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  1. pad under tank

    Dr. Foster's has some cool mats but they only come in blue or black. I bought the black one and liked it. A little thinner than a yoga mat but prevents water from getting to the underside
  2. today's bing image

    That looks so good!!!!!
  3. 14 Gallon Bio-Cube need help, I am a Complete NOOB

    You can look up Dave's LED set ups, Steve T's LEDS, Rapid LEDS and that is all I can remember right now. People either go Cree, Luxeon or a combo of both. Some have even gone to Ebay and bought a cheap LED fixture from China with great success. There is tons of info on here about these. Good luck with whichever build you decide to go with.
  4. Aquamaxx HOB-1 Skimmer

    Bumping an old thread for an issue I am having. So my skimmer was working great but then I found out one of the LFS stores that I get RO/DI water from was basically selling tap water to me. Not sure how long either they had been doing this. My fault that I never checked the RO/DI for purity. Never getting my business again but anyway...... I did a few water changes and loaded the tank with phosphate remover because I was afraid that the impure RO/DI had leeched into my live rock. Now my skimmer is producing a really wet skimmate and I assume it is because of the remover that I put in last. What do you guys think?
  5. Jojoe's 29g Biocube

    So I went ahead and changed the ATI combo to 3 B+ and 1 Coral+ on Monday. I like the look of this better than the last combo. More blue to wash out the white that the Coral+ makes. I also bought a RW-4 last week. That thing is pretty sweet for the price. Doesn't have as many features as the Vortech but hey I'm happy with it so far. Trying to get a camera to take pix. Once I do Im going to go crazy with them!!!
  6. Anyone ID this?

    I would say a Leptastrea also. Here is a link to a site that has a few. They usually see the orange one that you posted but sometimes they have a green one at the LFS stores around here. http://www.saltwaterfishandcoral.com/live-corals/lps-corals/leptastrea.html
  7. Macro?

    I was going to say carnation too but I am no expert
  8. I switched over to a jns/aquamaxx ws-1 since I run an open top now. That thing is a beast and I don't need to mess with it too much. Yea it is overkill in a 29g bio but If I ever upgrade I can use it on the next one and I don't have to worry about overfeeding. The smaller skimmers a too picky and some I just wanted to throw them against the wall. If you are looking for a small unit the jns/aquamaxx ws-1 is not the way to go.
  9. Where Do You Dump Your Water?

    I just dump it in my Bermuda grass by my driveway.... Never gets watered unless god decides or I do with my weekly water change
  10. if you go to mediabaskets.com you can find your nano. There are a few different sizes and brands but it should be there.
  11. Threw away the sponge in my biocube Use a mediabasket from steve and a media refugium from him. Peeled off the black vinyl and im actually using a desktop lamp with a 13 watt cfl directed at that area. Chaeto is growing fine but you can buy other lights depending on look. I tried the submersible lights and they didn't grow the chaeto well enough and heated up the tank a degree or two.
  12. Jojoe's 29g Biocube

    Good idea about the LED flashlights. Don't be a nit wit like myself. Im trying the combo below at the moment: BACK blue+ coral+ purple+ blue+ Im actually really liking the look but might switch out the purple+ for an actinic or another blue+. Sorry still no pix and I know I suck at life!!! Been dealing with doggy issues but I believe that has been figured out.
  13. 5 fish in a 20H?

    I say that it should be fine....
  14. AquaMaxx HOB-1 Unable to Prime:

    It took a little while for mine to prime but I was using water and some vinegar to clean it. When I placed it in the tank it primed much easier. I was dumb and forgot to put the tube in some water the first time trying when cleaning it. After that it took a few minutes but then worked correctly. I did double check all the fittings to make sure they had a tight seal again too. Glad it started to work for you. Hopefully it will work once you turn it on again. That thing is awesome!!!!