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  1. This one has me stumped.....

    Cheers guys Many thanks for your quick responses
  2. This one has me stumped.....

    Here is a better photo of the chappy.
  3. This one has me stumped.....

    It reminds me more of a snail like creature - the white feelers are failry substantial like the head of a snail. but The shell is spiral and formed onto the rock?...
  4. Ok......just discovered I have a new friend.. this one really has me stumped. It has obviously been growing for some time. It lives in a hard sprial like shell which is about 2 inches long - this shell has "grown" or attached itself to a rock. the top of it has an opening with some type of creature living in it. When moving near it - it slowly goes back into its shell or home. The photo shows its head out - looks like 2 white feelers? Any help would be greatly be apprciated!
  5. How do I get rid of it! Help pls

    I took the rocks out - got some tank water (salt) in a bucket and set to work. using Freshwater would kill everything on the rock! All I used was a kitchen scourer (a new one!) and elbow grease. I have about 80 kilos of rock so it took some doing.... I was concerned that I would scrub the rocks "too clean" but it worked a treat. If you have the room - get a fox face. Lovely fish - never bothers a thing, peaceful and always on the look out for algae!
  6. How do I get rid of it! Help pls

    I had this take over my new tank not long ago - (130 Gallons) I got every rock out as I could not keep on top of it how fast it was growing, scrubbed the rocks with a scourer and put them back in. I also have a fox face - a rather fat fox face now as he keeps it under control. I now have NONE of it in my tank. Scrubbing the rocks is a PITA but it worked. Good Luck!
  7. Should I get rid of this?

    Caleurpa - just keep an eye on it - can be invasive.
  8. Just taking the sponge out of my filter and look who should pop out! A Baby Mantis Shrimp - he is soooooo cute and TINY The question is how can I have a baby Mantis shrimp in my tank - when nothign new has been added for a long time? I have never had a manits - so where did the eggs come from?
  9. Baby Jellyfish?

    Only Dave! hopefully they have come in on him!
  10. Baby Jellyfish?

    They are only very tiny - about 10mm across - there is only a possum wrasse in there so shouldn't harm him. I hope they are baby jellies and not hydroids.... The tank has been running for about 3 months, they have suddenly just appeared! If you lookat the photo with "Dave" The possum wrasse - in the top right hand corner you will see one for size scale
  11. Baby Jellyfish?

    Hi Everyone, Just sat looking into my nano tank and saw a number of baby jellyfish swiming and floating around? I have attached photos - any idea what they are? The tank contains - live rock, 3 nassa snails, few mushrooms and a Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse. cheers Richard
  12. New Coral

    Fire coral?
  13. Good or Bad

    Definately a copepod. Google :- Copepod Latin name:- Zoaeatusallthetimeus. Def a nudi. I spotted one in my nano some time ago - got him out and another appeared..... Got him out...........another appeared...... got him out.......two weeks later all of my ZOA's were gone!! You will have eggs for sure - where? That is your quest to find out!
  14. can someone id this 8 legged guy?

    I too think it isn't very wise to simply take things off the beach and plonk them into your tank - especially without researching them first - You are not thinking of the animals welfare, just purely for your own needs. Saying that - I wish you well with what you have placed in your tank and hope you manage to keep them alive, for the animals sake. Just a quick point about the dragonette. I have one in my 75 gallon reef system. I have had "her" for about 2 years. She lives with a Flame Hawk, 2 clowns, 3 chromis, Bi Colour Blenny and a baby Scopas tang. (Before anyone shoots me down about the tang - YES I will be getting a bigger system.) Can I just say that the dragonette is the fastest feeder in the tank! As soon as the food is placed in the tank - the other fish have to fight to get it!! I also spot feed her when necessary. So If you look after their needs the dragonette should be ok - you dont, it will die. Simple.
  15. what are these? part 2

    Sand at the bottom.