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  1. He wants $300 shipped
  2. Okay another question, because I have decided to run this without drilling it and will heavily rely on the macros and rock to filter I am thinking that I would like to have at least a canister filter running on it for the first while for filter floss and carbon and what not. I change out my filter floss in this tank once a week anyway so I will just plan to do the same on the canister. My question is does anyone have any recommendations for a small canister filter?
  3. Yeah I know, and Ive used another sand in the past but it was basically like mud and never wanted to settle and drove me just as crazy lol
  4. Cannot wait for this to take shape!! Love your previous tanks and I am sure these will be just as amazing!
  5. Okay deciding on sand. I normally use aragonite live sand but then it ends up having these bigger pieces eventually pop up and I hate it(pic below) so I was considering Fiji pink but will I still get the same thing? dont mind the blue my iPhone hates my LED
  6. Tank will be here thursday!
  7. I'm pretty excited! It may actually still fit on the current stand I need to wait until it gets here to see:) If it does I will use it !
  8. It will replace the Nuvo, the nuvo just hasn't been my favorite tank and after looking through tank one night those two tanks I mentioned above ignited a new spark as I have been pretty bored with this tank!
  9. So seems this isn't my favorite tank, I got inspired by a couple shallow tanks and have decided to give the Mr. Aqua low iron 22g tank a try. I was inspired by Brads Natural reef and WaWaWang's 40G and plan to do my own version of the two tanks with macros being on the right side large island and a small section for other corals. It may be a bit before this gets going as I have to decide if I am going to have the stand built or buy something already made...
  10. Thats dang cool! I hadn't ever heard of one before now!
  11. Shoot me a pm with how much you'll be asking on it. Not sure I want to wait a month but I might have to
  12. Not in too big of a hurry as I still haven't bought the tank but sometime soon
  13. Looking for an ATi 24" 4 bulb fixture. I could possibly swing a 36" but prefer the 24"
  14. Wow that's impressive! I am planning a new tank right now with your tank as inspiration and I was thinking clams would look awesome eventually too lol.
  15. Nice! Love the new clam addition!