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  1. Zoanthids' Garden

    Just saw this as the winner of POTM. Beautiful. -q
  2. [OPEN] oogie

    Looks good, oogie! -q
  3. I am a jerk who wants to be banned.
  4. oogie jr.!

    He's a cute lil ooglet! Congratulations, and best of luck to you. Your reef is now screwed. All your reef dollars are belong to diapers. -q
  5. Noobie looking for a Diy lighting....

    A 55g tank is excellent for keeping fish, but can present some very unique challenges for keeping a reef. It's rather tall and pretty narrow (front to back) as far as 4' long tanks go. The water depth makes proper light penetration difficult, requiring more light (and heat) than would a shallower tank. Also, the footprint being rather narrow also leads to some interesting aquascaping. Not trying to discourage you at all, but just a heads up on the venerable 55g tank as a reef. I've seen great success by Marc Levenson (melevsreef.com... pres. of our local reef club) with a 2x175w + 48" VHO system (later swapped out for 2x 48" t5ho system that he liked as well). 2x 250w halide would be even better. Good luck! -q
  6. -> Contest Q&A

    Although I'm not a huge fan of jbj's nano cube, this contest is one of the coolest ideas i've seen in a LONG time. Tiny says he will wait for the "open open" competition. Although this would be an interesting exercise, there would be so many variables in judging it would be almost impossible to pick a winner. I know the same can be said for the nanocube competition, but at least the playing field has been leveled by using the same tank and in the stock category, the same lighting. I know this is going to be a lot of work for our moderators and judges, and there will likely be a good bit of grumbling because of it, but I'd like to say that this is an excellent idea. Good luck to all entrants. One question about the stock category: Is the lighting required to be the jbj light bulb that *came* in the nano-cube, or is it allowed to replace it with another 18w bulb? I know this is really splitting hairs, but I think there could be a lot of benefit to replacing the stock bulb with one of a little better quality. This, of course, could be contrary to the whole point of the "stock" contest. -q
  7. Local Aquarium Clubs Directory - Please help!

    Glad to see DFWMAS on the list. I'm qfour20 on that board as well. I highly recommend stopping by for a meeting. -q
  8. How do you measure the salinity of your reef?

    You mean we're supposed to have *salt* in the water? WTF? -q
  9. Happy 4th Anniversary Nano-Reef.com!

    YAY. I sure am glad nr.com is here. Thanks for the hard work CMarks! -q
  10. Remora Mod

    I ran a tee from my mag9.5 return pump / heater / noisemaker and ran that through a gate valve and into my urchin. The results have been nothing short of phenominal. Also, I drilled the side of the collection cup, just below the top of the tube where skimmate comes out into the cup. I then took a piece of rigid airline tubing and bent it with a hairdryer so that it would go into the hole, then down almost to the bottom of the collection cup. I attached some airline tubing to this and ran it to a collection bucket. Now my skimmer is more efficient, *and* empties itself. -q *edit* I only skimmed through your post, I really need to do the same thing you did to replace the hosebarb for more flow. Great idea!
  11. Fish's 2gal starfire cube. Pictures inside.

    Ok, time to get creative. The "no equipment" look is SO tight, and there might be a way to pull it off *and* have a sump, making for a slightly larger water volume and easing installation of a topoff and associated floatswitches. First, what is your desk at work like? Is there a hutch, or an area to hide an opaque container that would be slightly taller than the water level of the tank? Could you get plumbing to this area? If so, find / build an acrylic box (white?) and plumb it as your "sump". Then you could plumb your tank into the "sump" and the water levels would remain close to the same. You would have to play with the flow to make sure everything works right... but you could have something the size of a 2.5g with a top over it that the floatswitch is mounted in. More fuge and lr space to feed that bicolor! Add a few more submersible lights and an airpump auto topoff below the desk. I'm about to set up my bigger tank and retire my nano, but now i want to run the big tank and a clean looking nano like you have. I already have a 70w halide ballast and bulb. Now I'mg gonna start looking at desk lamps and other fixtures. See what you've done?!?! My wife is gonna be ####ed.... -q
  12. i win

    So does this mean no more complaining about nano cube owners in the other forums? -q
  13. External View

    A drinking problem is when you want a drink, and there's nothing to be had. So, to answer your question, no. -q
  14. Glasscages.com - NEGATIVE

    I recently bought a tank from glasscages, and my experience was a little different. I ordered a "stock" tank listed on their website (50long). The lady on the phone verified that they had the tank in stock and took my payment over the phone. My tank arrived very promptly (and intact). I guess things are quite different when ordering a custom tank, though. I hope they straighten things out for you. -q
  15. Overflow Box Suggestions

    It's a 50 long. I know, not nano. Ssssssssssh. Don't tell anybody! It's gonna be an sps tank, so I'm thinking that I'll want at least 2000 gph, maybe more in the future. I might move the whole thing to 1" bulkheads. Should do what I'm looking for. The reason I want multiples is so that if any one (or two) become clogged, i don't overflow the tank. I guess you could just chalk it up to the fact that I designed my current tank very poorly, and I'm wanting to make sure I don't make the same mistakes. 1000gph through a 1/5" hole????? According to some online flow rate calculators I've checked, 1000gph should be at least a 1 1/4" drain. Then again, that's a calculator, and you're speaking from *real world* experience. -q