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  1. What do you use to take pics of your tank?

    Fujifilm XP-10. It is an underwater camera, its cheap and it takes pretty damn good macro shots
  2. Preparing tank for when I go on Vacation.

    My A/C is on 24/7 set anywhere between 72-78 degrees. The temp in my tank fluctuates but never goes over 82 degrees.
  3. Preparing tank for when I go on Vacation.

    LOL! Your post inspired me to make this thread in fear that my tank would suffer the same fate!
  4. Preparing tank for when I go on Vacation.

    All I have is a maroon clown fish. My girlfriend is not coming with me so she will be around to feed him. Im not sure if I really trust her to dose the tank. I mean she does have a major in chemistry and a minor in biology from the University of Miami, but I am sure that she will find some way to screw up something so simple. I was thinking of getting a couple of contact lens cases and filling them with the 2 parts. (I only have a 24 gal so I only dose 6 ML of each) this way she can just unscrew that caps and pour! I think that will be my best shot.
  5. Just looking to get some helpful tips and tricks for what you guys do to with your tank when you go on vacation. I am leaving tomorrow and I am going to be away for 10 days. I plan on doing a 20% water change right before I leave. I also finished my DIY ATO projected yesterday and have that hooked up and working. It is supplied by a 10 gal tank so I should be good as far as my SG goes. Just a quick question. I dose B-Ionic daily. Would I be able to dose the fresh water top off water with the B-Ionic? Am I missing anything? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I would like to come home to my tank in the same condition that I left it in! Thanks!
  6. Zoas dying one by one!

    I do that on a nightly basis. Thats how I found out that I had a bobbit worm in my last tank. My girlfriend says that Im crazy, always with a flashlight looking around in the tank. I guess I just like to know whats going on in there at all times!
  7. Zoas dying one by one!

    Just a quick update! The increased flow seems to have done the trick! They are all fully open and seem to be perfectly happy now. I also see no more amphipods. So I guess they are going to stay in the spot that they are in until I see otherwise. Until then......
  8. Coral status after vacation

    The large water changes might not help that much if the "Euphyllia" are the only ones that are affected. My last tank was up for 3 years and all was going well! I did a, say 40% water change and more torch, hammer, and frogspawns all bailed out of there skeletons. Everyone told me that it was because they like dirtier water qualities and that they didnt like the large quantity of new water that I had added. I since have replaced those ones and only do 10% water changes and it has never happened again. This is a perfect thread for me to start reading 3 days before I go on vacation for 2 weeks! THANKS! I just hope that my girlfriend has been paying good enough attention so that everyhting doesnt go to hell!
  9. Zoas dying one by one!

    No pods on them today from what I can see. They all did open temporarily today but were on and off all day. Looks like they can probably pull through.
  10. Zoas dying one by one!

    HA! Thats funny! Moon lights just came on and they are all partially open now. Maybe the flow were I put them is strong enough to keep the amphipods off of them! I hope.
  11. Zoas dying one by one!

    Now, Now! Play nice children! I have been keeping my SG at 1.026 for years now and have no problems keeping anything else. I have done research and have found that a reef tank should have an SG of between 1.025-1.027. And I know people who have there SG at 1.027 and they keep zoas/palys just fine. I also have and ATO so the SG stays pretty damn constant! I'm pretty sure the problem is what you suggested first, the Amphipods. I moved the frag to a place with a little more flow and there does not seem to be anymore amphipods on it so hopefully that will help it pull through. As far as the over skimming problem that you mentioned. I dose daily, 2 part B-Ionic which should be enough to replenish anything lost by skimming. And I do a 3 gallon water change religiously every saturday. I don't think that it is the water params as nothing else is being affected. Just the GOD DAMN AMPHIPODS! I haven't actually seen munching on them though, just running around on them stopping them from opening.
  12. Zoas dying one by one!

    I agree
  13. Zoas dying one by one!

    Yes, it started on the sandbed for a week, then 1/4 of the way up then to where it is now. I have had this frag for about 4 weeks and it was perfectly fine until about a week ago
  14. Zoas dying one by one!

    The purple ones are not open in the picture so how can you tell?
  15. Zoas dying one by one!

    Its a 24g Nano Cube with stock pump Oceanic air operated protein skimmer Oceanic 250gph circulation pump Oceanic 5W UV Sterilizer Params are: Temp: Ranges from 78-81 SG: 1.026 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: .25 PH:8.2 Tank has 150w MH w/ 14W Blue Actinics 3-5: Actinics only 5-9: MH & Actinics 9-10: Actinics 10-12: LED Moonlights The frag is halfway from the sand bed in low flow I feed cyclopeze every other day and marine snow at night once a week Livestock include: 1 Maroon Clown 3 Stomatellas 1 Turbo snail 1 Pincushion urchin