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  1. WTS AquaClear 70 + inTank Media Basket

    Where are you located and any pictures?
  2. Big tank and no money, or

    Go big dude
  3. FS Kessil a350!

    Would definitely help.
  4. My Chalices Collection

    Wow thats bad a$$, and nice size on them too.
  5. AC70 + inTank Media Basket

    Aww too bad you're not shipping. GL with sale
  6. GARF purple bonsai

    Buddy of mine has it mid to high under his MH/t5. It has that deep purple color.
  7. Here we go. Sumped 20L

    following this one! i always wanted a sumped 20L with some sps.
  8. Fiji`s Best Saltwater Aquarium Live Rock

    Got my rocks from them and i was pretty happy. There were many different size in my order which was good.
  9. Light SOLD! Reefkeeper also sold! Thanks guys!
  10. Bump, Some more pics with the items on. [/img] [/img]
  11. Aquaclear 70 fuge

    I'm not too sure about sand in the fuge. Seems like it's gonna be hard to clean and the sand might mess with the impeller.
  12. Aquaclear 70 fuge

    Ooo he ment sand in the fuge lol hmm.
  13. Aquaclear 70 fuge

    I have a AC 110 and sand in my 20 long with no problem. I use intank Media basket in my AC 110. Are you asking if the sand will messed up the filter? Give us more info about your tank.
  14. Also open for local pick ups.