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  1. thanks! i probably have a better picture somewhere.. i gotta look through some old posts lol
  2. my display tank pair
  3. need the clean the glass.. but really thought the lip marks were neat. They look like the monopoly guy with the big mustache
  4. thanks guys. i wish it had more color or pop. lol probably wont catch enough attention on the quick look over the other pics.. but its pretty sweet looking at it in detail. I love the shapes formed by the led reflections
  5. mine did great for a few months then just melted overnight. I hoep you have better luck. they are super slow growers since they only have like 1 polyp per extension.
  6. be careful. i just had to take mine out of the system because he destroyed 3 sps colonies!
  7. Ric

    its a red serpent. something munched him.. happened to another star in the tank in the same spot.. havent found what did it yet .. has been getting better though
  8. i cant find anything that looks like it.. if i cant find a match i think i am going to name them TG's Riddler
  9. This is a picture of the water coming out of the power filter I had on the back of my 5.5g nano
  10. Our town does an anual zombie walk that I help promote.. the wife and I and some friends put some good time into makeup
  11. sadly I accidentally froze my phyoto and hadnt had the chance to get more and the poor fan is barely existent anymore.. i'll grab a couple more next month and some more phyto