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  1. Beautiful. I love it.
  2. Looking great!
  3. stop flaming people like they don't know anything. It's his choice if he wants to keep a tang in there
  4. heh..they grow back their arms don't they?
  5. quit flaming him!
  6. lol
  7. Don't lecture him on the needs of tangs.
  8. A beginner should start with nothing less than 30 gallons?? What difference does 1 gallon make?
  9. seastars rock
  10. oh....that was a stupid
  11. bubble coral rocks
  12. I just saw your post, Jahman520, and you're crazy...How can you say that reefkeeping is cruel to the animals?
  13. Whew.
  14. I don't think the sand is pink on purpose...
  15. Leave him alone. He doesn't need more than 1 person to tell him to get the tang out.