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  1. Chinese Light Fixtures

    I need some help fellow reefers. I had a DIY led system on 29g biocube which I rigged up. It included Cree leds with DIY Arduino controller and Meanwell drivers. I think one my MW driver went kaput after about 3 yrs of usage. Instead of replacing it I am thinking of buying a Chinese light fixture on Amazon or Ebay. Either MR 120 or one of the 165W fixtures. They are dimmable and I would go simple this time with timers instead of sunrise sunset setup. Please let me know your experience. Are they durable? Thanks! http://www.ebay.com/itm/MR-120-LED-Aquarium-Light-55x-3W-Coral-Reef-Marine-Dimmable-Full-Spectrum-/291831985471?hash=item43f28ab53f:g:V8IAAOSwPRlXm25t https://www.amazon.com/Aquarium-Plant-spectrum-Dimmable-Lighting/dp/B019QAZX9C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480948537&sr=8-1&keywords=165W+full+spectrum
  2. MP10 or Maxspect Gyre?

    Actually, waver maker moving water back and forth maybe just for aesthetics. It looks cool. Mass movement of water is better for corals in my opinion. Gyre moves water, but all in one direction. I was going to buy jaebo and decided to do some experiments before that. I rearranged my powerheads to make a vortex in my tank. I will see the effects in a month.
  3. Has anyone used this "spin stream" look alike flow deflector? It is basically half the price of Innovative Marine "spin stream" flow deflector. http://www.ebay.com/itm/0-5-Water-Outlet-Dia-360-Degree-Spin-Stream-Return-Nozzle-for-Aquarium-/311348237324?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item487dcd140c Appreciate your feed back.
  4. ninjamyst

    I see that you have GSP. I am still trying to get rid of GSP and once it gets into your rocks, it is almost impossible.
  5. Snowflake Mushroom

    Never seen this shroom before. So many varieties.
  6. How to move pistol shrimp and goby closer

    Finally my pistol shrimp found the way across the tank to come to Goby's hole. Now they are together, still very shy. Its amazing how they found each other in diagonally opposite side of the tank. Now they are right up front.
  7. zoanthids growing far apart

    I never had any luck with zoanthids. They grow slow on me except in the very begining of my tank. Now they grow slow and polyps tend to grow far apart from each other. They never grow into a dense mat. I have a 29 gallon mixed reef with LED lighting. I have LPS, softies and few SPS and a huge RBTA. I must admit that my SPS not doing well after I stopped dosing. I am transitioning out of SPS. I used to do auto top off and now it is done manually. Wondering if anyone else having the same issue.
  8. Rhodactis Rock Flower Anemone born in my tank

    Never seen anything like this. So many different colors.
  9. I introduced a candy cane pistol shrimp and a wheeleri goby to my 29 gallon. They were together for one day in the front side of the tank and I was so happy. Then the pistol burrowed its way all the way to back of the tank and goby remained in the original burrow. Now they are about a foot apart and I am worried they will never see each other. How can I move the pistol all the way to the front? Any suggestions fellow reefers?
  10. Wanted RB or Violet Cree XT-E leds

    Sorry.. any violet 3w led around 420nm range would be ideal.
  11. I am looking for about 4 Royal Blue or Violet Cree XT-E 3W leds. If anyone has any left over from your build and willing to sell, please let me know. Thank you.
  12. Blue Fish?

    I have a yellow tail blue damsel. I wanted to get Azure damsel, but couldn't find. I must admit the blue damsel is the prettiest fish in my tank. I have two clowns, royal gramma and a tailspot blenny in my tank. Damsel tried to bully them during feeding time but, he got a rude awakening. None of the other fish took it from the damsel. Gave it right back. He is a pig during feeding time. Still, I sort of like him.
  13. Bigger clownfish too territorial to pair

    No I don't have two females. At least the 2nd one was NOT the biggest one in the tank when I picked him up. I think both are pretty much teenagers in clownfish terms. I raised the older one by myself. Besides, they are not attacking each other. One is attacking the other.
  14. Bigger clownfish too territorial to pair

    In the meantime, my RBTA has grown from 2-3 inch little baby to 10 inch giant. It has enough room for few clowns. But the host clown has not learnt sharing. Time to go on a time out. Next challenge is to force the RBTA to split.
  15. Bigger clownfish too territorial to pair

    Thats right. I was thinking of those two options. I will first take the larger clown and separate him for 2 days. Problem is catching her. If separation doesn't work out, I will go for the 2nd option - trade.