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  1. Chuck's 30g Breeder: Finally some pics

    Any inputs on c balance A and B two part? Getting pretty loaded on corals here and feel its time to start dosing soon. I've been given a gallon of each for free. So its no loss for me if its junk.
  2. mini mason jar display fuge

    My boss has an ecosphere on his desk which is the super fancy expensive version of your experiment hope it works. http://www.eco-sphere.com/
  3. Chuck's 30g Breeder: Finally some pics

    Thanks always been a fan of the dimensions... I should be able to get new FTS with my camera soon. That smartphone pic is an eyesore lol
  4. Chuck's 30g Breeder: Finally some pics

    I have been extremely lazy putting pics or even taking them. I literally just shipped my camera so my sister could use it while snorkeling at the Cayman Islands. Will also take some detailed pics of the sump. Personally I like the guts of the reef just as much as the display.
  5. Chuck's 30g Breeder: Finally some pics

    http://s750.photobucket.com/user/chucktdbm321/media/086_zps49df4a2f.jpg.html'> http://s750.photobucket.com/user/chucktdbm321/media/048_zpsa688322e.jpg.html'> http://s750.photobucket.com/user/chucktdbm321/media/038_zps693c1acb.jpg.html'> http://s750.photobucket.com/user/chucktdbm321/media/022_zps84b52f35.jpg.html'> http://s750.photobucket.com/user/chucktdbm321/media/020_zps7971ab94.jpg.html'> My pride and joy... http://s750.photobucket.com/user/chucktdbm321/media/062_zps52fb085b.jpg.html'>
  6. Nano Pipeless Protein Skimmer Giveaway from CAD Lights!

    Red Planet Acro... In need of a skimmer too!
  7. Sold

    Where were you a month ago.... I'd pick up but sounds like there is quite a line
  8. Chuck's 30g Breeder: Finally some pics

    Tank passed the water test. Homestand is done and painted putting things together this afternoon

    Tank has recently been broken down but will be starting a new system now that I graduated... http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/327841-chucks-50-gallon-system-the-beginnings/
  10. Background Hi my name is Chuck, I have been in the hobby since 2006, I had a 10g reef for five years that grew into a 15g reef for two years then crashed during a tank move to and from college. Graduating school I then put together this system which was purchased almost two years ago but didn't have the time nor space until I graduated. This 50 gallon system became wet in the beginning of June 2013. Almost everything in the tank has been bought off fellow reefers or equipment I have collected in the past including live stock. FTS: 3/4/14 Tank 30g Breeder with Corner Overflow 20g Long Sump 30 pounds of Figi Dry Rock from BRS 20lbs of Figi pink sand Lighting Display: 36” T5HO 4 bulb Tek fixture (420/460, 15000K, 460nm, 420/460, by UV lighting company) on from Sump: 24” T5HO 4 bulb Wavepoint fixture (460, 6500K, 460, 660/420nm by Wave Point) Flow Ecotech Vortech Mp10es Quietone 2200 Hydor mini with sea swirl nozzle Filtration Eshoppes PSK-75 Protein Skimmer TLF Phospban 150 (GFO) Chemi-pure Elite Chaetomorpha Heating 2 200w hydor theo heaters Controller ReefKeeper Lite- PC4, temp, pH, sl1, d.a. Float switch Maintence: Daily Feeding of fish using Formula one pellets, cyclops, mysis, phytoplankton, zooplankton Basting Rocks Scraping Glass Check equipment Enjoy Tank Weekly 5-10 gallon water change using RODI water trim chaetomorpha empty skimate Fill ATO reservoir Monthly Clean Skimmer body Add GFO Vacuum Sump Fish Blue Mandarin Dragonet Coral Beauty Pygmy Angel Red Spotted Hawk Fish Black Ocellaris Clown Fish Orange True Percula Clown Fish Invertebrates Halloween Hermit Crab Blood Red Fire Shrimp T. Derasa Clam Hermit Crabs Snails Trophy Size Aptasia Coral SPS Acropora sp. Montipora sp. Seriatopora sp. Stylophora sp. Mycedium sp. LPS Acanthastrea sp. Caulastrea sp. Euphyllia sp. Fungia sp. Favia sp. Blastomussa sp. Scolymia sp. Echinophyllia sp. Soft Corals Rhodactis sp. Zoanthus sp. Palythoa sp. Briareum sp. Sinularia sp.
  11. BRS Dry rock question...

    To be on the safe side you should def scrub the #### out of it and then put it in a bucket with fresh water with a powerhead. I have ordered from BRS 3x now and every time there has been quite a bit of junk that sloughed off.
  12. Can dry rock rust?

    Bought rock from BRS 3 times all the rocks have had some kinda discoloration like this some even darker brown... its not rust and I haven't had problems you should be fine. Also the putty is usually used un-cured and then cures later while in the tank so no problems there either (if this is the typical aquastik like putty that has to be kneaded together so that the compounds mix together)
  13. anyone use this overflow box

    eh doesn't look to sloppy but for the price holy #### should be flawless lol. Also liquid superglue works 1000 x better than silicone for acrylic to acrylic applications. Buy one sheet of .25 black acrylic from a reputable store or online and and DIY
  14. Kessil A350 vs T5's

    Stick with your t5 s... coming from somone who has both leds and t5
  15. Red Sea Prizm Protein Skimmer questions

    Yea they are really finicky constantly need a adjustment BUT you were given it and they do work if you set them correctly. I wouldn't bother at all with the deluxe kit thats a big joke.. But you can really make it haul ass if you feed a wooden airstone in the reaction chamber and you could always throw floss in the overspill for more filtration too. But hey you got it free why not use it? You could also throw your heater in there too if you'd like lol