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  1. I’m a little worried they will start munching on the zoa’s, I think maybe it’s time for a fish!? I’ve got a 4week business trip comming up soon, and my caretaker will be by once a week for general easy tank maintenance and a pinch of pellets. But with all this pod activity, surley one fish will be just fine!? I’m tempted.
  2. My first coral order for revision3 arrived today from Aquariumdepot.com. I’ve ordered frm them in the past under another name, they always had good prices for decent basic filler coral. Did anyone else catch any good sales recently? Mine was 50% off! 5-15$ frags I’ll take it!! The package arrived UPS Next Day Air 14 hours after the shipping order was created. I tracked the journey and carried the box inside 30 minutes after delivery. Everything was encased in a solid styrofoam cooler with a small vent hole above the heat pack. The water was at a perfect temperature despite it being 50 degrees outside. I set about acclimating, and then gave everything a Lugols dip. After a good rinse, everything went in. I cleaned up, closed up shop, and high tailed it back to work. Tonight, everything is mostly open with one or two frags just peeking open. It doesn’t appear I will have any losses, but we’ll see. I am very excited to spy a few hitch hiking zoa polyps of different colors that I didnt order but saw advertised, so i’ll frag those off and start some new clusters. I’ll give things a few days to rest and adapt to my lighting, and then start experimenting with placement. Things are really popping at dusk now!
  3. I am amazed how fast the CUC took down the GHA. I only removed what little was on the glass and as of today, only a sparse few wispy strands remain. This weekend I will downsize the hermit population to 2 each of the blue leg and left handed zebra hermits. Then, its gonna be survival of the fittest as the grazing population matches the bioload. The GAC and GFO really made the GHA fade and lose its lushness, this is the first time I didn’t have to prune.
  4. A pair of Randalli Shrimp?

    HEH those are three outcomes for sure! If I find them at a good price, I just may have to try it.
  5. I stopped by the LFS today and picked up 5 blue leg hermit crabs. I was worried because they were pretty small, but I dropped them in and they went right to work on the GHA! I should have purchased them as soon as I seen the first signs of sprouts. Also, everything is coverd in tiny pod larvae. The water column looks hazy due to a huge cloud of them swirling about! My green toadstool wont stay extended because it keeps plucking pod larvae out of the water column.
  6. Steph's 13.5 Invert Haven

    I think the Kent M just raises the Mag up, and some people have had success choking back bryopsis with high Mg 1600? levels. I think the preferred method these days is targeted peroxide treatments outside of the tank. If its billowy, its GHA. If its stiff and dark green, bryopsis. Blue leg hermits and a strong CUC? GHA seems normal to me at this phase.
  7. I performed my first 20% water change today and added GAC, GFO, and Purigen to the fuge rack. I measured some parameters as well, the specific gravity of my water is currently 1.026 at a steady 78.0 degrees. Ca: 450ppm, dKH: 8, Nitrate: 3ppm, and Phosphate: .2ppm I've plucked 3 tiny apastatia from the sandbed , in and around the immediate area of the rubble sand I added from Indo Pacific Sea Farms, so a little disappointed with that . I'm doing my best to keep a vigilant watch for them, but the GHA is distracting. In the past I've successfully beat apasatia using Peppermint shrimp, I am sure I will see more apastatia before i'm done stocking. Also the hermits they sent are what appears to be left handed zebra hermits, and so far I haven't seen any of them touch the GHA, which is getting long.... I know for sure blue leg hermits eat it, but maybe its a size thing, mine are pretty small. I may go pickup a few blue legs from the LFS tomorrow. If the CUC can put a handle on the new growth, I will have to go edward scissor hands in there this week and give things a haircut. Everythings unfolding just like the last two revisions, this included. Seeing a lot of neon green highlighting on the rocks. The Smart ATO Micro is doing a great job keeping the tank topped off. Current evaporation is at like 1.1 gallons a week. After adjusting the top off and water level in chamber 2 to be just under the floss, there is zero water splashing noise. With lights on, the 2 LED fans are barley noticeable. The MP10 is the loudest equipment part, I am really pleased with the setup so far. Oh and uhhh, I may have ordered some coral Can we say ZOA GARDEN?!!
  8. My CUC has arrived and is settling in. I have a ton of critters now! Hopefully they start chewing back the GHA.
  9. Designer BTA's and Coloration

    A lot of insightful and helpful information, thank you for you help @Cintax. It's a heavy decision for me!
  10. I like how Randalli shrimp are smaller than your average Tiger, keeping the sand dust storms and coral frag theft at a minimum. Do they pair, or, tolerate one another? The tunnels they make seem medium small at times (limiting goby choices), I wonder if there were 2 in a BC29, would they make a bigger tunnel labyrinth?
  11. The green invasion has begun The most exciting part is that the tank finally has motion! The GHA has taken root on every surface inside, and my little green crop is really starting to fill in. During both past revisions, I was pretty late in ordering the CUC which allowed a huge forest to grow in before they were able to chew it back. Each time I had to go in and manually cut out long spaghetti strands of GHA. They eventuality do clean it up; I like having an ample supply of food for all the inverts as they settle into their roles. This time I was trying to be mindful but my orders still do not arrive until Wednesday! I'm really excited for the CUC to arrive, I went in two directions which will bring me a hugely diverse crew. From Reefcleaners I ordered the 20L cleaner package. It has 20+ Dwarf Ceriths, 11 Florida Ceriths, 8 Nerites, and 7 Nassarius snails. From Indo-Pacific Sea Farm I ordered the SurfZone Livesand Activator package. It has a cup of mature tank argonite sand, 6 micro hermits, tiny worms, amphipods, 6 grazing gastropod snails, spagetti worms, baby bristle worms, baby shrimps and snails, and a diverse mix of phytoplankton and zooplankton. Instead of the bottle of nitrifying bacteria (I already dosed the Purple Helix) they substituted a wad of Clean chaeto! Finally, another extra bag of reef amphipods. As a bonus, they threw in a ultra green toadstool leather which just so happens to be on my coral list, so that sealed the deal. A great investment in micro tank inhabitants! I'm excited to have both Caribbean and Hawaii Pacific organisms in my tank!
  12. Sublunary's 16 Gallon Gamble

    Amazing and annoying, but cool to learn something new. Glad you caught him in time!
  13. The diatom bloom is in full effect. Brown circular splotches on the glass and back wall too. Every surface is coated with the soft golden brown hughes. And when I look closely, GHA sprouts are everywhere, especially on the glass! I also seen the beginnings of the neon green splotches, so things will be shifting gears soon. Time to order my CUC and keep an eye on my filter pad, the brown should disappear quickly.
  14. ADA nano - possible nudibranch problem?

    I'm loving the feather dusters everywhere, tank is looking amazing. The rainbow bta is sweet!
  15. Just killed my first asternia star , i've been rotating the seed rocks and inspecting every day. YOU SHALT NOT PASSSSSSS