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  1. Just saw this as the winner of POTM. Beautiful. -q
  2. A drinking problem is when you want a drink, and there's nothing to be had. So, to answer your question, no. -q
  3. 22

    Cute kitty. -q
  4. SEXY!
  5. Your anemone looks happy, though! -q
  6. Is that what she tells you? -q
  7. Peter Lin (DFWMAS) has an AWESOME tank in his living room. Someday soon, I will have one too... Yes, that's my del sol outside.
  8. The right side of my tank. My pink zoos, orange zoos, green zoos, and a trumpet coral down below.
  9. Sexy. You made this yourself?? -q
  10. Nice airstone. That should provide all the water movement and aeration you need for a few more fish. Excellent tank. If *ONLY* I had the patience to have a setup like that. Wow. -q
  11. Gorgeous. I've never seen zoos in this bright yellow / green color before. Wanna thermos trade? I have some darker greens and some pinks I could send you for a few polyps of these! -q
  12. New rockwork in 18tall.
  13. beaker full of tank water with a zoo rock that I treated with Joe's Juice for aiptasia. Making sure the bugger doesn't come back.
  14. The light from an "Odyssea 10" tank for my fuge. 18W 50/50 PC
  15. 18tall tank and fuge