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    High Density LED Build UPDATE

    Everything in that tank has been under led's for about 2-3 years now. That particular light has been over the tank for about a year. It's just RB, NW and CB. Looks pretty good actually. I think the key thing is running the white at a higher output than the rest.
  2. Trick

    High Density LED Build UPDATE

    Sorry about the sideways camera.
  3. Trick

    ***HOW WOULD U DO IT****

    I think many fish/reef stores make most of their profit from the service department; they set up nice tanks for hotels and other businesses/rich guys and maintain them for a premium cost. The frags and fish don't make most of the money at all unless they are ordering super cheap from overseas and reselling the pieces for ridiculous prices(this is more difficult than it sounds). This is bad for the environment and not the way a reef store should be run, it should be supported by the customers and in house farming.
  4. Trick

    Sand vs Bare

    Fighting conchs are not mean, they do bulldose the sandbed though. If you pick them up they can stab you with their foot which has a barb on it. It's not venemous though, i doubt it even hurts. They stay small and keep the cyano and diatoms off the sandbed.
  5. Trick

    Brown Algae on Purple Gorgonian

    as long as it sheds its skin it should be fine. Sounds like you already have some flow on it. I would just wait it out for a bit and see if anything changes, maybe check your nutrient levels. It can take time for corals to settle in.
  6. Trick

    Is something wrong with my favia?

    the pink is probably reef epoxy
  7. Trick

    Sand vs Bare

    i used a fighting conch in my 15 gallon tall. It now resides in my 39 gal and keeps the sand spotless.
  8. Trick

    Brown Algae on Purple Gorgonian

    There needs to be enough flow to blow off the shedding skin. They shed to keep the algae off of themselves, atleast the purple photosynthetic whip ones do. Mine does this as well. Even direct flow is better than not enough flow for these corals. Most people would say never to put a coral in direct flow, but in this case it is different. Lots of flow.
  9. Trick

    lighting question

    isn't a marine land reef capable upwards of 150$?! i'd go with a par 38 first.
  10. Trick

    Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    wish we could get some more teasers!
  11. Trick

    Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    today is supposed to be the day.......................
  12. Trick

    FS Bristle Worms!

    April FOOLS!
  13. Trick

    What Acan is this?

    It's called "unicorn poo"
  14. Trick

    One Hell Of a Swordfish!

    Are you kidding? It's obviously dead.