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  1. Inland Empire - CA Modded Stock Hood is also available. Needs cleaning...Coralines grew all over the front glass. Intank Media Basket and Fishsaver Included. Pick-up only near Riverside CA. I can deliver within 20 miles with half-payment. Here are the changes I made to this tank: i added a power compact to the hood. It puts out alot of light now. I also modded the tank to skim water from the surface, and made a window in the rear of the center chamber for a light if you wanted to add Chaeto. I changed the return pump to a Rio, and made a slight change in how the water passes through the media chamber. I replaced the fans in the hood with some HP fans from a Proliant server. I was able to keep almost all common corals under this hood. Montipora and lobphylia grew well, but I couldn't keep acropora. All the softies were great. Xenia Exploded, as did Colt Corals. So much so that i had to prune it on a weekly basis. $125 with hood or best offer. I have a second gutted hood for free for whoever buys the aquarium. The aquarium is 3 years old and I bought it brand new at PetCo. PM for more info. Cash on delivery or PayPal in advance of delivery only. Price is negotiable. If you pay half up front through Paypal, I'll deliver it to you with cash for remainder. I will deliver anywhere within 30 miles of 92586, CA. My design works...look at all the fan tube worms down there: Serious only please. Thanks! Matt
  2. All pricing below is Negotiable FS - Oceanic BC 14 Hood with an Modded PC for $75 Shipped. All wiring is included. Bulbs may need to be replaced. Faster shipping is available. FS - <strike>$60</strike> <strike>$55</strike> $45 Shipped CONUS - Blueline Tsunami Wavemaker for 3 powerheads and return pump. Feed Button suspends all pumps. I have had this for 2 years, and it works perfectly. Does not have the photocell. Please PM me with any questions or offers. Please note that Insurance is available at an extra cost. Payments by PayPal to confirmed addresses only. PM any questions or offers. All offers will be entertained.
  3. No. I never used it because I had a moonlight and have misplaced it, but I'm sure you can rig one up, it's just a photocell wired to a mini RCA adapter, when the photocell is dark the night mode kicks on.
  4. $45 Shipped CONUS via PayPal. FS - Intank Media Basket BioCube 14 with Fish Saver. This is the old style with the white eggcrate material and the clear acrylic lid. I have modded it for flow and the piece is included. The fish saver has been cleaned so many time that the InTank name has come off, but it is fully functional. I'll post a few pics of it when I get home. Please send me a PM if you have any questions. Matt
  5. The LED Hood is Sold! The Wavemaker is still available.
  6. Need help - Replacement PH for my CPR HOB Skimmer

    Awesome...Just got the RIO 800. Thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me which powerhead I can replace for my CPR HOB Skimmer BAK PAK 2R? My PH went out today, and of course i have no warranty. Any Ideas?
  8. Branching white web?

    Sponges are more opaque, tunicates are often see-thru in this stage. I say Tunicate. Either way, good find!
  9. Branching white web?

    Those look like colonial tunicates. They are harmless filter feeders and are a sign that the aqaurium is doing great!