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  1. Ai prime with bracket

    For sale. Only about 4 months old. Work perfectly, includes ai aluminum mounting bracket. Prefer local sale in NJ but will ship at buyers expense. $150 local, add $15 to cover shipping and PayPal if shipped. Thanks for looking.
  2. I showed it to my dad and he said that thing is about 10 grand new. I guess you officially have the most expensive Pico reef on nano reef... Haha!
  3. That's really pretty cool. My dad used to work for the company here in NJ that made those reactors. Too bad I didn't know about them until now or I would have had him bring some home for me to play with.
  4. Skimmer Recommendations

    Where are you in NJ? I have a sca 302 skimmer for sale. It's a really decent skimmer and pulled some serious sludge from my 75 gallon tank. Only looking for a hundred bucks for it.
  5. It's pretty dangerous having an awesome lfs on my way home from work. I stopped by today and walked out with a nice frag of blue Tubbs. I also made a 3 polyp frag off of it.
  6. Thanks. My original plans were for more of a mixed reef but I'm able to get a hold of some nice zoanthid pieces locally for a decent price so figured why not just go mainly zoanthids with this one. I do still plan on a couple more acans though down the road.
  7. Bad quality picture but I picked up a nice little frag of nuclear greens today.
  8. Zoanthid id

    Thanks. The sweet dreams might be correct but the skirt is more pink than purple like the sweet dreams I've seen. I don't think the others are black hole suns. They have a deep black center, not purple or blue like I see in pictures online. I could be wrong though... Either way, they look really nice in my opinion.
  9. Zoanthid id

    I'd also like to know what the pink and black ones are right next to it.
  10. The FTS Thread!

    My new deep blue 7.5 gallon cube with 5.5 gallon sump.
  11. My true spiderman zoanthids looked lonely so I picked up a couple more frags to keep them company.
  12. Zoanthid id

    3 new frags in my tank that are just starting to open up but idk what the ones in the center are. They have a mint green skirt with a black center and a yellow ring around the mouth. I know what all the others are but this one has me stumped... Does anybody have a clue what it is? Thanks.
  13. 4.2 AIO arrived! Now what?

    I say go with a zoanthid tank for that size. I'm working on a new zoanthid tank myself and I'm using an ai prime light fixture... For the money it can't be beat in my opinion. Sorry my tank isn't the same as yours but a sumped deep blue 7.5 gallon 12 inch cube.
  14. SPS dominant Nuvo 25... Kessil or ATI?

    I'm torn on this one. I love what can be done with led but for a sps dominant tank, I'd say stick with t5. The shadowing that occurs with led has wreaked havoc with my sps in the past. I've done best using ATI bulbs for sps tanks. My last sps tank had a 6 bulb setup that used 3 blue plus, one coral plus, one Fiji purple, and one true actinic. The color and growth was amazing. I'll try to see if I can dig up some pictures when I get a chance.