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  1. Okay point taken. At the same time, light was not misused on my end. From my treatment and wording in the emails so far, I'm worried they will make something up to get out of honoring their warranty. That is why I'm looking for how trustworthy the company is in honoring their warranty in situations like this.
  2. I'm looking for experience with getting replacement service from Aquamaxx. I have a 12 inch Prism light that has 1/4 of the blue led out on it under a year old. Contacted warranty hoping they would send me a replacement. They want me to send the light first(leaving my tank in the dark) and if they think I've damaged it myself through misuse, will charge me for the repair or replacement. I'm not to happy with their customer service or their treatment of me so far. Don't really seem to stand behind their products.
  3. I don't think I'd put anything in the tank right now if ammonia is still high. I'm not sure how much I trust bacteria in a bottle. I always used the tried and true method of getting some live sand and live rock from a established tank/LFS to start cycling.
  4. I recently started a new tank and wanted to try a actual reef light designed as such instead of my usual cobble something together cheap. My tank was going to be a 2.5 gal 12 inches long so I needed a small light. I eventually decided to give the Aquamaxx Prism 12 inch version a go. The product came in a nice box and since the controller is external the light itself is only 1/2 in height. After connecting everything and turning it on for the first time I was shocked at how bright this was. With all channels set at 100% the light was blinding. As my tank was setup I experimented with the channels and eventually decided blue at mid day would be 60%, white and special at 40% were good for my tank. I think this thing could keep SPS Once my tank gets established more I'm going to try them. A neat feature of the light is the slow ramp up and down. You set the time of day and intensity of each of the five solar events and the light will slowly increase or decrease between events. The biggest downside to this light is it is a pain to program. It has only two buttons and it was easy to get them mixed up at times during programming as the functions change depending on the situation. I found it best to write out what I wanted each channel intensity to be and the start time for each solar event on paper to help me keep track of where I was in the programming. All in all a good light for the price. http://aquamaxxaquariums.com/lighting/prism/
  5. Is that what this snail is?
  6. The videos look like amphipods to me. Good guys.
  7. I'm also happy to report that I 3D printed these and they work great. I had to remove the vortex nozzle stirred the sand to much. Would work great in a larger tank. I am using two of the connector nozzles to point the flow towards the surface. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1784377
  8. Well, it has been almost a month of the tank being wet. It has been a rocky couple of weeks. I've had to redesign the filter partitions and redo the shell on the hood. I've also had to create a ATO system. After two weeks parameters where good and transferred the contents of my 0.5 pico. I didn't check salinity because I thought it was stable. My mistake I grossly underestimated the amount of evaporation and my salinity was off the gauge! This was after a week of no corals opening up and a dead baby brittle star. I thought it was the light as it is quite bright. I corrected salinity over the course of a day but still must have done it to fast as my shrimp died. Anyway here is the tank up and running as of 7-9-2018. You can see the frame of the hood before adding the shell. I added another shelf under the light. I made a rectangular PVC pipe ATO container you can see it in the inside of the hood.
  9. I've wondered about these to. http://www.euroquatics.com/e5-lamps/
  10. My sister and I used to kid when we first got in the hobby. That fish for $12 is to much, but we'll buy that rock for $50!
  11. Just wondering what everyone how long everyone runs the light over their refugium. Is there anything wrong with running it 24/7?
  12. Nice to see another .5 gallon pico!
  13. More work done on the tank this past week. After a couple of days of water in the tank to show it wouldn't leak, I decided to work on the bottom. While I am planning to have a 1/2 inch layer of sand on the bottom. I decided to paint the outside bottom with a textured rust oleum paint called Caribbean Sand. I also wanted the tank raised and a bottom edge like another tank I have. So some black painted wood attached with double sided tape to attach it was used so If I want to I can remove it. The bottom paint turned out really good and looks like almost like sand.
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