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  1. Love the additions. Question for you, with the light behind the tank if you turn it blue does it help give an extra pop that you notice? I am using a halide over my tank but I need an extra pop and I have the back of my tank like yours so I am curious if I added the blue pop back there if it would work...
  2. Im headed out of town this weekend and could use the extra cash so how about $245 shipped!
  3. Bump how about $260 shipped
  4. Awe come on you could just run it really low;)
  5. Would love to get this sold make me a decent offer:)
  6. Haha yeah they are runners that's for sure! Our male doesn't normally run if he gets out he heads straight for the car and wants to go for a ride, however our female no matter what we do she is a runner! Now that she's over 2 she is a bit better and will come back when you yell at her but only if she feels like it lol. Hopefully we can get this little guy to train more like our male but I'm doubting it as he is just like his momma!
  7. It's national puppy day so I thought I'd share an updated pic of wick, he's growing so fast!
  8. Thanks! Not sure how well the mangroves will do I may end up with air plants up there as the mangroves aren't looking so hot right now Haha well thank you!
  9. Bump
  10. Post it on Utahreefs or KSL if I were closer to Ogden I'd come grab it! Or if you happen to be coming towards Utah county let me know;)
  11. Does the kessil help to give the corals that extra pop? I am using a halide with a14k Phoenix bulb but want to add something for extra pop and have thought about a kessil
  12. Oh no you're totally fine! Thank you
  13. Thank you! I have all sorts of zoas and they were under the nanobox duo but they had lost a lot of color when moved to that tank. I'm hoping they will start to get some vibrant color back but I do need the extra Led pop for my rainbow anemone as well as they look a bit blah under these lights. My rose anemone looks great though!
  14. Couple pics with the good camera, as I said I still need to build something to hide the canister filter and a few more pieces to hide the egg crate
  15. Bump feel free to make me an offer just low ballers please:)