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  1. not liking the return for the foam... Don't you think that is too small and will just spill over? I'd think you'd want the entire top covered and run a elbow from the top down to a container of some sort. Unless I am missing something?
  2. nice tank and hilarious avatar!
  3. Stunning growth! After seeing the sps colony on the top I had to see the growth rate you were getting. It's really nice to see a tank with actually colonies not little frags everywhere
  4. Nice flathead!
  5. Yea really it is an "animal" but come on people throw out clippings daily. Interested see how long this last
  6. def thought this was a 40 breeder lol
  7. yea i've had mine for 2 years before I made a hob fuge. works great. I painted it with krylon fusion to make it blend in to the back more