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  1. I would if I was a paid member. I will use the forums that don't require a membership fee in order to post for sale threads. If you are a paid member there, you can spread the word of a great setup being sold in Atlanta!
  2. I've had this setup dry and waiting for water but I just haven't had the time to get around it. My setup consist of the following... 1. Elos Midi tank with stand (Used) 2. Elite-Aquatics Custom Sump with built in freshwater reservoir (New) 3. Elos E-Power Metal Halide Fixture 150Watt (Used) 4. Elos 20k Abyss bulbs (one New, one slightly Used) 5. Vortech MP10es (Used) 6. Tunze Osmolator (Used) 7. Profilux IIIex with temperature probe, 4x dosing unit, and all cables (Used) I will sell in the following ways... 1. Elos Midi tank with stand + Elite-Aquatics Custom Sump with built in freshwater reservoir ($900) 2. ADA E-Power Metal Halide Fixture 150Watt + Elos 20k Abyss bulbs ($200) 3. Vortech MP10es ($175) 4. Tunze Osmolator (175) 5. Profilux IIIex with temperature probe, 4x dosing unit, and all cables ($650) *everything is in like new condition; picture will be posted when I get my camera repaired (most likely by 11/20)* *I really wish it were not the case, but I will not be able to find the time and commitment in this hobby as I am moving homes* Located in Atlanta, GA; local pick-up is preferred, but will ship.
  3. ADA vs. Elos

    ^ which is the only thing I don't like about the Elos, the glass on the sides are different, making it pretty noticeable. But then again there are perks about the Elos that make it better for certain people. I just wanted to let people know what I learned personally by owning two different tanks side by side.
  4. FS: Current Prime 1/15hp chiller

    still got that chiller?
  5. From the looks of that picture, it looks dense and not that great for dry rock. I'd say find better ones online that are more porous and light.
  6. Out of Hobby Sale

    haha sorry, i mean to say 30097!
  7. Out of Hobby Sale

    PM me with details on chiller and price shipped to 3307
  8. ADA vs. Elos

    Just thought I should share but I recently bought an Elos Midi system and did a few comparisons with the ADA tanks. First off, the obvious differences.. -Elos has black silicone and ADA had clear silicone. -ADA uses ALL low iron glass panels while Elos only uses low iron glass on the front. Some hard to tell differences.. -The Elos tank had some black silicone error. I'm not talking about complete sloppy silicone job, but rather minimal error. I for one had tiny bits of black silicone on the top edges of the glass on the left side (which is odd since that is nowhere near where the glass panels meet. -The ADA had a lot less silicone error overall. So my conclusion for this thread? -If you like the black border on tanks, then go with Elos, if not ADA. At first I was amazed at the price difference of tanks between ADA and Elos (ADD being more expensive), but I soon realized after I bought a Midi that the Elos ONLY has one panel of low iron glass while ADA utilizes it throughout their tanks. As for silicone job, I have "HEARD" that ADA's silicone job has sometimes been messy with their larger tanks (although I myself have had a 90P without silicone bubbles or the like). But since I cannot speak for the hundreds of tanks from ADA and Elos, I think it is fair to say that the chances of getting noticeably horrible silicone jobs from either tanks are slim to none.
  9. Critique on Sump idea..

    ^ that was my thoughts exactly. The only problem I see is if the water evaporation gets crazy and the waterline in the return gets really low and pump starts to suck in air. But I'll have a Tunze osmolator Plus a pretty decently sized freshwater container for ATO.
  10. Critique on Sump idea..

  11. Critique on Sump idea..

    Here it is.. Let me know what you think! 4.84"x3.35"X4.13" LxWxH
  12. Critique on Sump idea..

    I may be getting an Elos midi tank within the next two weeks but it does not come with the sump. The return pump is a sicce 2.0 pulling around 550GPH. My question to all of you guys here is whether or not this sump idea works.. My main worry is that the return area for the two possible sump ideas are too small and may cause the pump to suck in air. Here are two sump layouts that I found on ebay... Idea number 1.. (15x15x13 1/4) -3 baffles -Skimmer/Drain section - 8x13.5 -Baffle height is at 7" with 3/4" gaps in between each baffle -Return Section - 4.25x13.5 Idea number 2.. (15x14x13 1/4) -Skimmer/Sock section Left side - 8x13.5 -Baffle height is at 7" with 3/4" gaps in between each baffle -Fuge Section (Front Right) - 6.25x7.25 -Return Section - 6.25x5
  13. new kessil A350.. just out***post your pics***

    ^sorry! I like your tank though~
  14. ATI options

    ^ hope you got the elite for the internal fans. It'll help with bulb life. I am not sure about this but tek lights tend to overdrive their bulbs with the workhorse ballasts, leading to shorter bulb life. Which is why people go ATI. But just keep your eye out for bulb dullness or odd algae growth as signals for bulb replacement. enjoy~
  15. ATI options

    On an 18" deep tank, a 6 bulb would be good enough IMO, to compensate for the higher tank, I'd keep it maybe 4-5" from the top of the tank.