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  1. 5.5g AIO plus dubstruction video

    no bueno bro...i have been working so much i havent made anytime for my tank.. sucks cuz this always happens
  2. 5.5g AIO plus dubstruction video

    thanks roshan am def, gana look into mixing my own when i get my 12" cube up forsure! thanks man, well it looked good my damn sps are still bleached! i didnt get around to gettin the test kits recommended by yall
  3. 5.5g AIO plus dubstruction video

    Am not to sure am using mixed water from my lfs. Maybe i should stop doing so..wats a good salt mix? Ive never done it b4! Lol
  4. NanoTopia's ADA 30c [ FLIR ]

    this build is f****** dope!!! i want to see more!! plz!
  5. 5.5g AIO plus dubstruction video

    thanks man. am debating on posting my cadlight for sale to fund my lights for my 12" cube build.. maybe a nice ai vega...
  6. 5.5g AIO plus dubstruction video

    small update, just got back from the lfs got some chemipure elite did a water change and tossed it in after a rinse. my sps seem to be going down hill, the birdnest is not showing no polyp the others still are but look bleached. hope they can make a come back
  7. Nitoralis by JDH [Retired]

    love ur tank, so elegant! subscribed. and sorry to hear about ur tsb, mines a goof he was shy at first now hes all over the place
  8. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    yea i was thinking the same! just might do that. thanks
  9. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    yea thats wat i had in mind for now i have some problems with a few of the sps i got the bleached out and dnt knw y. i tested water like 3 different times didnt come up with anything(api test kit) did 2 big water changes and still not looking good. am making a trip to the lfs to get some chemi pure, should i try something else??
  10. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    sweet am def thinking of getting one. am wainting on a friend to swap out his new sump to buy his old elos sump
  11. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    Hahaha. Do u just do a burts shot of pics and edit? Also am really looking at the cadlight skimmer for my 12" cube build
  12. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    Lol that ish made me laugh so hard almost made me spit my orange juice out!
  13. Drilled Cube

    looking real good man! hopefully mines comes out that clean!
  14. Jgpico's 30 gal nuvo. New fts pg. 48

    tank is looking good man! loving that fts
  15. elos all the way! they are the maybach of aquariums lol