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  1. Your tank is looking great! The colors look awesome!
  2. I actually do spray them with RO every three or so days and I soak them about every 10 days or so a few died but there is one species that seems to be doing best Yeah I don't want to use it and was hoping to find either a yellow choris or sixline but haven't had any luck
  3. Thank you. Some of the airplants seem to be doing better than others, I think some of them don't like the salt creep:(
  4. The lemon lime anemone will be sold tomorrow the dang thing won't stay put and keeps parking itself right in front of the powerhead and I'm afraid it will get sucked in so the last time it did it I pulled it and put it in a basket to sell, they are picking it up tomorrow. Having no fish for the last while seems to have contributed to an outbreak of those rust red flatworms. They are getting pretty bad and I have tried to find a wrasse for sale with no luck anywhere nearby so I bought flatworm exit off amazon and then saw someone mentions prazipro as a treatment so I may go prazipro instead as flatworm exit scares me a bit. That nice huge purple/green mushroom that there is a macro shot of above seems to have decided it doesn't like my tank and lost a ton of color and is/has been shriveled up the past couple weeks, pretty sure it will melt away soon but I always have such bad luck with that type. I added a few more macros to the tank and need to do an updated FTS soon:)
  5. You're all good, you've been busy! Thank you! It was just some gracilaria I threw there its been moved now though. One of the local pet stores had a good deal on clowns so I picked up a blacker ice and a wyoming white yesterday figured Id try something new. If I don't like them I will try to search for a pair of spoticinctus. I loved my pair because their color and pattern was amazing others I have seen I didn't like. Thank you!
  6. Looks similar to that only the blades aren't so close together
  7. Horrible iPhone pics, but does anyone know the name of the green macro algae? I got a small piece from a local and its a pretty slow grower so far as it is just starting to take off finally. Oh and don't pay attention to the flatworms
  8. Beautiful tank! Love those top downs!
  9. How is your barbata looking? I got an order from John as well and mine looked about about like yours which it shouldn't be black on the ends like it is ( I had some from Stella but lost it in a tank transfer) so I sent him a pic and he refunded me. I left it in the tank to see if it might come back or any little part might but its basically just falling apart. I also got the cactus caulerpa and love it and I got flamingo feather which is awesome looking:)
  10. Haha thank you! Thank you. Im a fan of out of control stuff but I will keep the macros in control or they will take over:) Thank you Couple new additions, I tried to stay away from acans as they are my favorites and I get addicted to them but I saw this one and loved it. In person it has a nice sparkle to it. I also picked up a branching bubble coral as I don't see them too often!
  11. Always wanted to try a mantis tank! Wet cool! Do they need lids? Are they prone to escape or try to?
  12. So in love with this build!!
  13. Oh and I caved and bought an acan frag today, I was trying to stay away from them as they are one of my favorite corals and I always go overboard buying them lol. I stuck to just the one today that I really liked but I might have to clear a space for a small garden of them
  14. For some reason when I looked late last night even on the desktop version I couldn't find it but it could be because it was like 3 am lol and I was tired just could sleep! I found it today though;) I wish they had it on the app I swear it use to be. Thanks for the info:)