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  1. Wayne's (10 gallon) World

    Thanks paigee, hopefully it turns into a successful endeavor. My live rock from Aquarium Arts in Bakersfield showed up today. So, I give you the obligatory unpacking shots... Peal back the cardboard... and find thick plastic. Peal back the thick plastic... and find a layer of insulation. Peal back the insulation layer... and finally find a bag. Two heat packs are visible in this shot. Open the bag... and find yet another bag. Open that bag... and at long last, rock! When I tested the water in the bag, it was a nice 72 degrees. Great packing job, and Fedex showed up before Noon. This was my first time purchasing cured rock, and I'm very pleased. Great coraline color, nice shapes. As advertised, it smelled clean. Putting the rock in the tank, I came across a tiny brittlestar that zipped under a rock. A snail from the holding tank cleanup crew made it in as well. Here's my first attempt at the scape.
  2. This will be my first reef in about a decade, and my first under 55 gallons. To ease back into the hobby, I'm going to keep it simple. Tank Specs Display: Standard 10g aquarium Lighting: (2) Boost LED PAR 30 (2 Royal Blue, 1 Blue, 1 Cool White, 1 Neutral White w/ 60 Degree optics Filtration: Aquaclear 20 with floss, Chemi-Pure and Purigen w/TOM surface skimmer attachment Equipment: Finnex 100W Titanium Heater, JBJ ATO w/TOM Aqualifter Circulation: (2) 240 GPH Koralia Nanos connected to a JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker In order to keep fish in and cat paws out, I built a lid out of aluminum screen frame and bird netting. I was a little nervous about mounting the Boost lamp fixtures on the tank putting too much pressure on the tank over time, so instead I mounted them on the wall behind the tank. With the ATO float and AC20, the back edge of the tank was already pretty crowded. (Still need to trim the netting a bit) The ATO, Ocean Pulse, and heater control are all mounted on the side of the stand with velcro. Stocking Plans Plan on keeping things simple. Live Rock: 10lbs cured Fiji rock from Premium Aquatics arrives tomorrow. Corals: probably going mostly zoas, palys, mushrooms, and rics. Eventually a duncan. Fish: My kids are pulling for clowns, but I"m thinking I might go with with 2 or 3 gobies - maybe Greenbanded or Gold Neon Eviota. Would love to hear from folks who have kept these.
  3. local tfs not doing so good

    I'm up in Loveland. I got out of reef tanks and went back to fresh water when we started our family (just too expensive and took too much time), but I always bought all my livestock and most of my equipment online. I moved here from Santa Clara, CA, and the stores here just weren't what I was used to. I'll be starting up a small reef (somewhere in the 20-40 gallon range) sometime this year, and I'll be going the online route. I've been to Aqua Mart, and they seem like they know their stuff, and everything seems healthy, but it's a 75 mile drive one way for me; I can buy online a bit cheaper and not have to burn 150 miles worth of gas. If you're into African Cichlids, Golden Fish Aquarium in Lakewood is simply amazing; they have a terrific inventory of livestock and they really know their stuff. I've got a 135g Lake Malawi tank with a variety of peacocks and I bought them all there (well, half of them - the other half were born in the tank.) Of course, if the small reef goes well for a year, my wife will let me switch the 135g to a reef, and I'll be selling off my Cichlids.
  4. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Nine years? I stepped out of reefing 10 years ago and am just now getting back in - so I can use the equipment! If only I'd held on one more year, I could have taken advantage of all the great knowledge you folks share a loong time ago. Congrats on creating a terrific resource for furthering the art and science of nano-reefing!
  5. I apologize for my first post jitters. After 10 years out of reef keeping, I'm ready to get back in the game. I'm going to break down my Lake Malawi Cichlid tank and convert it back to a reef. But technology has changed a lot in 10 years, so I have questions. I still have 2 Icecap 600-009 ballasts. I used to run 4 6' T12 VHO bulbs on them, but in this strange new world, T12 bulbs are like dinosaurs, and there are these things called T5 that are supposed to put out more light and less heat. A 600 can drive up to 4 bulbs as long as they don't exceed 16' in length. The tank is a 135 gallon Oceanic Reef Ready: 72"l x 24'h x 18'w. If I want to keep sps, what would be the best configuration of lights driven off these ballasts? Should I go with: 1. 4 VHO 72" 160w T12 bulbs 2. 8 48" T5 bulbs (stagering every other bulb left and right to cover the entire tank.) 3. 8 36" T5 bulbs and 2 VHO 72" 160w bulbs (4 on the left, 4 on the right.) I have no clue how to calculate the wattage the T5s will be overdriven to. I know the 48" are 54w, and the 36" are 39w without being overdriven by the 660 ballast. I'm leaning to the 8 x 48" configuration with individual reflectors for each one, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also, bulb color mix would be helpful. I've been blown away by the tanks you folks have put together, and am looking forward to your suggestions on this. Thanks!