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  1. I'm not sure what the actual process would be. Nanotuners used to sell their "4.36" upgrade which added 2x lights just like this, but now their site/instructions are gone... I know people have bought hoods and parts from hoods in the past to upgrade BC29 but it's been so long that I can't remember any guides on it. I'm in Seattle area. $60 shipped.
  2. I upgraded my BC29 to LED about a year ago and I'm selling all the guts from the upgrade. Everything you need to add 2 additional bulbs to your BC29! Included is SIX!! 36W Oceanic ballasts. One of them is brand new still in bag. One of the six may be dead, but I don't remember at this point. 3 moonlight LEDs w/ adapter & transformer 2 reflectors 2 Coralife bulbs - 1actinic, 1 daylight. I think these have 3-6 months on them 2 Sockets misc parts, connectors, wires from the upgrade $60 shipped in the lower 48. Paypal only to verified address.
  3. Freakin


    Bump for a beautiful tank/stand.
  4. Freakin

    The Algae Chronicles

    get 2-3 juvi emerald crabs. get 2-3 mexican turbo snails run your lights for shorter period of time bulbs are probably new enough. spectrum shift can grow lots of algae keep the tank out of a brightly sunlit room consider vodka/sugar dosing don't overfeed run a fuge w/ macro if possible. what are your phosphates?
  5. Freakin

    Tangs in Nano Reefs

    I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
  6. Freakin

    vodka dosing 101

    explain the chemistry and benefit to them and explain how small of an amount of vodka you need. A shot of vodka will last like two months or more for a nano. put it in a tupperware container next to your tank. Your parents would have to be crazy to think you were abusing alcohol with .3mL a day...
  7. Freakin

    vodka dosing 101

    had some gha I've been battling since I purchased the established tank. Nitrates could never get them lower than 2.5-12.5 range and phosphates always present. 80 proof
  8. Freakin

    vodka dosing 101

    just wanted to say that I've been dosing vodka in my BC29 w/ aquaticlife115 protein skimmer for about 3 weeks now and I've had my first 0-results for nitrates and phosphates tests since I got the tank in May. Started out with .1mL for the first 3 days, then .2mL for the next 4 days, and I've been doing .3mL since then. I guess my water looks clearer and my rics have been growing like crazy. my LPS and xenia doesn't seem to be growing any faster.
  9. Freakin

    Biocube 29 Filtration

    You should check out the inTank media baskets (mediabaskets.com) for the BC29. It allows you to control the filtration better in the back chambers and use filter floss to strain out particulate matter from the water column. A lot of people put chaeto directly in one of the media basket chambers with an underwater light (also available on that website). LR Rubble hasn't been recommended for a while because of it frequently becoming a nitrate factory after a few months
  10. I'm just saying that MP10 may be a better purchase in the long run than a chiller for you... just a thought. Have you tried unplugging the heater to make sure it's not really inaccurate? How good is your thermometer?
  11. Freakin

    Small black spot on false perc

    awesome thanks for the link. Didn't think it was a big deal before but nice to know that it's somewhat common.
  12. Have you considered spending the money on somthing like a Vortech MP10 instead to get some energy/heat out of the water? Personally I think you're trying to correct the problem in the wrong way with a chiller. The heat also has to go somewhere, so your room will get hotter as well and your room AC will have to work harder (assuming it's even able to keep the heat down in the room). I really think you need to look at getting the MJ1200s out of there. There are other pumps IIRC that output similar GPH with less watts used (Rio 600, for example). You don't have a lot of wiggle room with such a small tank. MJ1200 = 20w for 295 GPH Rio 600 = 9w for 200 GPH You'll need to look for changes like that, IMO. I don't think your lights are contributing to the heat problem in your tank very much, assuming you have decent vent fans to go with the large intake in the hood (or possibly just forced air out of the hood).
  13. Freakin

    24 XRE's on a 40B?

    there are non-cree LEDs out there that perform just fine for reef tanks...