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  1. TinyGiant

    CT Frag Farmers Market

    I had a TON of fun at this event last year. I plan on bringing another 300+ frags to sell. Come buy from me and a ton of other people. Last year they had 5 rooms packed with sellers. " What is a "Frag Farmer's Market"? Inspired by the idea of the the reef club frag swap, the New England Frag Farmer's represents a regional event with "farmers" from all over New England gather to sell their home grown "crop." The E.O. Smith Coral Project opens the doors to the school for any local hobbyist, retail or online store to come in and set-up a tank to sell coral frags. Admission is free, so anyone can come in and chat with the farmers, share information and get a few nice homegrown frags to stock their tanks. Why organize the Frag Farmer's? The coral reefs of the world are in peril as a result of numerous human activities, including the marine aquarium trade. As a hobbyist myself, I find it upsetting that I am taking part in destroying the reefs that I love so much. The hobby that we all take part in pulls ten of thousands of corals out of the oceans each year, with a focus on finding the rare and hard to find specimens. The irony is that most hobbyists have the ability to successfully grow coral colonies from tiny pieces of the colony and can, in time, create full sized colonies in captivity, with minimal effect on the ocean populations. By providing a venue for local hobbyists to sell homegrown coral frags from their tanks, my hope is that more people will take the time to frag the corals that they have. If we can take one coral colony from the wild, cut it into 25 pieces, put it into 25 people's tanks who grow it out and frag it, we will not have to take another colony of that coral from the wild in the future. By hosting the event, I also give the hobbyist a chance to see some of the incredible diversity of homegrown coral that is available in the New England area. By giving hobbyists the opportunity to stock their tanks, learn a few things from people who are successfully growing corals in their aquariums, and leave ready to start growing and fragging themselves, I am hoping to have a positive effect on the environmental impact of our hobby. 2013 Frag Farmer Sponsors The following companies have generously supported the Frag Farmer's Market this year either by donations to the market, or by participating with their frags. These businesses have shown commitment to the environment by providing frags, supplies to frag, or "greener" options to reefkeeping in general. The E.O. Smith Coral Project encourages you to take a minute to support these businesses when purchasing equipment, fragging supplies, or frags for your systems. Take a minute to look over their websites using the attached links. Check back often, this list is ALWAYS growing! Thanks- Jon Swanson Director"
  2. TinyGiant

    GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    Looks good. running that much light on the 5g will be pretty intense.. definitely keep your photo period short in the beginning.. The tank i started using these lights on was a 5g. I found most of the corals (especially zoas) grew extremely bright but also became very small.. Polyps didnt need to be large to get the light they need and it seemed they started to grow smaller to make up for the intensity. just pay attention if things dont open or start to bleach out just reduce the photo period.. or raise the lights.. or you can always lower them and take the optics off (blends alot better that way.. just not as intense)
  3. TinyGiant

    GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    lol i stopped responding to those questions.. i put a lot of work into that first post .. got tired of retyping it. maybe i'll reorganize the first post and put "GU10 quantity equation- (how many lights to use over your tank)" that seems to be the biggest question.. so maybe i should put it up top so more people see it. i just hit my 2year mark this month. Click the Right side of my Signature image and see the latest posts. took a short video and a couple FTS.
  4. TinyGiant

    TinyGiant's GU10 LED 55G In-Wall

    Leds don't have a half life like.flourescent and incandescent bulbs do. If a led is working its good. If its bad it burns out.. The ones Ireplaced were mostly my original bulbs from before this tank. I had a 5g that had 8 bulbs or so over it. But Itook the optics out and some of the leds came offf the heat sink. So Ithink the ones that went bad were my fault. I haven't had any or thye newer ones go bad yet
  5. TinyGiant

    TinyGiant's GU10 LED 55G In-Wall

    video is live now
  6. TinyGiant

    TinyGiant's GU10 LED 55G In-Wall

    thanks guys! i need to get my hands on another small yellow tang.. i had mine for a year and a half and he was always healthy and ich free.. one day i found him upside down in the rockwork.. next morning he was dead.. also lost my 6line wrasse. I was expecting that though. When i first got the wrasse (was a donor) he had a little white dot on his side.. then a couple months ago the dot went away but the wrasse had a large hole where the dot was.. then i think it he fell victim to it. so i have a couple fish i want to replace.. i might skip the 6line and try and get a nice flasher wrasse.. thats something i've always wanted. i've been giving thought to getting rid of my tiger tail cucumber too.. He does a great job but i find that i have way less pods in the tank than i did before he came around.. The bottom is always clean.. but a high pod population would be nice too..
  7. TinyGiant

    TinyGiant's GU10 LED 55G In-Wall

    well.. its been two years already! tank is still doing great. I havent added much in last couple months.. but i do get a new frag from time to time in trade or at the monthly club meetings. I had a collapse a little bit ago and lost my left arch. I put things back together rushed in disgust and frustration but eventually a couple weeks later had the time and ambition to get it back to where it was. I think i actually improved it a little. So things were going well until like a week or so ago cleaning the tank the other side started to top over. I was able to grab it before it fell. The right side top rock with the caps, pink birdsnest and 6 or so other corals are all on one rock. This rock was epoxied down but over the last couple years the epoxy fell off and the rock was just delicately balancing there.. It was only a matter of time before it fell too.. So the other day i was able to take some rocks from the frag system and get the column way more secure. Another plus is that i was able to rotate the rock down a little more to give the sps more room to grow upward. all in all i'm happy again with the way the tank is looking Here are two full tank shots ( video was uploading still at time of post so it might take a while for it to actually be available) Video:
  8. TinyGiant

    GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    i build a lot of fixtures with these bulbs for people in the club i run here in NH. Every once in a while someone will give me a bulb layout they want and ask me to do it their way.. every time they have spotlighting issues. stick to the straight rows with the bulbs almost touching. I never get spot lighting on any of the systems i build with when i run straight rows..
  9. TinyGiant

    Apple iPad 3rd Gen. Retina 16gb -- Black

    300 paypal shipped? thanks!
  10. TinyGiant


    my display tank pair
  11. TinyGiant

    TinyGiant's GU10 LED 55G In-Wall

    i finally had the time to sit down and give a good look at my left rock column to see if i could get my arch back after the collapse... not only did i get the arch back I feel i improved it . its more delicate and a little more interesting. here is a quick cell picture of the column here is after the collapse.. a quick repair of the structure: here is before the collapse.. the way the tank was for almost 2 years (old picture but you can see the structure here well)
  12. TinyGiant

    DIY GU10 LED Fixture #2

    cool white. warm white is like near yellow. i have mine 10-12" off the top of the tank. if you keep the bulbs in a tight straight line you wont get the spotlighting. adding the optics will at least double your par ratings and light intensity.. probably 3-4x it.
  13. TinyGiant

    GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    quick pic from the girl i made my last custom fixture for. everything opened up really nice in the tank after making the switch to LED. she's loving the light. she said the tank in person isnt as bright in the front as it appears in the picture that its pretty even looking
  14. TinyGiant

    Time to part with my Canon 1D MarkII

    Camera is sold! lenses are still for sale! $75 for the 50mm and $130 for the 75-300