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  1. I have a barely used (2-3 months) AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer. The quiet version with the updated silencer and I bough the Italian made Cobalt MJ1200 for it. It skims like a dream and was an overkill for my nano as it's rated for 20-75 Gallon. Works amazingly well and no bubbles issue. Price is $135 plus $15 shipping. Still have the original OEM box for it. Thanks for Looking.
  2. I have a Bubble Magnus BM T01 Dosing Pump with 3 built in Dosing heads for all your CA/MG/ALK needs. Barely used as it retails for $300 on most shop. This unit is very accurate and in excellent condition. It was barely used in my Nano Tank that was dosing only 6ml per day for a month before I shut down the tank so it's practically new. http://www.marinedepot.com/Bubble_Magus_BM_T01_Dosing_Pump_Dosing_Pumps_Top_Off_for_Aquariums-Bubble_Magus-4W10010-FIDP-vi.html Price is $190 plus $20 shipping.
  3. nano_tank

    Full tank shot

    Clown looks happy
  4. nano_tank

    45g Skimmerless & Sumpless tank

    Insanely beautiful. Had to say it again
  5. nano_tank

    Full room tank shot.

    IP5 seems to do panarama better than my Nikon P510
  6. nano_tank

    Picasso Clownfish

    These clowns are beautiful!
  7. nano_tank

    Picasso Clownfish Gang

  8. nano_tank

    5 G tank has been destroyed.......

    Can you share what brand of heater it is so the rest of us can avoid the same issues?
  9. Everyone, Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. It's also a great time to show the love to our Nano Reef small business sponsors. Small business is categorized by AMEX as under $10 million in revenue. AMEX is giving a $25 free statement credit if you spend $25 or more at any small business shop per AMEX card! So if you're like me and my wife who have 8 cards together, you can register them all and qualify for $25 each, which in our case would be up to $200! Don't forget to enroll on Nov 18th and make sure you spend it on Nov 24th and it have to be charged on that day to qualify. This works for any Small business shop. Link https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-bu...ess/Shop-Small/ Vendors - Please take note of this day and make sure all Amex order gets charged on the same day so we can support you while supporting ourselves. Great opportunity to help out the many solo proprietor that have contributed so much to our Nano-Reef community such as Mike with Pico-reefs.com and Steve with InTank to name a few. I'm sure you can think of many more. Happy Holidays!! Mods - I'm not sure if I'm breaking any policies by posting this but this news is too good to not share and everyone in our community can benefit from this.
  10. nano_tank

    shallow tank

    I kept staring at Slasher's Avatar picture......................as I'm writing up this comment.............. hahaha
  11. nano_tank

    Tang question.

    Who gives a crap. All the tanks we have are too small for most of the fish we keep. Crap, just be luck you live in America. If you see the apartment sizes in Asia, you would think your studio is a Mansion!!! Hello - This is Nano-Reef.com??? Too small for a Tang to begin with. Hahaha!!!
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    Radion $150 off

    Best price from a great vendor!!
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    How Much Do You Spend?

    I quit the hobby the first time when my cheap dosing pump over dosed and killed over $1500 of SPS. After finding a buyer for all my equipment which is a nice sum of $$, I figure I would just use it to take the family on vacation. But I just couldn't do it!! So I back out of the deal and promised to restart with all easy and cheap corals that are low maintenance. One stop to the LFS and I'm looking at SPS again which led to upgrading my skimmer, lighting, power heads and buying $300 dosing pump to avoid previous issues, etc. Just test kits alone I figure I spent over $250 because I wanted to be perfect the 2nd time around. Long story short I end spending 10 times as much as I anticipated but was very happy with the results. However, my buddy bought a used FOWL tank that is 500 Gallon and spent less than $3K for it including livestocks! When he came to visit my house and he said you spent more how much on that 12Gallon tank and livestock? That's more then the cost my 500 gallon tank? He laughed even harder after my ATO failed and flooded my floor costing even more $$. It's an addiction and sadly only people on this forum appreciate those little tiny frags as much as I do!!! I don't think my wife have any idea how much that 1" frag cost or how much that shrimp cost per lb!!! Haha... P.S I'm still hoarding equipment with the hope of returning to the hobby again next year! It's impossible to quit.
  14. nano_tank

    Free Shipping till Oct. 31st!

    In for 2 small Frag plug for my cousin's frag tank. Nice deal, thanks Yankee Pete.