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  1. Dimming an Inventronics 40w driver

    this is awesome your kitchen looks great!
  2. DIY led help! Fluval edge project.

    yea that should do, but what are you going power them with? 3 leds on a driver is going to have to be a pretty low voltage driver. something along the lines... http://www.ledsupply.com/7006-h-500.php should do it, just get yourself a 24v AC power supply.
  3. DIY led help! Fluval edge project.

    i'd just save up if i was you, that's actually a really good price for a light, most of my builds run from $450-$2500 so a dyi at $260 is a steal. why not cycle and keep it as a fish only until you can save up the cash to do it right and once.
  4. Led lights help

    No, that's just not going be enough. Especially if you plan on raising the lights. try 72 at 80-90% without optics and see how you like that. It's much easier to do it once than having to take it down to add more and all that mess. good luck
  5. Tang suggestion for 40B

    yea, you can try a small i mean SMALL chevron, they are pretty calm still graze but fair warning they will out grow your tank, so be prepared to either take him out and trade it in for store credit or give to a friend with a bigger tank. be sure to provide plenty of food and keep up with those water changes like its a new religion. when i kept one i was swapping 10-15 gallons a week just to be safe, along with running a skimmer big enough for a 150 gallon system. so that helps, the last thing you want is uneaten algae spoiling in the water.
  6. DIY led help! Fluval edge project.

    honestly you're going to need two drivers to run seperate colors, why not stick to the idea of the dim4 and get the upgraded power supply to run the leds directly off the controller. stateside that controller and power supply end up around $100 or so. and since you have 4 available channels you can always use; 3nw on channel 1 3rb on channel 2 3 tv on channel 3 1 red, 1 turquoise, and 1 blue on channel 4. you can make a full spectrum unit for your tank for fairly cheaply sourcing your products from the states. and shipping it all at once. what are your ideas for a heatsink? At 500ma max you don't/shouldn't need much maybe a 4.25x5 would be plenty, you may want to practice your soldering if you want to go that small so your wiring stays neat and easy to trace, a good idea in your situation would be to measure your led placement and then cut your wire just long enough to fit between the leds without too much slack. then spray with either LED Seal or an liquid epoxy to keep moisture away from the connections. Fair warning though I'd only seal the unit after you've tested all your connections to make sure you don't have any cold solders, stray voltage and the color blended they way you want it. good luck if you have any questions just keep posting, i know there are enough of LED nerds on here to help you along the way.
  7. What would cause massive water loss?

    any chance you have a ADA style thermometer? i've had it happen more than once that the water somehow wicked its way up the thermometer and just followed the curve over the glass granted it wasn't but an inch or so of water but still it's happened twice to me. other than that if you lost most of the water in the tank then someone had to have done something. are you sure its not leaking when you filled it up. all it takes is one tiny bleeder and you an have water everywhere again. I just don't think someone bumping it unless they bumped and tipped it over would cause a huge water loss.
  8. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    here's sample shot of a custom built light for a 18x18x18 cube tank i recently built. the tank pictured isn't the final home just my testing pico cube. the final mix is; 12rb 6cw 4 cyan 2 red 2 cb 4tv DIM4 controller PAR is 400+ at 12" deep and 12 over the water surface. its very unlikely that this system will never get pushed to full power. Set to fade up a very natural looking sunrise sunset starting at 6am to midnight it sounds like a vary long light cycle but when you see it, its very natural looking and the first and last 3 hours are such a low output fade it looks great. but enough talking. here's the pic. it was taken with a samsung galaxy s2 not my 60D so the colors aren't perfect but you get the idea. -Gabe
  9. •••Tiny box of sea water•••

    shame i just set up a 12" true cube and i'm net 3.75 gallons after the sand and rock.
  10. Settings for LED lights?

    you beat me to it ii came here to also say camera fx for android is great!
  11. PicO Aquariums

  12. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    its listed on the data sheet, i want to say around 85° C at the die.
  13. Additive to speed up growth?

    1 flux capacitor+88mph= awesome!
  14. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    ok well to be accurate i'm running that channel at 680mA with 2 fans on the system the heat sink is sitting right around 78-80° i need to get a temp at the die but i've yet to have a problem running them at or near max. thanks for looking out though. on my personal tank i run them at full current and don't have any issues yet but thats a 4" fan on a 4.25" wide heat sink so there is plenty of air flowing over the heatsink. also if you need to decrease your temps at the die look into burquist thermal grease is pretty much the best thermal transmission on the market. you have to use screws to hold the leds but if junction temps are becoming an issue for you try them out. i'm looking into reflowing my own leds using their t-clad/grease combo to see just how well it really performs.
  15. LED FUN cree XM-L T6

    nice i've acutally thought of using some high cri xm-l's for fog lights on my jetta. (and maybe just one aimed out ofmy rear window for those douche bags thats just love to ride my ass with their brights on.) haha let me know how this works out for you.