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  1. Took some pics tonight. I bought a lightning clown for this tank, my daughter hates it because it never leaves the anemone DSC04697 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC04699 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC04701 by jlstuver, on Flickr
  2. Still one of my favorite tanks!
  3. Thanks, as for a pair of clowns there are two in there right now but I really want a pair that will host. One of the local shops is closing and he has a lightning clown that I know hosts and I would love to do but I have issues spending $100 on a fish lol so I will see what happens. Thanks! And yeah I really like the way they are made and look!
  4. Loved the spoticinctus pair I had one of my favorite fish!
  5. Thank you:) Its about 6.5-7"
  6. Thanks! Hopefully I can find some more cool nems to add to it Thanks Rachel! I really like the quality and build of these tanks:)
  7. FTS 7.7.17 1 Month DSC03688 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03690 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03692 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03693 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03694 by jlstuver, on Flickr Some top downs as I had the pumps off to glue down some frags: Anyone know what the green sps happens to be? DSC03663 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03659 by jlstuver, on Flickr Zoas are finally getting color back DSC03656 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03653 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03652 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03649 by jlstuver, on Flickr
  8. Took some pics with the real camera today, hopefully my light gets here the beginning of the week next week:) DSC03671 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03674 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03686 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03678 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03682 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03684 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC03676 by jlstuver, on Flickr
  9. So if you follow my other tank (60g cube) then you would have read that I was tired of my anemones walking all over my expensive coral but I love anemones and didnt want to get rid of them. So this was my solution:) I found a innovative marine 10g fusion locally that came with the tank, a kessil a160we, stand, a couple clowns and a few corals for $200! The tank literally looks brand new he had it set up for about 7 months. I removed all the coral frags and put those in my 60g. I rinsed the sand as it got moved around in the move and then added the rock all back including a rock with several zoas. I then added all the water back in and fish and let it run for several hours. Checked all the params to see how close they were to my 60g where I had all my anemones being held and they were pretty close so I transferred the anemones. Everything is doing well so far. Im not a fan of the kessil so luckily a member here messaged me today and said he would be selling his AI prime HD so I bought that from him and will be selling the kessil after it arrives. The clowns don't seem to be ones that like to host anemones, which sucks so I may find a pair that I know does and sell these guys. The ones in my 60g don't host anemones either:( but seems this is a species specific anemone tank I would like the clowns to at least host:) Anyway some quick cell phone pics. I don't know that it will stay where it is placed in my house but its there for right now.
  10. Found! You guys rock thanks!
  11. I am looking for an AI prime HD in black. If interested in a trade I have a Kessil A160we tuna blue. Let me know if you have one you're looking to sell. Thanks!
  12. I'll have to get a new thread going! I love it other than I want a different light not a big fan of the kessil. happy 4th to you as well!!
  13. Bubbletips I have 2 rainbows, a rose with purple colored I think they call them sherman or something and a green with purple tips. I may add some rock flowers later as well.
  14. Okay well I am picking up a IM 10g fusion with stand and kessil a160we today to use as an anemone tank! Im pretty excited! That way they won't sting my expensive stuff but I can still keep them:)
  15. Yeah Photobucket was just the easiest from my phone so that's what I used:) I like the quality of Flickr better I'm just lazy lol