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  1. East Coast Tank Battle

    I guess it is well past due for an update from myself. I have added a lot since my last update. Equipment: - Upgraded to a AI SOL (black) - Added dosers for Alk and Calcium Livestock: - Azure Damsel - Leopard Wrasse - Green Eye Chalice - Monti - Digitata frag - Candycane - Multi colored Acan - Purple/Blue Acan - Torch - Kiwi colored Zoa - Huge Toadstool And my favorite, a Maxi-Mini Carpet Anemone I have been battling some algae outbreaks on my sand but it is starting to get under control now. Pictures: New light: Toadstool: Leopard Wrasse: Acans: Maxi-Mini: Monti and Digitata: Chalice (on the right): FTS:
  2. Magical Fantastical - BioCube 29g

    Was there ever an ammonia reading? The die off might not have been enough. I would add a small source (food or shrimp/whatever) and test the readings over a couple of days.
  3. How to change from tap to ro/di?

    Back in my first tank when I switched from tap to rodi I just started mixing the water change water with the rodi. With the 20% weekly change it shouldn't take too long before all the water is theoretically changed over. I chose to do it this way to prevent any rapid changed that may have undesirable affects. In my situation, I started to notice a difference in the amount of algae fairly quickly once I made the change.
  4. Water Change - Storing And Preparing

    You're going to need to keep RO water on hand for top off water anyway. So you will still have 2 buckets if you are keeping salt water mixed.
  5. East Coast Tank Battle

    Livestock update! I picked up a couple new frags today Green horn coral: Blastos: Ricordia: FTS: I'm really happy with the way the tank is progressing so far.
  6. East Coast Tank Battle

    My Bam Bam zoa frag is growing a new head! This is exciting for me as I had no luck with zoa's in my previous tank!
  7. East Coast Tank Battle

    I got it from a lfs here in Halifax, NS Don't think it would survive the trip through customs
  8. East Coast Tank Battle

    Tank Update. Since my last post I have added: 5x Turbo Snails 10x Cerith Snails 10x nassarius Snails Maze Brain Coral Hammer Coral And most importantly I replaced the Koralia's with an MP10! Maze Brain: Hammer: FTS: I had a hair algae breakout but is getting under control now and is almost completely gone.
  9. Streaming video of reef tank

    I use a basic Logitech webcam that is connected to my computer that is in the same room as my tank. As for the software to use to actually broadcast the stream I use Microsoft Expression Encoder. The free version allows you to broadcast vis MMS (Microsoft Media Server) in standard definition. It's pretty easy to setup and start. You will have to open port 8080 by default on your home router to access the stream outside your network. Once it starts you connect by typing mms://ip address:8080 in a browser and it should open windows media player. I believe VLC can open the mms stream by default as well.
  10. East Coast Tank Battle

    FTS with clown fish and zoa's added: Assorted Zoa's I plan to add some snails soon. All the LFS are oddly out of stock right now.
  11. East Coast Tank Battle

    We are going to just use this one thread to keep everything together for easy comparisons.
  12. East Coast Tank Battle

    Initial Setup: FTS: Clown Fish:
  13. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Birthday!!