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  1. I’ve been selling my cuts for about $80 You can’t tel, but I’ve fragged it about 12 times already this year. It heals really quick for me.
  2. Recently scrubbed algae can definitely influence your results, especially if you’re using the Hanna checker.
  3. It gets better as your tank matures.
  4. Ouch... you likely did more harm than good, never freshwater dip a sps coral. As for the flatworms, I wouldn’t worry about those, they’re called AEFW (acropora-eating flatworm) for a reason.
  5. Maybe your alk is too low. There’s really no benefit to running alk that low unless you’re running low nutrients.
  6. I can tell you those jebao pumps don’t last long. On my old 40g, I ran one for return and had parts for 3. None of them would last even a year.
  7. So, I finally got fed up with my stupid ATI lights not being able to keep time and purchased a back up battery for it. Turns out, I can use this to run the whole system for a few mins or just the return for over an hour. Also, I set Apex to drop me a alert whenever the power goes out on one of the outlets. A few new coral pics...
  8. Sorry I don’t know why it isn’t in 1080p, first time video. Lol
  9. A little top down under some blues. 😎
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