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  1. FS: All gone. Thanks!

    Yup. If I remember correctly, there are default setting assigned to each outlet (i.e. heater, lights, etc...) that came with color coordinated stickers. I just never needed at 4th controllable outlet. Had ATO and lighting controller as well. I believe I only used it to control heater, reactor, and return powerheads.
  2. FS: All gone. Thanks!

    Gnome Skimmer is sold but it's actually quite a bit smaller than the mame skimmer. It doesn't have the top profile that the mame does
  3. FS: All gone. Thanks!

    Updated for things that have been sold. Also everything now includes free shipping. Dropping off first round of packages today. Next round of packages will be shipped next weekend. Thanks all
  4. Broke down my tank over year ago and finally getting around to getting rid of the pieces. Prices now include shipping. All items are used unless noted otherwise and in working condition. Message with any questions, first one to message will get priority assuming reasonable time to confirmation/payment. Apex Jr. w/ Display unit - $175 SOLD Apex VDM - $50 or $200 for both SOLD Nanobox Mini Tide w/ Storm Controller - $150 (note some rusting on gooseneck due to salt creep) SOLD Elos Osmocontroller - $75 SOLD Mame Skimmer - $50 SOLD Gnome Glass Protein Skimmer w/ airstones - $50 SOLD IM Minimax Reactor - $50 SOLD BRS 2 part dosers 1.1 mL/min - $35 each SOLD Cobalt Neotherm heater 50W - $25 SOLD Milwaukee Digital Refractometer - $50 SOLD TDS meter, Whisper Pump, Misc Fragging tool free with another order.
  5. WTB exotic Xenia

    Aquascapers has 2/3. Look into them?
  6. PicO SII

    I had to buy mine from Japan through a proxy. Essentially they buy it for you then ship it to you while charging a certain fee. I believe you can find the skimmer on Rakuten
  7. Anyone get their hands on a wp-10 yet?

    Hows the noise level on these things?
  8. PicO SII

    To an AC outlet
  9. PicO SII

    Dropcam does everything on their cloud servers so you can't get access to an mjpeg stream to embed into the apex dashboard. Or so I've read. I don't know if there's a way around that though. They do provide a public link and an html embed code for websites though. Unfortunately nano-reef doesn't support the video embed. But in reality, I don't think there is any benefit to being able to embed the stream on my dashboard. The mobile Dropcam app provides a nice platform to see my tank. I wouldn't call it a wired webcam. Wireless connectivity over your wifi network with a high quality video stream. Plus it's really just a toy that I thought would be cool to get. And it isn't much more pricey than most wireless IP cameras and the video quality is better than others in the same price range.
  10. PicO SII

    Picked up a Dropcam Pro recently when I found it on sale. Set it up but unfortunately found out that it doesn't gel nicely with the APEX dashboard. But the view from the android app works well. And here's a link to the live stream if you want to creep on the tank
  11. All Sold. Thanks

    Most things sold. Tunze return pump left. And price lowered
  12. Power free Auto top off

    Hamster bottle or other gravity fed versions
  13. Kellie's PicO / Nano Box Splurge

    I've found that the tunze osmolator pumps too much water at a time for my tank. Switched to Elos. Still not content with it because the tube diameter is ridiculously large and water comes splashing out. Have been looking into the IM Hydrofill but the price tag makes me cringe. But the tank mount that comes with the pump is so pretty Also what are you using for a heater? Or plans for filtration? I've come to realize the the Cobalt Neo-therm takes up too much real estate on the back wall if I want to run anything there like a reactor or skimmer.
  14. All Sold. Thanks

    MP-10 also sold.
  15. All Sold. Thanks

    Nano-Glo Sold. And some prices lowered