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  1. 5G Custom Pico

    Nice looking tank. Did you build it?
  2. cheap led driver

    700 would be ideal, but it is just a pally/zoa pico.
  3. cheap led driver

    Truth be told I think $20 is a horrible price to run 3 leds, I was hoping that there was a site that was us based that sold items like deal extreme. But I guess not.
  4. cheap led driver

    I'm looking for a cheap led driver to to run 3 leds total. (1 cool white, 2 royal blue) I have used these before they run two leds great, but I don't want to wait for them to come form China. any other ideas? http://www.dealextreme.com/p/mr16-1-3w-650...40v-input-13557
  5. Lyle's 3 gallon Pico Build

    Have you thought about going into production?
  6. it's killing my frag what is it

    thanks for the help, it's time to go ape on the tank I have noticed some algea start to die off when I was looking at a few fts. If It was a sponge could it be feeding from the vodka? I am dosing very little, but it has been bringing my nitrates down
  7. it's killing my frag what is it

    I know its hard to see but its the white blur and like I said its growing and it appeared about the same time as the sponges. should I try and take it off with tweezers? did you do pure, or diluted; and for how long? could what I'm seeing be some type of fungus, is there a type of hard fungus?
  8. it's killing my frag what is it

    ok adjusted size and IQ
  9. it's killing my frag what is it

    its actually new it wasn't there last week, and it is growing
  10. it's killing my frag what is it

    I will try that this weekend. it's no algea its more like glass I will try to get a better pic
  11. it's killing my frag what is it

    ro from lfs, I do understand that I need to get my params in check, but the white stuff is growing over the mat. Ho would that not kill them? So you are saying that if i get everything perfect the polyps will grow back out over the hard crystal like substance?
  12. it's killing my frag what is it

    its the white around the polyps phosphate is zero (according to my test kit) nitrate was 20 after water change on sunday
  13. it's killing my frag what is it

    if you look at the first pic there is a crystal like substance growing around the poylp. The frag was actually outgrowing the algae until about a week ago. My nitrates were high I have started dosing vodka they have been steadily dropping, but are not at zero yet.
  14. so this is killing my frag and I want it gone!
  15. New Frag Marketplace

    awsome site!