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  1. Dave's 65 gallon Rimless

    Also, tank is a mixed reef.
  2. Dave's 65 gallon Rimless

    Hey Guys, Always had nano tanks for the past 4 years, started with a nano and built up to a 40 breeder. My new tank isn't quite nano anymore but it's got all my coral from nano's so that counts right? Haven't hooked up my dosers yet so I'm doing that by hand. Plan to hook them up in the next 2 weeks. I work a lot so I've tried to make it as self sufficient as possible, it has actually worked pretty well with the pellet and eheim feeder. Overall, fairly happy with the tank so far. Tank: 65 gallon Rimless Sump: Trigger system Lights: 2x a150 Kessil ocean blue Pumps: vortech mp10es 2x tunze 6015 skimmer: Reef octopus nwb110 refugium light: Haven't got it yet, going to get a par30 LED Eheim Feeder w/ feeder ring 3x BRS doser ATO: Tunze osmolator Reefkeeper lite w/ 2x pc4 Cerameco rock Food: 2x daily - new life spectrum pellets every other day - mysis Weekly - redsea reef energy A & B, krill (for anemone) Dosing: Daily: Brightwell aquatics calcion, alkalin 8.3, magnesion (Calcium,alk,mag) Weekly: Brightwell aquatics iodion (iodine) *Going to do the redsea reef colors ABCD later. Weekly 5 gallon water changes Fish: 3x lyretail anthias 1x Kole Tang 1x Foxface 2x snowflake clownfish 1x Chromi FTS 03/31/13
  3. LPS or Anemone?

    Depends on what you want really, I would recommend you wait a few months at least until you purchase an anemone. Some say 6 month at least for an anemone, I think it's too long, but a newly cycled tank is asking for it. Start with the softy, zoas, clowns and do a little more research on both options, you may find something that decides it for you.
  4. MP10w ES x2

  5. MP10w ES x2

    Hey guys, going a different route on water flow so I've got 2 vortech MP10w ES for sale. $250 for each, shipped, pics below. Tank was established in March of this year. $450 shipped if someone wants both.
  6. Dave's 40 breeder

    Anyone have experience linking 2 aquariums together via a return pump in the sump? I know I'll need to upgrade the return pump but everything else is fairly straight forward.
  7. Dave's 40 breeder

    Well that explains a lot then.......
  8. Dave's 40 breeder

    Decided to change a few things around, I sold all the fish and focused on corals so far. I have a pair of leopard wrasses in quarantine, currently eating mysis and cyclopez. Making plans to upgrade the skimmer and plumb a 2nd 40b into my sump system via splitting the return on my sump. Planning to make a dedicated tank for a carpet anemone and my clownfish while increasing the water volume, also give me an incentive to sell my nanocube and just focus on this linked setup. Still doing research but it oddly seems easier then I thought it would be, since I plan on having only 5 fish between the 2 tanks it shouldn't see serious problems, upgrading the skimmer would be a good idea though. Added 2 BRS dosers 2 phosban reactors 1 GFO 1 rox carbon To-do (late August to late September) Purchase another 40 breeder/stand purchase a couple of tunze pumps with wavemaker Purchase larger skimmer - reef octopus hopefully integrate rock and rest of corals into 2nd 40 breeder from nanocube sell nanocube and purchase more corals!!!!! Pics Had the lights on way too long light cycle so some algae is growing, just setup the GFO last week so it will die off with no feeding going on. Started an acan garden Wrasses in quarantine
  9. Dave's 40 breeder

    Try to update slowly because I'm fairly busy this week. Oldest coral I have, finger leather I've fragged a bunch over the 2 years. Another pic of my clowns, got snowflakes in my nanocube I may swap out.
  10. Dave's 40 breeder

    Sold it already, sry. New coral, green torch that looks great, a little algae on the rocks though next to it
  11. Dave's 40 breeder

    Had an entertaining time with my LED's, smelled smoke when I woke up coming from my aquarium. Ended up finding out my power supply had rising smoke coming from it so I unplugged it and contacted coralvue and Chris sent me a reply right away about sending a replacement. Took a week to get a new supply and finally back up, no losses but coral are still pissed off a bit, new power supply is completely different from old one... very odd considering its a brand new setup. old power supply new power supply Pics
  12. FS ATI 6 bulb 3 foot fixture

    Thanks, had a few interests but nothing definite yet. Still up for sale, 450 shipped or trades of coral + cash for light. Coral interests are zoas, LPS, chalices.
  13. Dave's 40 breeder

    New lights must have spooked the firefish, he came out of his hole for food then darted back in when I got the iphone ready lol......
  14. Dave's 40 breeder

    New lights! Had to replace the ATI's because of the heat they were putting out, room temp jumped up to 88 and with summer on the way I didn't want to test it. I changed over to maxspect Mazarra P LED's, after researching both ecotech radion and maxspect, I decided maxspect would be the better route for my own reasons really. The LED's are amazing! The program is great, you can set the LED's up to produce a pseudo cloud overpass as well as rainy conditions etc., just no thunderstorms which I really didn't care about anyways. I will eventually add a third unit, I bought a double unit package but, with SPS I will eventually need a 3rd to grow em everywhere I want. I've still got some pesky algae and some diatoms in the sand but everything is pretty much over as far as algae outbreaks go. I'll take some better tank shots when the lights ramp up to higher numbers because the Iphone doesn't seem to pick up the blueish color well. I also have added a fish, a firefish who seems to come out about afternoon so later I'll try and get a pic of him.
  15. FS ATI 6 bulb 3 foot fixture