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  1. Vortech MP10 Wireless 200 OBO

    Lowered to $175.... Lowered to $175....
  2. hello everybody, i have a used mp10w used for year or so and ever since i transferred to a smaller tank, the pump has been put away. i need to make some room for new furniture. Not in rush to sell and please no low ball offer. Parts Includes are ALL in picture. Asking $200. thank you Manu-Date: May 25, 2010.
  3. FS/T 24G Aquapod w/ Extras!

  4. Hello, I have a 24g aquapod with a glass top. i also have a custom built stand very stable and has 3 shelves. Items are located in San Jose, CA Extras: Custom LED fixture Koralia powerheads 1 Bubblemaxx protein skimmer blue acrylic Aquaclear 50/70 MOD to refuge Various Supplements/test kits/tools - included Lets test the waters.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a small frag rack that has around 4-8 holes and not too big for BC8. Will pay for shipping, OFCOURSE... Also looking for a media basket that can fit Chemipure and Purigen "Easily and efficiently without blocking too much flow. Prefer media back by intank but rather save. Thanks
  6. yo pete, message you many times still havent got back to me regarding the mini frag racks. well hope to hear from you soon. love your artwork.
  7. hey, any stunner strips still available? interested in blue/ magneta. thanks
  8. hey pete msg me when you have time, interested in a few of your products and any mods you might know of for Biocube 8gal? thanks
  9. hey pete interested in some custom stuff that you can make for BC 8. I really want some frag racks LMK if you can make me one too. thanks
  10. PAR38 LED w/dimmer control

  11. BoostLED par30

    still available, i got next.
  12. Blue Stunner strip Painted White 1 week old

    Interested, what does it come with, extras?