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  1. are you serious?! i never used glass to cover my bulbs and i had a 250 watt mh on my 40br. uv is produced by the sun so why would you think that filtering it out is a must?
  2. wtf thats badass! what are the odds you even had your camera ready for that picture. thats just too cool!
  3. true story it really is that bright. hell it makes me jelous sometimes when i go over haha
  4. holy shit! thats awesome!!
  5. whoa that looks like an alien. cool
  6. dude i'm digging the light upgrade! i've gotta stop by one day to check out your tank. its only fair you saw my tank. lol i need some blue leds for my 40b.
  7. sorry mk the kraken doesn't exist except on super actinic shots lol. nice zoa i'll give you $3000 a polyp. hahahaha
  8. i really like these! teal base on the tenticals and pink tips!! too cool!
  9. my coraline algae never did that! very cool!
  10. lmao i see! i was rying to figure that out too! thats a damn cool set up though!
  11. get him a barnicle ofcourse?! lol thats a good pic!
  12. species only tank? ha! but still a pretty pest.
  13. i completely forgot to explain this one. i figured out the settings for my mp10es and lets just say it blew the clownfish away... and then pulled her right back in! haha anyways i love the new pump and so long as i don't have it set too high my fish are ok with it too.
  14. you should take a pic with the fire going under it.. it would look PIMP. great job man