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  1. thedog12

    Red Sea Reefers Worth The Price Tag?

    William, I am wondering where do you find them on sale. I haven't seen anything advertised, I would love to pick one up but just been waiting to find a used one in my area or a good deal on a sale price. I missed the BRS Black Friday sale before they fixed there website to exclude them from the 15% off.
  2. thedog12

    Radion XR15 Pro for sale. *Reduced*

    pm sent on reef link
  3. I am looking for a new or used Deep Blue 80 rimless tank, the 48 x 24x 16 tank. I am located in Minneapolis. Let me know if you got one you don't want any more if you know of a good place to buy a new one.
  4. thedog12

    Equipment Sale. Final price drop

    did you sell the Apex?
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  6. thedog12

    Clowns still going at it.

    Thank you all for the advice. How long do you put them in time out for? also would it be a good idea to move some of the rock around at all? The idea would be to confuse them so they don't know where there territory is. I do not have a QT tank set up right now, but I can set one up, I also do have my old BC14 I brought up from the basement and set up about 9 months ago to move some of my softies into. Its had some corals in it for a while just no fish, so I could move them into there to get them away from the nem's.
  7. thedog12

    Clowns still going at it.

    This seams a little extreme to me though. here is a video of what is going on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_beYqaL4mQ
  8. Hi all, So I have had two clowns for about 2 months now. I got both of them at the same time and they both were the smaller clowns that were available in each tank, One is a Picasso and the other is a Black ice. I have paired two clowns up before and hade relatively little problems compared to this time. The tank I have them in is a well-established Red sea max 130 with 4 BTA’s 3 reds and one green. All of which are fairly good size, minimum of 3-4 times the size of the clowns. Both clowns took to the first BTA in the front within a few days. They were hosting it together and doing happy clown things then the Picasso (small of the two) discovered the large RBTA in the bank of the tank and the two smaller RBTA’s that are in the same area. After a week or so of both clowns constantly changing where they host it soon became apparent that they would no longer host the same anemone. The Black Ice clown would start to chase the Picasso around and not let it hang out in any BTA. I originally though that this was just them picking out who would be boss and who would be the submissive one but now after a 5 weeks or more of this activity its still going on. The Black clown is constantly chasing my smaller Picasso out of any BTA that its in. When I feed the tank it’s a fight for her to eat everything and she is just picking on the smaller Picasso. Is this something that I should be worried about? Or are they just still trying to figure out who is the boss still? As of right now they are the only fish in the system. I was thinking of adding something else possibly a royal gramma or damsel this month but I am not sure if that would help things by changing the “Social” dynamics of the tank. Is there something I can do to help this situation at all? Thanks in advance for all of your help.
  9. thedog12

    Win Your Dream Tank....... Part Deaux

    I donated Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed that someone from here wins. I also go the confirmation # and Receipt from St. Judes that says in support of Felix, also I see my name on donation list. I hope I get the tickets soon. I checked my junk box and still nothing. How long did it take people to get there ticket numbers?
  10. thedog12

    Anyone use a LED retrofit in their biocude (14?)

    That kit would be good for your BC 14, Rapid LED has been a big part of the LED retrofits. I have used them in the past to make a custom blue LED bar for my old 75 gallon tank to accent MY T5's. I have a vary similar setup to that on my BC. the only difference is that I had to piece my kit together 5 + years ago. The leds are great, and the ability to control the light intensity of the white and blue is very nice. I found that I would run my light a little under 1/2 power otherwise it would be too strong. I opted for a little different setup for led's 6 white led's with 6 blues. I placed the whites in a circle and the blues were in a x shape going from corner to corner. The price is unbelievable 105, for all of that. There is a lot of info on this form with a lot of great LED builds for the BC 14. I used to read all of Evils post, he even put together a comprehensive list of people that did their own retrofit kits. Some of those posts have some really nice DIY write ups with photos that you might find interesting.
  11. thedog12

    FREE NanoBox Reef Mini Tide : Contest Time!

    A dark blue or brushed gun metal steel
  12. How much is shipping to 55364?
  13. thedog12

    Kessil A360N

    Bump. I am also open to possible trades.