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  1. LFS Species Display Systems

    Sealife Systems makes some nice setups that I've seen in a couple stores. I think they are all custom so I have no idea on prices and have never dealt with the company myself.
  2. Cylinder aquarium stand: What material should I use?

    I would try really thin plywood and finishing nails first, but if that fails you could always get carried away and try your hand at steam bending wood. http://www.valuecreatedreview.com/bentwood.htm
  3. Maxijet 1200 biocube

    I've got the same setup for my bc14. The mj1200 was to much so I got a mj900 and the mj1200 is mixing salt.
  4. uvl bulbs for BC29

  5. Bulk heads

    Be careful not to bust your glass here, but I've generally found that I can break pvc bonds by twisting them. That being said if they're well put together that may not work. If not it's a mess but it might be easier to dremel through the pipe than to cut it with the tool above, they don't work as well on thick walled pvc fittings. The dremel will make a mess though so don't do it inside if you don't have to.
  6. Need some idea from you ...

    I just put an ai sol over a biocube 14 recently and hate topping it off. I'm half done with my version of a solution. I got an extra lid and dremeled most of it off then I'm going to install some glass in it. I'd like to make something that looks somewhat like a biocube 29 hqi lid. That way I can stop topping off so much.
  7. Real Ocean water from Petco, is it good?

    I used it very briefly. I was trying to be lazy about water changes and found it to have inconsistent parameters. I suppose that I could have just got a couple of bad boxes. I switched back to mixing my own water and haven't looked back.
  8. Refractometer Question

    No you don't have to hold it level or anything. Just make sure it is clean and try not to have any air bubbles trapped in the water when you close the clear plastic lid. Also be extra careful about air bubbles and having the thing clean when you calibrate it.
  9. I've also read that you can not propagate rock flowers as you would other anemones. This applies to cutting them in half and damaging the foot. I haven't tried it personally so I don't know for sure.
  10. These lights worth it?

    Maybe but it's hard to tell what they're selling. The picture is of a current nova extreme, but since it doesn't say it anywhere and it's ebay I'm not sure. Also I don't think the 4x24 nova extreme has moonlights, I could be wrong though. You can just buy it for ten bucks more from a reputable dealer. http://www.marinedepot.com/24_inch_Current...CU01120-vi.html
  11. AquaticLife T5 or Nova Extreme Pro T5 for 20L

    Both are good fixtures, the aquaticlife fixture is more comparable to the current sundial. Both will give you more than adequate coverage for a 20l. But unless you're going full sps I can't imagine needing 6 bulbs for a 20l, and even then it's overkill. On a side note I have a current sundial 4x24 I'm trying to sell pm me if you're interested.
  12. Clownfish Hosting Trick

    A friend of mine has been trying this for the last three or four days and it hasn't worked yet. That being said I've read a lot of accounts of it working online so I guess it can't hurt to try.
  13. Chemi pure please help

    I've only ever rinsed it for a few seconds and never seen any ill effects.
  14. Tron's SPS Legacy

    Nice tank! How is the ai sol working over the biocube 14? What is your lighting schedule like? I'm considering doing something similar and was curious about your experience.