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  1. dday80

    Freshwater Dip for Zoanthid eating Nudi's

    +1 to fretfreak13. I've gotten rid of zoa nudi's with coral rx
  2. dday80

    Black Friday deals

    That's lame. Thanks Hvani!
  3. dday80

    Black Friday deals

    Anyone know of a deal for the Ecotech Radion LED's?
  4. Looks great Brad! I recently found this thread after looking for your 28 and WOW, I'm impressed as usual. Definitely sub'd. I'm glad you won the fight with cyano. -Drew
  5. dday80

    28 nano LED Journal updates!

    Thanks! Thats what the trumpet wants you to believe...
  6. dday80

    new fish getting bullied

    I would turn out the lights in the display and set up a QT. You can use a decent size plastic container with some sort of water movement and a heater. Expect to be doing a lot of water changes until you come up with a more permanent solution. Hopefully they get along tomorrow, and if not try to catch one and isolate it for a while.
  7. dday80

    Back to NR!

    Looks like a good start! The scape is sick too. Lots of room for growth.
  8. dday80

    28 nano LED Journal updates!

    Peppermint Shrimp murdering trumpet coral. Increasing respect for the non-flowy LPS
  9. dday80

    jT's 12G Long Nano Journey

    Wow, that was an awesome read on how you prepared the rocks. Great job! Looks great too. I would suggest space between the glass and your scape so that you can use a magnet cleaner for the glass.
  10. dday80

    28 nano LED Journal updates!

    They are awesome, but you always run the risk of it moving and stinging your other corals. I did observe it moving right after I put it in the tank. It righted itself and started to get its foot into the rock work. It goes deeper into the rocks at night and fully inflates during the day. Otherwise, it hasn't changed real estate.
  11. dday80

    28 nano LED Journal updates!

    Nice! He has found a cave to hide in at night and expands a lot during the day. Hopefully he'll hang out there for a while. We'll see.
  12. dday80

    28 nano LED Journal updates!

    pics: Borealis Growth comparison: 8 months ago- 15OCT11 today 23JUN12 Here are some pics of the clowns. They have decided to hang out with my trumpet coral. I have a RBTA and lots of Frogspawn >< noobs lol Thanks for looking everyone!
  13. dday80

    28 nano LED Journal updates!

    Thanks jT, The RBTA expands A LOT during the day! I'd say it's got 4in diameter base and the tentacles get about that long too. I like the reef crest mode on the MP10 at about half way. The SPS on top love it. It goes into night mode around 8:00pm. I love that thing. The QT is set up at the moment for fish with a lame little light and a hob filter with seeded filter floss from the tank. Notice the lack of occupants! I am going on unscheduled trip and made the executive decision to put the clowns in the DT. This is against my better judgement but I didn't want to overwhelm the fish sitter. Here's the QT:
  14. dday80

    Ozzyvegas 20L w/ new pics and fts

    Looks great. I like the Scape.
  15. dday80

    jT's 12G Long Nano Journey

    Nice work so far. This tank is going to be cool. Sub'd I see that you're selling some LED's. Are you changing up the lights?