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  1. Not from 150 feet. I see them in 10-15ft all the time.
  2. I think 75 USD is not enough. That is the greatest anemone I have ever seen. I will give you twice what you are asking, just please send your RBTA right away!!!:x :x
  3. so is it your tank or fishbulb
  4. come on nobody has anything to trade for a dank anemone????
  5. not fot the nano
  6. I have a 4-6 inch rose anemone that has out gron my tank. Looking for black tang and willing to put down cash plus the anemone. Will consider any other trades tell me what you have.pic 3 months ago
  7. pic is here this was 3 months ago
  8. I have a full size 4-6 inches rose bubble tip anemone. I have had this specimen for 5 months it has been doing great but has outgrown my 20 long. I am asking 75 USD plus what ever shipping may be. PM me or email me at
  9. How high is the canopy? Also what does the back look like?
  10. Thanks everyone for all your comments. Glad to see all of your guys tanks for some of my inspiration in the hobby. Its a 150 HQI with 2 15 watt actinic but i am going to put my friends dual 55 watt power compacts for a blue look. As i am running a 6700k bulb it gives the tank yellow tint. On the 5 i'm running 4 13 watt bulbs and have 2 actinics sitting in my room that i have yet to put in so all together its 78 watts. But all my ricordia loves it and its a Fridmani Pseudochromis.
  11. my 20 long and my new 5.5
  12. works now! sorry