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  1. Show me your 10 Gallon Aquascapes!

    These are some nice lookin 10g tanks. I might have to go get one and join you.
  2. Temperature

    My tank stays at about 82 all year round. Except in summer sometimes it goes up a couple degrees for a few hours.. I need a chiller.
  3. Is this a good deal?

    Looks pretty good to me..
  4. I just cracked the bottom of my reef!

    This would be my worst nightmare. Good thing you had an extra tank around to put everything in.
  5. Peppermint Shrimp in a Pico?

    Sexy shrimp are awesome, and they do great in picos.
  6. I had a jar of these things going for like a year and they just kept reproducing and living. Your sea monkey container is much cooler than mine was though Also, be careful of the space guy in there. I wouldn't trust him.
  7. Help my pom pom crab is missing pom poms!

    Pom pom crabs are awesome. I had no idea they will share their anemones with another fellow anemone-less pom pom. Hilarious.
  8. question

    I use that one as well, and it's great. Cheap, too.
  9. HELP smoke coming out of ballist

    Yeah, if you haven't modified it just return it.
  10. Clownfish are cool

    Haha, my clown FINALLY started hosting my mushrooms after nearly 3 years of being in there. Pretty neat stuff!
  11. Emerald Green Crab is history!

    Oops...Never trust an emerald crab...
  12. What sandbed do u use

    I just got a big bag of CaribSea Aragamax sand and it's worked great so far. I'd like to try out AragAlive though sometime, maybe that Indo-Pacific black stuff.
  13. chiller for red sea max

    Prime Mini Chillers seem to be pretty popular, and I'm thinking about getting one for myself. They're on sale right now at Drs. Foster and Smith if you're interested.
  14. I wanna get into it again

    1. I don't have a closed loop 2. T-5 is pretty good, but metal halides are better 3. 2 inches or so seems to be the norm, I think 4. No sump on mine, and a good number of people here don't have sumps either 5. Maxi-jets are decent, and that's all I've used and can't comment on anything else Hope that helps a bit...Someone else should respond and give their opinion as well as I consider myself a bit of a noob still
  15. So here's the deal.

    Seconded for eBay and Drs. Foster and Smith. Ebay's got some great deals sometimes, and Foster and Smith have been very good to me so far.