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  1. Kenya Tree?

    I was thinking flower tree also The "trunk" of a carnation would usually be much lighter.
  2. This was eating my sun coral

    I doubt that
  3. Brass Question!

    gotta dump it and start over sorry
  4. Slug?

  5. Hydnophora: SPS or LPS?

  6. anyone have luck with blue ring oct?

    please don't. there are lots of other awesome sea creatues and no matter how careful you are with the blue ring, you will probably make a mistake and pay for it.
  7. what sps is this?

    if you say it is a hydroid, my best guess would be blue lace coral!
  8. what sps is this?

    fire coral is a hydroid, not an sps coral
  9. Hydnophora: SPS or LPS?

    This may sound like a stupid question, but I have always thought of hydnophora as an sps coral, and recently I've begun to notice that hydnophora is grouped under LPS on many websites. The polyps of a hydnophora don't look like most sps polyps, but I've never really seen any other branching LPS coral.
  10. Turf Algae?

    Good, I've seen that suggestion on another site too. Thanks Does anyone have a link to the thread?
  11. OMG huge monster in my tank

    +1 that is definitely a cat
  12. Turf Algae?

    Help. What do I do?
  13. Live Webcam : World's largest shark tank

    ugh lol this joke is getting overused
  14. wild caught fish

    I agree. Probably 70%-80% of the fish on this site were wild caught.
  15. My New Jellies

    to nano-reef! I didn't know that travis! I stand corrected. Here's a photo!!!