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  1. P6190063

    Not from 150 feet. I see them in 10-15ft all the time.
  2. surface skimmer options

    Thanks. I got mine in the mail. 25 dollars after shipping and my ebay groupon coupon. I took the bottom suction cup off before I put it in. It is working perfect. I was expecting this thing to be garbage but it is pretty nice. I might buy another one just for back up. Anyway I am pretty impressed for being so cheap. I wish we had these a long time ago.
  3. surface skimmer options

    I just set up a 20 long after not being in the hobby for a couple years. I want to keep it pretty simple as far filtration goes. I am running my old 150 HQI pendant but I have a few questions about skimming. I need a surface skimer for the tank and do not want to drill it. The two options I was looking at were the current subcurrent or the prism skimmer with the surface skimmer upgrade. I don't really need the skimmer and I have had one in the past that gave me all kinds of trouble. When it was woring it would skimm the surface great, but that was not often. Are these my only options or is there something better out there I am missing. How are the current subcurrents? Any bubble problems? I will post some photos of my new set up tonight.
  4. delete mods

    99% sure that damsel is not from the atlantic ocean. Also you can not take hard corals from the atlantic in florida waters. Be careful.
  5. Par 38 fixtures

    They don't look covered to me. Very nice tank you have going. I am going to try to get away with two bulbs on a 20 long. If I don't like the spread I am going with a 15 gallon as the spread looks good at 24 inches.
  6. can you show me a 20 long w/par38

    Alright I have some research to do. I only see nano tuners offering them in the 40 optic version, so I guess I need to look around. I know what you mean. I have been doing this for a long time, and every tank I have owned has been stuffed full of everything. Yet it was started as a simple zoanthid tank or strictly sps tank.
  7. can you show me a 20 long w/par38

    That looks pretty good. I think I can get away with only 2. Only want to keep zoanthids and palys. Say I purchase the 20k 40 optics. Can I change them to a different optic or am I stuck with the 40's?
  8. can you show me a 20 long w/par38

    I was hoping to get away with only two. I have seen a bunch of 12x12x12 cubes that seem to have good coverage with only one bulb. I thought I could strech it to cover a 15x12 area.
  9. can you show me a 20 long w/par38

    Thanks I know I can search, and find what I want but you have to dig through the junk. I am at work and need to do a little of it while I'm here.
  10. can you show me a 20 long w/par38

    Don't have too much time to search and dig, so I am asking if you guys know of any threads or post with a 20 long with only two par 38's. I have not had tank set up in 2 years and have the reef bug again. LED's were only starting when I moved and sold my tank. So I am not too familiar with them, but very interested.
  11. F/S RO System

    Where are you?
  12. several things for sale(lights)

    Skimmer is sold!!! Skimmer is sold!!! Blue palys reduced to $65
  13. several things for sale(lights)

    Everything works perfect.
  14. several things for sale(lights)

    Lights are gone, but it is a 40 breeder. I can't believe no one is jumping on the yellow soft coral, I had to beg for it for months just to get a frag. The tank and stand are also for sale for 150 for both.
  15. several things for sale(lights)

    I just took the other light down, and there is a cracked piece on it. it still holds as it should and does no affect the performance. So I am lowering the price, it will be 115 shipped to you.