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  1. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

    Thanks. I really like the new look. Looks much more organized lol
  2. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

  3. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

    Thanks. Ok so I gave the nano a bit of an overhaul. I removed a lot of the macros that where growing all over the place. Wanted a much more minimalist cleaner look. Also, I'm looking at maybe adding some blue lights just to add a bit more color. Here's some September tank shots: Thanks for looking!
  4. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

    Nothing has really changed. This is just a small video I took the other day. Been working a lot lately so haven't had a chance to trim back the macros. I was thinking of cleaning up the tank and only leaving the mangrove with some rock and my grandi polyps but will see how it goes.
  5. Looks awesome! Got my vote for TOTM.
  6. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

    Thank you! I'm using a Philips 13w par30 5000K. The light on my old macro tank was an IM Skkye LED 4watt 10k I think.
  7. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

  8. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

    Thank you!
  9. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

    Thanks. It's coming along pretty well. I don't think I'll be taking it down anytime soon lol
  10. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

    August FTS
  11. I'm looking for the power supply for a ecoxotic stunner led strip. Shoot me a message if anyone has one. Thanks.
  12. Algae ID please

    Have this slowly growing over another macro I have. I think I might have an idea but would like to see if anyone here knows what this might be. It's the green stringy algae in the pic. Thanks!
  13. Repurpose fw planted tank to macro tank?

    I think you're pretty set. That light I think would be perfect for macros. Maybe add a small powerhead and you're good to go.
  14. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

    Thanks! Not sure yet. It's prob gonna be a slow build so haven't thought of that yet.
  15. 6g JBJ macro nano tank

    So for a while now I've been seeing micro bubbles almost on everything in my tank. Mostly on the macros. I found out that they only appear during the mid point of the light cycle. So at around 5~6pm for a few hours I have a ton of micro bubbles. My lights run from 12p to 10p. Any other time of the day I see none. Any idea why? If it was something harmful, wouldn't my corals close up or crash the tank? Are the macros just producing oxygen? I can't find info on this so if anyone has any idea please let me know. Thanks!