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  1. thedog12

    Red Sea Reefers Worth The Price Tag?

    William, I am wondering where do you find them on sale. I haven't seen anything advertised, I would love to pick one up but just been waiting to find a used one in my area or a good deal on a sale price. I missed the BRS Black Friday sale before they fixed there website to exclude them from the 15% off.
  2. That is sweet, If you ever get a AIO frag tank that size i would be all over it!
  3. thedog12

    WTB Biocube 14 hood

    I have got one ill take some pics of it tonight
  4. thedog12

    LED FUN cree XM-L T6

    That makes sense. I have been looking at a few different optics, I found some 20 degree ones but I am afraid it wouldn’t be narrow enough. I found these 14 degree ones and some 11 but I think 11 are too narrow. I was looking at different constant current drivers and I can’t find any 3A ones that can handle more then on led. So my question is could I use two of these drivers in either series or in parallel to get my amps up to 2.8? Also could I just use one dimmer to control all of my constant current drivers? i feel like using the 2.1A driver isant utalising the mxl's power. but if the 2.1A would be a saffer rought i may go with them. It’s been a while since I took physics so I am a little rusty on how current or voltage is split/added. I have decide to get 12 mxl’s from ledgroup buy since they seem to be the better deal and I am still up in the air about what kind of heat sink I should get. I like the slim heat sinks that rapidled offers but I wish it was 2” wide. I was looking around the truck today and 24” is a perfect length for mounting it where its not obstructed but It is still hidden unless u are looking for it and has good airflow
  5. thedog12

    clown help!

    Ok so I got a very very nice Picasso clown in the mail today. I put him in my tank and all was good, my other clown didn’t seem to mind him at all. But now my original clown is chasing him all over the place and being very mean. I know they are just trying to figure out who’s the boss. But I am just scared that he will kill my new clown. Is there anything I can do to settle them down? Every buddy in the tank ate before I added my new clown.
  6. here is a link of it in freshwater
  7. thedog12

    Are these real?

    Let me know what you think
  8. thedog12

    LED FUN cree XM-L T6

    There using CREE XP-G LED's, the light is really nice but for the price I think I can get more than 7000 Lumens by using some XM-L's, I can see how they don’t need active cooling under driving conditions but I don’t see how that is possible when stationary
  9. thedog12

    New Fish

    6 gallons is pretty small for more than one fish. I had two small fish in a 8 gallon and really had to stay on top of my water changes. i would say one fish is your limit.
  10. thedog12

    LED FUN cree XM-L T6

    what optics would you Recommend. I have never used optics before so I am clueless to what they actually do. Would 45 or 30 be good?
  11. thedog12

    LED FUN cree XM-L T6

    So I am thinking I want to play with some led’s, specifically the cree xm-l t6’s I want to make something like this.......Stealth cree xpg 20" led bar for my truck. I want to make something that’s small and very very bright! Its only for off road use or whenever I need a spotlight when working outside, or driving down a country road. I want it to light up everything like a high powered floodlight. The videos of this light are really good. So far I was thinking of using led’s from rapid led with 60 degree optics, this to drive them…….dc-dc booster and mount them on a a 20” heat sink. If someone could tell me how many LED’s that driver could drive, if the input is from a car battery. or is this completely the wrong driver to use? I was thinking of having 10 led’s total ? would that be bright enough? or should i get more. I was thinking i would run them at about 3Amps. Also how should I go about waterproofing the whole thing and not over heat the led's? If you guys know of any better driver that would be great. I have only put together one led kit for my bc14 so I am definitely a noob when it comes to this and any help would be great thanks