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  1. Asureef

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    Yes, I do! FTS September 2018
  2. Asureef

    Frozen Brine Shrimp Alive? - Am I crazy?

    I've never seen the adults brine alive but I've seen some of the eggs the adults carry will hatch in the tank.
  3. Asureef

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    I'm pleased with how the tank is coming along so far, everything is doing great! I can't believe the tank is a little over a year old now. I need to throw in a new FTS soon!! A side pic of the tank at around 7PM, my fav. viewing hour, as the LEDs only blues are on and t5 at 10%..
  4. Asureef

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    Yeah I did not use air stones. I know everything would’ve been fine if the vortechs had provided circulation.
  5. Asureef

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    Our power went out for about 12hrs. I’m guessing my battery backup for my ecotech failed at some point. Crazy how all the anthias died while everyone else made it.
  6. Asureef

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    Guess you can never be too prepared.
  7. Asureef

    Tubbs Stellata

    Mine gets about 300-400 par, I would consider that high lighting. I started it off the sandbed which gets about 250 par or medium light.
  8. Asureef

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    I spotted this maricultured piece at my LFS and it looked like it had some potential. I asked for a 1" frag, the owner cut me a nice chunk for $30. Here it is about 3-4wks later in the tank. I'm starting to dose no3/po4, since apparently my levels bottomed out. So, I'm getting some diatom, but that's okay. ☺️ And, the newest addition to my tenuis collection "TGC Cherry Bomb".
  9. Asureef

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    Yeah, a macro lens helps and thanks!
  10. Asureef

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    WWC Halle Barry I do sell frags $10-15
  11. Asureef

    QT ?

    Yes, but I would prefer no live rock in my QT, assuming this will be for fish only.
  12. Close to a year I would say.
  13. My SC orange passion. I’ve watched it grown from a tiny nub.
  14. Asureef

    Why top lids for your tank? (My Opinion)

    I recently got a quote. All I can say is the price is similar to my custom lid I got from artfully acrylic.
  15. Asureef

    Barton's 20g I won the lottery

    Hey, now you can buy a homewrecker..