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  1. *Would my softies have a increased growth rate and would they still benefit w/o actinic or is it just for aesthics?
  2. I think ive made the decision to up my 2x65W PC to 250W HQI 10,000K (no actinic supplements) MH lighting, miniHQI PFO pendant and ballast. = $330 after shipping from marinedepot.... *still not sure what to do about a canopy.
  3. this is the canopy
  4. -Thanks for the info... *2 more small questions:* 1.) After I hang my MH light, should I leave the glass canopy ON or OFF???? 2.) Do you really need PC actinics w/ 10,000K MH bulbs????
  5. thx for the advice... *I'm still not sure if there is a big difference between MH BELL shaped pendants and the PFO hoods (are the PFO hoods designed to hang?)
  6. Just a quick question... I currently have a 15Gallon w/ 2X65 Watts of Coralife Power Compact lights. *Would I feel a large difference (growth wise for softies) going from that to 250Watts of Metal Halide 10,000K w/ no PC? (I'm also not sure if a Bell or Hood shaped MH pendant is best?)
  7. *i also use kent marine salt - my xenia seemed to do better the first month the tank was setup (w/ instant ocean at the time though)
  8. picture
  9. Background: It's been over 4 months now and I have seen nearly no growth from any of my corals. Most of my xenia died off except for a brown xenia and one pink pulsing that survived. I ***I'm asking to see if you have ideas of what is going on??? tank stats:: 15 gallon long, 2x55 W coralife PC (4 month bulbs), 1 gallon fuge w/ grape/calupera macro, LS, LR, 28 W PC, Remora HOB skimmer w/ maxijet, 2 x150 gph power heads, 22.5 lbs Live Rock, 20 LBs aragonite mixed w/ playsand (about 3 inches). livestock: 3 turbo snail, 1 nas. snail (countless babies), 2 percula clowns, 1 peppermint shrimp (had small aptasia problem),Xenias, Kenya tree, toadstool, hairy mushrooms, star polyps, zoo's and a few other unidentified leathers/mushrooms. maintenance: 10-15% weekly partial water change w/ RO water from walmart, daily 3ml B-Ionic, Bi-Daily Coralife Gold 2.5ml, weekly 1.5ml kent Tech-I iodine, weekly 2.5ml marc weiss vital, weekly strontium + calc (kent) as needed. *2pinch of flakes or 1/4 cube of shrimp/day feeding water tests: sg-1.025 calc-400 ppm kh-11dkh nitrate-20-->35 ppm nitrite-0ppm ammonia-0ppm mg-1500 ppm *(about 1/4" of skimmate cleaned/day)
  10. I run the fuge 20W PC only 16 hours/day. Main tank 10 hours 55W x 2 PC. I have 2 powerhead 150 gph in main tank. I stopped dosing iodine ( i don't have a test kit anyways). I have added turbo / astrea snails to the tank. -My macro is a fairly thick free floating mass. I have actually stopped the algae for now w/ using r/o water.
  11. Well thanks for your help guys... I just got Kent Marine Tech CB, part A and B and will be dosing that w/ my next water change. I bought a 5 gal jug of RO water from walmart, 1.65 to refill ! I also grabbed 3 turbos, an astrea and 2 red hermits for cleanup. There is more corraline algae growth and the snails have eaten alot of algae in a day. I'm thinking of getting an iron supplement for the macro. I'm also thinking of adding an inch of playsand on top of the crushed coral and getting miracle mud for the fuge. *It turns out I have an aptaisia infestation. I will be getting peppermint shrimp as soon as i can find some. I'll keep you all posted.
  12. I have a problem with brown algae growth. *I will now be using distilled water from the store for 10% weekly water changes. *I will put off buying a skimmer till I see the results down the road. I was feeding the clowns about a dime size pinch of flakes/clown. Is that too much? The lights are 2 months old. The tank has cured LR in it, 1/2 of the rock is from a prior 1 year old tank, so it may not be cycled then since its only 3 weeks old since new cured LR added. I do have some wonderful purple corraline algae growth on some rocks now, but not as much as I'd hoped for. Clear water in the tank. I did add (using directions) Kent iodine, calcium and strontium before my xenia shrived up (they are recovering I think now). I don't have a test kit for Calc, Iodine, Nitrate yet. PH=8.8, Nitrite=0, Ammonia=0. So I'm not sure if I have too little calcium, I'm afraid to overdose... Tank is currently in my room and runs quietly for now.
  13. OK, thanks for the advice... I think I may just go w/ buying RO water from the grocery store for a while and see if I notice any changes. If so, I may invest in RO/DI unit later. I may also purchase this prizm skimmer in the future since it seems to have mixed reviews and it's low price: *Will distilled water still be a major improvment or MUST I go w/ the expensive RO water from the store???
  14. * Xenias, Polyps, shrooms, bubble coral, toadstool leather, 2 clowns- --Lots of brown algae all over LR/LS and glass too...
  15. *Note - I also am using country well drawn water that goes through a water softener, so this is not city water.... Does that make a difference in the need for RO/DI or skimming? ***I am also only keeping soft corals in my tank - no anenomes (fear of them moving and killing softies) - and i have 2x55W PC so I'm not sure if i could have SPS anyways...