this week from the LFS. The green mandarin was nowhere to be found. The peppermint shrimp, having done its job long ago, also found its way into a water bottle trap and became frozen fish food. I will be getting some feather dusters soon, and they do not thrive along side robbing shrimp. Overall, a testament to the automation and dependability of my system. I really rolled the dice; one spring storm and a extended power outage is all it would have taken. I just saw my pom pom crab tonight under the moonlight! Only one anemone on his claw though, hopefully everything improves with more consistent feeding.
  5. Thank you for the kind words, hopefully all is well upon my return . I ordered a few last pieces from Cherry Corals this week and have them on hold, to be delivered after I get home. I am planning to have a beautiful interlocking scrolling monitopora cap section in the LH high flow area (Vivid Aquariums ultimate purple cap, green/red graft cap, orange reeftech starburst cap, ORA green cap, and ORA blue polyp purple rim cap). Also, a New York Knicks torch on top to complete the design. I am super stoked!!!! France has been great so far, I've been making a lot of new contacts and re-uniting with a lot of old ones, so it definitely is advancing my career. I lived in Paris in 2012 as an ex-pat (the reason revision 1.0 was retired) for one and a half years and have not been back since. It's been great to experience once again the pleasures and subtleties here. This time I spent two weeks in Bordeaux and another week near Marseilles. I have one last week of vacation in Budapest Hungary before returning home. TBH, I am dying for a Dr. Pepper and some Popeye's chicken!!!! LOL I did re-visit my favorite chateau's and distilleries in Cognac and Medoc and re-upped my supplies of the fine grape juice!
  6. Une petit mise à jour, a small update. I’m almost done with week 3 on my four week business trip in France. My tank babysitter has been by my house once a week to change the floss, feed, and monitor the top off reservior. So far, everything is reported to be good, nothing unusual to note, other than the evaporation rate seems to be slower than I anticipated. Here is the FTS the day before I left on 3/2/2018:
  7. rO.oster

    A pair of Randalli Shrimp?

    I love how the goby blocks them from coming out!
  8. rO.oster

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Very nice setup, love the pvc overflow, and the simple look to the nem island.
  9. Those polyps are now totally obliterated. My hope is to get the amphipod poulation in check; if at least one polyp survives then it can grow back eventually. They are also picking on my neon yellow zoas too. During the last two revisions, I had wrasses, and thus never encountered this issue before. I went ahead and got a green mandarin, a risk I know, but the chaeto wad in the back is growing fast and the display glass is COVERED with pod fry.
  10. rO.oster

    DB35g Cube w/ Dangerously Cute Fish

    Love the possum wrasse, how’s he doing!?
  11. Amphipod damage: They are chewing strips out, Ive seen the biggest pods do it. They seem to really favor this cluster, some other zoas are untouched. There are no preditors in the tank to keep them fearful, they rifle through everything like its a corn maze. If I dont get at least one fish I will lose a few zoa frags for sure.....
  12. rO.oster

    DarkMagic's ULM $290 5g Reef

    Great start, I was glad to see your return be so practicle and built into your current space. Do you have any plans for a screen to keep little hands or FOD out? I would skip the GSP, like you said with no sandbed, its free reign on all surfaces for it to run.
  13. Full tank shot: I love the perspective achieved with the gorgonians in the back, their slight motion really adds to the backdrop. The toadstool is in a perfect spot, the polyps dance lazily in the current on long stalk ends. All the zoas are doing well, I evenly distributed the daytime colors, and then also took into account the acitinic glow. I absolutely can’t wait for this to grow in more. Thank you for the goby tips @sublunary. When it come time, I think I’ll probably get another yasha hase to burrow with the randalli shrimp, but would love to also have the flame prawn if the two gobies are compatible.
  14. You guys are making a lot of sense. No fish for me till I get back! The zoas are all doing great, I spent today removing the frag plugs and glueing them to my rockscape, so everything is back to being pissed off. The ricordia are small but have multiple mouths. The sympodium is still kind of shy, I gave it its own rock island to encrust for now. I glued down the gorgonians towards the back, the lavender ribbon went through a shed and is a nice deep purple. For fish, I’m still a little undecided on the exact final choices. For sure, I want a Falco Hawkfish and a Royal Gramma, I’ve never owned them before so I am excited for the pertching and different vibes they will bring. I’m pretty sure I want a single clownfish this time. During the last two revisions, I had pairs, and the first pair (Ocellaris) had a frogspawn host them, it was amazing but the female was mean. The second pair (Percula) never chose a spot and the female was a demon. This time I want a Davinci Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish grade B, and a nice cherrycoral 24k gold torch for her to live in. Finally, the goby dilemma. I’ve already owned a yellow watchman, randalli, and yasha haste gobys. I don’t want to repeat having the same fish, but I’m not too impressed with the remaining choices for gobys that pair with a Randalli Candycane shrimp (i bought one yesterday from the LFS, you guys said no fish not no shrimp ). The spike fin goby looks really sweet but doesn’t get that big, does anyone have any experience with it? I found a few more apastatia so I picked up my favorite remedy, the peppermint shrimp. The LFS lady said a blessing on the shrimp to empower its appetite, and by today, no apastatia could be found. I cleaned the glass so tomorrow is picture day after a good nights rest.
  15. I’m a little worried they will start munching on the zoa’s, I think maybe it’s time for a fish!? I’ve got a 4week business trip comming up soon, and my caretaker will be by once a week for general easy tank maintenance and a pinch of pellets. But with all this pod activity, surley one fish will be just fine!? I’m tempted.