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  1. Zoos lost in the mail =(

    wow, even if i sent zoas to the LA area, i would never choose priority-- however, i wouldn't fret about them-- i've had an instate (from sac to thousand oaks) priority mail shipment take 5 days before. i packed them up in a thermos and i sent them out-- they were perfectly fine when they arrived in socal. btw, they aren't technically 'lost' if they've only been in the post for 2 days. also, why would you expect them to get there with only one day of travel time? ALWAYS think of the slowest time when ordering/shipping corals-- finally, you should just upgrade to express shipping next time-- 10-15$ more and they're guaranteed to be there overnight.
  2. [Custom] DarkDevil

    looks great! you bought some zoas or something from me awhile back, right? very sweet setup-- how much did the acrylic set you back (if you don't mind my asking)? i know that it is really expensive through TAP but i just found a website that sells sheets for pretty cheap (http://freckleface.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/acrylicsheet.html). no matter-- the tanks is awesome... i'd love to build my own 60-90 gallon cube and this definitely has me thinking about doing so. goodluck! -danny
  3. lol. school has been killing me this semester-- i've been busy with school work and making sure that i get into the teacher credential program. so yeah, i didn't get back to the thread till now-- anyway, i'll post a pic of my ALUMINUM nano soon.
  4. wtf? i go to class and suddenly tiny owns what i called dibs on? hm. i'm not a happy camper right now-- i guess i HAVE to go buy a new nano, now. congrats on the nano, tiny.
  5. hm. i'm actually thinking about just buying a new aluminum cased nano from my local apple store. kinda neat looking, and only $35 bucks more-- plus, i'd get it on the same day. hmmmmm.
  6. shady, tiny...shady. who's the fat one out of us two? yeah, that'd be me!! i need it for running with the 'new' nike+ gear-- well, that and the fact that it is flash based memory rather than the hard disk drive of my 40gb ipod...can't quite go running with that bad boy.
  7. i'd like the ipod, andy. lmk if it's still available. -danny
  8. FT Nintendo DS Flashed

    so-- it's illegal then. if you're pirating games, it's obviously being used illegally. lol.
  9. **celebrityovernight**

    once again, i'll reiterate what pico1 wrote and you concurred with-- he received the palys and they were in a state of decay. what he did AFTER receiving them is beside the point. the main issue is that the coral DID NOT get to the destination in good health. get it? either way, the best bet, from now on, is to only ship via overnight service of some sort (ups, fedex, usps express). gl.
  10. waves in our nanos

    it probably won't happen because a tank has to have a certain level of intrinsic resonance for the wave box to work. the minimum length for a decent wave, i think, is 4ft. then again, you can prove me wrong by making one and letting me beta-test. personally, i just put a few high flow powerheads in the tank and let 'em rip. i've got a tunze 6000 and a seio 1500 in my 36" 26g long. quite a bit of flow in that bad boy.
  11. **celebrityovernight**

    flat out, jordan told us all that the coral was received in poor condition. his acclimation of the coral wasn't the best idea but the fact that they were ALREADY in a state of decay when he received them is evidence enough that they either weren't shipped well (cold pack, thermos, styro peanuts, etc.) or that they were a fresh cut frag AND that does allow for him to make the case that the product was bad. i mean, you even acknowledged that fact but still think that the reason the coral is dead is because of acclimation?! you guys are all WAY off base on this one. that being said-- i wouldn't dare offer a guarantee for priority shipping. i've been screwed too many times. i only use usps express-- it's usually guaranteed to be there by 3pm at the latest. i'd recommend using that since it is cheaper than using ups or fed ex. also, the next time you're selling anything, make a note that you won't guarantee any corals unless they're overnighted. that's how i do it and i haven't lost anything yet. hope this works out for you both.
  12. lots of good equipment for sale

    bump for a great seller and for some ridiculously low prices. i swear, eben, if i had enough cash, i'd buy the t5/squirt/osmolator/and panworld. you know-- for extras. lol.
  13. Too much filtration?

    technically, you don't really need the filter floss-- you want the bene. bacteria to grow in/on your live rock, not the plastic bio media that you've put into the first chamber. also, i'd highly doubt that your 'filtration' is really stripping too much of anything from the water. keep the purigen where it is and as soon as your tank has finished it's cycle, start stocking it (slowly!).
  14. xenia not pulsing

    when was the last time you did a water change? the normal issues that cause xenia to stop pulsing are low ph and low iodine levels. my suggestion is to do a water change with aerated sw and see how things go.
  15. Coral Propagation

    borneman doing his coral fragging workshop-- he goes over most basic coral fragging/mounting needs. http://www.zooxanthellae.com/borneman.wmv