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  1. what happened to the cali tort?? i loved that piece's growth form!
  2. ok eben, to get the 'ohhs and ahhs' you need to be more with it...that's a tyree sunset monti and a blue polyp monti. i'll be requiring new frags of either one when they grow out.
  3. is your cat pooping?
  4. some kinda macro...although, i hope you already knew that.
  5. by far, my favorite picture posted on n-r.com except for the photoshops of chris marks in various poses.
  6. geez i miss my f. rosaria. i dunno if i've told you this before, but do not try to frag this favia. it, as a specific species, responds VERY poorly to fragging. i lost two colonies by trying to frag it out to share. dammit.
  7. tank is coming along well, ben! lmk if you ever need any help or want to stop by to check out my setups(not that mine are all that great...'the speez' and 'sloreefer' have nice tanks!). have you joined mars yet? you should join soon, man...our frag swap is this coming october(bring one frag of something and you get to pick as many times as you can). good deal for people who are just starting their tanks! check us out, man! -danny
  8. uh oh...i know for a fact that those weren't hiding in any of dennis' tanks! looks like i'll be needing a frag to make sure that they're a safe purchase.
  9. sooo similar to my blue angels! gorgeous zoos...very very hard to find too. consider yourself lucky!
  10. not to be a jerk, but it's hydnophora.
  11. if you want to (somewhat) figure out the species try this link. http://whelk.aims.gov.au/coralsearch/coralid_search.php you're never guaranteed a true ID though, because to get a real ID you need to have a microscope and part of the coral skeleton.
  12. usually leather corals slough off the top portion of their epidermis. perhaps this is what your coral is doing. make sure you have decent flow over the coral to help speed up the process.
  13. goniopora...take it back to the store as these corals are notoriously hard to care for.
  14. favia and i have a piece that looks very similar to that. check out my gallery at rc.com to see the pics. nice pick up!
  15. yep to joshnemily and madtownmax's comments. i've always wanted a steene's cuz they are just one of the most gorgeous dottybacks ever. they're just a bit too anti-social for me. i had a strawberry psuedo that decided to hitch a ride in my live rock as well. i always thought that the stories were rumors or made up, but they really do dive into a hole and camp out. lol.