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  1. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Hmm not sure how to incorporate a full album with Flickr...Guess in total the photos were less than 6 MB
  2. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Welp I picked up some coral this evening I'll probably pick them up sometime this week from Shane. Going to try some more acans since I've changed up the system/light.
  3. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Switching up the salt to Red Sea Coral Pro salt and put a filter sock with some chemi-pure elite in the sump. Lately I've noticed the coral seem to be unhappy and a couple of my buddies said they have been having trouble with Fritz salt as they changed their formula? Not sure if that's true as I can't find anywhere on the web that says they have. Either way I added a Duncan coral and have a Coral Savers Live Sale tonight...which usually leads to lots of new coral lol. So lets see what I can pickup
  4. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Anyone happen to know what this could be growing on my sump live rock rubble? It's white and doesn't seem to move; it was on the underside of the rock before I flipped it around for a picture. I've tried searching around for it and came across some threads/pictures saying it could be a type of sponge....so I'll probably go with that Also, sorry for the fuzzy picture hard to take a picture in the sump
  5. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Haha maybe I'll run into Saturday if you do go that day
  6. This is such an awesome tank! I'm jealous I was thinking about starting a 40 breeder setup once we buy another house in a year...but this tank seems like it'd fit the bill Definitely, following this build.
  7. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Hahah, that's not a problem! They are awesome looking coral! I've always wanted to try a Pom Pom crab as they look fun to watch I think I'm going to head to Best Fish in Milwaukee this weekend to scope them out. I've never been there and heard some good things about the place. I kinda want to try out a Duncan coral head as they seem to have a lot of movement. Hopefully, they will have a blasto or two too
  8. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    It's definitely the 2nd part, where they lose tissue and die From people I talk to they say it's like keeping a blasto. Since getting the blasto I did change salt to Fritz instead of Reef Crystals...so maybe that was it.
  9. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Thanks Taco! I haven't figured out what I want to do quite yet. I switched the sand out probably 2 weeks ago and are currently letting things settle in...I tend to purchase my coral from coralsavers when he has his monthly facebook sales/his new website. I want to try Acans again, even though I can't seem to keep them alive for some reason. I tried out blastos this go around and that thing is a trooper and opens up beautifully. If I could find some blastos that were different color than red I probably get some more of those haha I'm coming to like palys too...the sunny d's I got from Coralsavers seems to open up all the time vs the Zoas which I have trouble with. But, I'd say the next coral I buy would probably be these: Torch Corals Octospawn Acans Paly Maybe another blasto...but heard they don't like to touch each other. I have enough shrooms...favia are a little to stationary for me. I like to see a little more movement in the tank, if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears Fish wise, I'd love another royal gramma as my daughter loved it but they tend to hide too much for my taste. Maybe a Firefish, but those tend to jump out of the tank too much too. I guess I could build a lid to accommodate that, but haven't gotten around to it. The only thing I'm not sure about in this tank is if I should a power head (MP10) to the tank.
  10. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    @Christopher Marks Thanks! @Archetype Ahh that makes sense, I just have to have patience! Right now, I simply have it going into the left side of the sump, no filter sock since the egg crate next to it is hosting some poly filter pads. The pipe end actually is sitting in the water in that chamber.
  11. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    I did notice that the overflow cover looks like it's on sideways...maybe I'll try to switch vertically like I see in every other photo of these things and see if it helps.
  12. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Quick question for you Archetype or anyone that had one of these, when you had these running did you get a loud gurgle sound coming from the Xaqua in/out overflow? It sounds like it's coming from the drain and not the return. From what I read on them everyone says they are super silent....was just wondering what I was doing wrong
  13. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    I'm glad you found the thread! Loving the tanks thanks so much for the push to be back at a sump again! I just changed out the Fiji Pink sand for some special grade sand to see if that helps with the sand moving around too much with the Sicce 1.5 return pump. Now trying to get the rocks in the same formation I had before the sand change is a little challenging
  14. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Thanks! Will do on the coral pics; just need to bust out the SLR camera. I'm trying to let them adjust a bit since I just upgraded to the new light. Everything seems to be doing well though. The only thing I don't like about the new setup is the sand I choose FIJI PINK ARAG-ALIVE! REEF SAND. If I have the return feed pointing anywhere towards the bottom it kicks up sand, hence the reason I'm thinking about downgrading to a smaller return pump. I'm thinking about taking it out and putting something a little more heavier in...I'm just afraid it will cause a bacteria bloom or something funny in the tank. I know I just put the sand in, does anyone think I could get away with a sand change now?
  15. Established: September, 3rd 2017 ~ Transferred from an IM10 that was running for over a year! FTS: 09/16/2017 Equipment List: CAD Lights 7 Gallon Zen Series ~ Main Tank CAD Lights 5 Gallon Zen Series ~ Sump Kessil A80 Tuna Blue w/Controller Nanobox Tide Plus M - Black Hosing/Purple Lid/Blackout Screws Sicce 1.5 return pump ~ Lowest Setting Xaqua in/out overflow Tunze Osmolater Nano ATO ~ IceCap ATO Cobalt Neo-Therm 50 Watt Heater Reefkeeper Lite - Control Heater, Refug Light, Return Pump and ATO for standby mode Chaeto/Sand/Rubble in the fuge Carib Sea - Special Grade Reef Sand ~ 10 lbs BRS 75 Gallon 4 Stage RODI System w/Booster Pump Self Built Stand Fish: 1 - Picasso Clown ~ I personally think it looks more like a Platinum Inverts: Green/Purple Rock Anemone Snails (Dwarf Cerith and Nassarius) 2 - Blue Leg Hermit Crabs Corals: Favia Blasto Ricordia Florida Mushrooms/Yumas GSP Zoas and Palys Torch Coral Nanobox Light Settings:(still playing around with these) Morning - 60% - Royal Blue, Violet, Blue/Cyan 10% - White/Lime ( 60 Minute Ramp, 120 Length ) Midday - 80% - Royal Blue, Violet, Blue/Cyan 20% - White/Lime ( 60 Minute Ramp ) Evening - 80% - Royal Blue, Violet, Blue/Cyan 10% - White/Lime( 60 Minute Ramp, 120 Length ) Night - 0% all channels Overall Length - Nine Hours Tank History: I just recently sold my house and moved to a 2 bedroom apartment and thought about switching from an IM10 to something with a sump. On a local reefer forum, I saw someone selling the two CAD Light tanks for super cheap as they upgraded to a IM25 drop off tank. I thought it was the perfect time to switch over to these...don't get me wrong....I loved the IM10, but wanted something a little wider instead of taller. Before the move I decided to buy a Royal Gramma ("Poppy Fish") for my 2 and half year old daughter (she loves the movie Trolls) and without quarantining the fish it brought something into the tank that killed my Frostbite Clown that I had for ages and the Gramma. So this new CAD Light setup was completing new minus the live rock and coral. So far, as of early September, I can't complain on the system setup. I decided to upgrade to a Nanobox Tide Plus M, because I heard super good things about the lights; and I thought the Kessil A80 w Controller was just a little under powered. I know that might be crazy with the coral I have in the tank, but this leaves me room to get coral with higher lighting demands in my book Maintenance: Weekly Water Change ~ 2 Gallons mixed with Fritz Salt (1.025) Dosing Kalk in my 2.5 Gallon ATO Scrub the Algae Off the Tank