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  1. Hey Alex, Great thread and tank! I'm trying to get my 70 gal Cad lights running with 2 xr 15 pros. Any chance you could share your lighting schedule? I would really appreciate it! -Drew
  2. bump. I'm also interested in this tank.
  3. Thanks for your advice Farkwar. I assume I'll have to re-plumb based on the pump I decide to go with. Also, is it safe to assume that the pump I replace the 2500 with be comparable as to how many gph?
  4. Good Evening everyone, I have an old WM H1 skimmer. The impeller on my Sedra 2500 pump has swollen and cracked. I have tried to look around for a replacement, but it seems that they aren't manufactured anymore. Also, finding spare parts has been very difficult. Does anyone have any experience in changing the pump? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  5. WalrusKisses The yuma's are for sale also. Everything in the tank is for sale. joel sandoman - The clowns are 3" and 2.5"
  6. Hello everyone, I need to break down the tank. Locals only please. Here's a link to my thread so you know I'm legit! http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/268682-28-nano-led-journal-updates/ Fish list 2 onyx percula clowns $100 Yellow watchman/candy cane pistol pair $40 Corals 1 rbta $40
  7. +1 to fretfreak13. I've gotten rid of zoa nudi's with coral rx
  8. Anyone know of a deal for the Ecotech Radion LED's?
  9. Looks great Brad! I recently found this thread after looking for your 28 and WOW, I'm impressed as usual. Definitely sub'd. I'm glad you won the fight with cyano. -Drew
  10. Thanks! Thats what the trumpet wants you to believe...
  11. I would turn out the lights in the display and set up a QT. You can use a decent size plastic container with some sort of water movement and a heater. Expect to be doing a lot of water changes until you come up with a more permanent solution. Hopefully they get along tomorrow, and if not try to catch one and isolate it for a while.
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