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    try ushio 250w 14k's thats a nice blulish ...keep on mind you most need to have a chiller ..and what corals do you have softies dont like too much light acros love intense lighting so,i recomend you to slow down and get info on your corals that you want to keep ciao! good luck
  2. solana tank for sale

    really,i know i wish i keep it but the boss said no more,what can you do?
  3. solana tank for sale

    what's up to all reefer's ...i'm selling my solana tank i had it for 2 years and i just love it ...but not space for my corals so i have to update and i got 120g tank now the solana its ready to go comes with stand(black) m/h sunpod 250w 9 moon lights ballast include, extra blue light,a chiller current 1/10 h/p original skimmer (works great just keep it clean) ,return pump,heather,bioballs,hose kit for chiller (pump include),2 timers,MP10 VORTECH.....all you need is l/r,l/sand,h20 and have fun!!! you dont need to add anything chiller works awesome,pumps work fine i used to clean pumps once a month to keep it running at 100%....if you are interesting send me a tx or contact me at 818-939-5526 you must live @ 818 area or 323 i live in glendale ca my name is ruben ..........thank you reefer's