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  1. $1000obo takes it all. Easy flip or great way to start growout. Staying in the hobby of course just downsizing for a bit located in Rochester, NH ( 03867 ) 2 min off the highway Large orange/pink chalice Large isaho grape cap Large pavona cactus 5head blasto Yellow cut coral Purple rim cap Orange psammacora Putple hornets Miami hurricane chalice frags Green star polyps Micromussa Red planet acro Orange cap Lima polyps (many pieces) Lord of the rings zoas (many frags) Green hair mushroom on tonga rock Large spaghetti leather Toadstool leather Green palys (many pieces) Pink and gold palys (many) 2 yellow tangs 1 molly miller blenny Lits of crabs and snails Lots of awesome shaped rocks 5 koralias 1 jager heater 2 tetra heaters 2 150w 50/50 led lights (dimmable) Swc skimmer All plumbing stand and sink Programmable coralife power strip 30 long sump with sand and live rock Magdrive return pump dual ball valves Two 40g breeders drilled Running and thriving pest free system. Possible move in the works. looking to downsize to make things easier
  2. details on the NHfragswap.com forum http://www.nhfragswap.com/forum/index.php?topic=2630.0 hope to see you there!
  3. I have a few items for sale located in rochester, NH I am willing to ship at the buyers expense. I am not willing to ship the tank/stand Nano Sump $40 obo Coralife Skimmer (model 65g) $40 obo Overflow with Oceanic Pump $75 CPR Aquafuge w/pump (large) $85
  4. Sold him a MP10. Paid quickly, great communication.. sell him more stuff!
  5. Probably not worth spending $40+ for over night 5$ for heat packs and a small cooler for one frag
  6. Wanted too long it's now at home in my display. I do have frags though. Dime sized. Like 10$
  7. If you have them mounted in a spot with good airflow with enough distance from the water you shouldn't have any rusting issues. None of my bulbs from my original build have rust. Grab a. Hole saw and some thin plexi and make some custom lenses. Or set the bulbs on a sheet of thin glass
  8. have tons of frags for sale.. anyone in MA, NH or ME wanna swing by today?!
  9. Radion is sold.. so everything is gone!! thanks a ton!
  10. Skimmer and tank sold locally Radion today only 525 shipped. Via paypal personal payment
  11. Before work bump make some offers. Looking to have all this sold by the end of the weekend
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