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  1. The videos look like amphipods to me. Good guys.
  2. ajkochev

    Cheve's 2.6 Gallon Pico

  3. ajkochev

    Cheve's 2.6 Gallon Pico

    I'm also happy to report that I 3D printed these and they work great. I had to remove the vortex nozzle stirred the sand to much. Would work great in a larger tank. I am using two of the connector nozzles to point the flow towards the surface. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1784377
  4. ajkochev

    Cheve's 2.6 Gallon Pico

    Well, it has been almost a month of the tank being wet. It has been a rocky couple of weeks. I've had to redesign the filter partitions and redo the shell on the hood. I've also had to create a ATO system. After two weeks parameters where good and transferred the contents of my 0.5 pico. I didn't check salinity because I thought it was stable. My mistake I grossly underestimated the amount of evaporation and my salinity was off the gauge! This was after a week of no corals opening up and a dead baby brittle star. I thought it was the light as it is quite bright. I corrected salinity over the course of a day but still must have done it to fast as my shrimp died. Anyway here is the tank up and running as of 7-9-2018. You can see the frame of the hood before adding the shell. I added another shelf under the light. I made a rectangular PVC pipe ATO container you can see it in the inside of the hood.
  5. ajkochev

    Has anyone tried the new LED T5 tubes?

    I've wondered about these to. http://www.euroquatics.com/e5-lamps/
  6. ajkochev

    I bought a $50 booger

    My sister and I used to kid when we first got in the hobby. That fish for $12 is to much, but we'll buy that rock for $50!
  7. Just wondering what everyone how long everyone runs the light over their refugium. Is there anything wrong with running it 24/7?
  8. ajkochev

    .5 gallon Pico Reef AIO (Sort of)

    Nice to see another .5 gallon pico!
  9. ajkochev

    Cheve's 2.6 Gallon Pico

    More work done on the tank this past week. After a couple of days of water in the tank to show it wouldn't leak, I decided to work on the bottom. While I am planning to have a 1/2 inch layer of sand on the bottom. I decided to paint the outside bottom with a textured rust oleum paint called Caribbean Sand. I also wanted the tank raised and a bottom edge like another tank I have. So some black painted wood attached with double sided tape to attach it was used so If I want to I can remove it. The bottom paint turned out really good and looks like almost like sand.
  10. ajkochev

    FLUVAL Edge 2 - ocellaris clownfish

    Totally agree about the Edge 2. In addition a coworker of mine had this tank and the small opening in top made it PITA hard to work on anything in tank. An Evo would be better to start with.
  11. ajkochev

    Petroleum Jelly for pumps?

    I don't know about pumps but it is safe to use around the reef tank. A light coat on metal hinges and screws in the hood or stand prevents rust and corrosion.
  12. ajkochev

    Cheve's 2.6 Gallon Pico

    The next adventure starts today! 6-5-2018 Tank: Aquamaxx 2.6 gallon 12x7x7 inches Light: Aquamaxx Prism 300 Filter: AIO overflow and chambers made with .30 inch Black Styrene made for an end to make a penisula tank. with Two VicTsing Ultra Quiet 80 GPH powerheads. The tank will have a reverse refugium powered by a couple of USB lights. I like the Walmart Hex 5 Filter pads and will have an area for one of these and space for Chem Pure Blue and Phosguard. There is a lot to do before the tank starts cycling. I need to make the overflow first. I'm going to test the heat produced by the light for a few weeks as it would be best if I could make a hood for this. We will see if this is doable with the right ventilation. Second pic is of the tank with water to check for leaks and to play with the light.
  13. ajkochev

    Is a UV Sterilizer Overkill on a Nano

    Rather than list the potential drawbacks, what positive action are you hoping it will do for your tank? In other words why do you think a UV sterilizer is needed for your tank?
  14. I got thinking more about this and hospitals use distilled water in kidney dialysis machines and My wife's CPAP requires it. I cannot imagine it being used in these areas if it was full of lots of copper and other bad stuff still.
  15. ajkochev

    Nano Freshwater Forum?

    No, I'm not getting out of reef keeping. I'm going to be upgrading my 0.5 gallon pico to a 2.5 gallon(stuff ordered and will be here any day). I find myself wanting to do something different with the 0.5 pico. I'm thinking of a planted cherry shrimp tank. I haven't seen a lot of forums dedicated to small freshwater tanks and am looking for a good resource to ask questions.