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  1. Coral ID please

    Found this in my sandbed. Don't know what it is but the tips of the tentacles are round and white-ish. Pretty sure its not a feather duster cause of the tentacles. Comes out during lights out.
  2. aglae id please

    Both are on an astrea snail but the last pic the snail is dead
  3. Light/Dark Cycle

    I'm trying to experiment the growth rate of my corals. Corals grow while not photosynthesising so I don't want the indirect light to cause the corals to photosynthesise.
  4. Light/Dark Cycle

    Hi, I'm experimenting on a 4 hour on 4 hour off light cycle twice a day for my corals. I was wondering if indirect sunlight hitting the tank during the dark cycle will cause the corals to photosynthesis? The tank is in the kitchen corner but there's no windows facing it.
  5. Everything is dying

    You still have to test you water with a tds meter anyways even if you just replaced the membrane. Just because you replaced it doesn't mean you'll have safe water. Also, do you mean you keep your salinity at 1.022 or 1.22?
  6. Mangrove roots and new aquascape.

    Yeah haha. I know they barely take up any nutrients in an aquarium with their relatively small size. I'm just growing them now so that later when there's more root structure it will add more visual impact to the aquascape.
  7. Hi! I just wanted to share pictures of my aquarium. I just recently moved so it was the first time I relocated my aquarium. Had the chance of redoing my aquascape. I wanted to share my mangrove roots picture also. [/url] [/url] Still trying to battle GHA! >.<
  8. Biological filtration in a tank with no fish?

    Actually, corals do give out wastes after they catch food into their mouths.
  9. Any good glass cleaners?

    I use paper towel with ro/di water. make sure you wipe the glass dry or the damp surface will create streaks when it dries.
  10. Lighting a 20-gallon long

    I did give you a way to answer your very first question. "1. How many of these LEDs should I get given my Deminsions?" The general rule for how many LED's you need is 1 LED per 15 - 20 square inches of water surface. If you're not looking for answer to your OP then why not just start a new post about your MH fixtures.
  11. Lighting a 20-gallon long

    Yes, search function would be the best way to research how to do it. Almost everyday there's someone that asks about how to setup LED's when there's probably hundreds of threads already about them in this forum alone. The general rule for how many LED's you need is 1 LED per 15 - 20 square inches of water surface.
  12. Two week old still cycling tank. What is this?

    Doesnt anyone ever use the search button anymore?
  13. Pairing up yasha hase

    Well if males do have a darkened spot on their pelvic fins then the yasha hase that I have is a female because it has no spot at all. From what you said does that mean that I can put one of these? http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_di...&pcatid=181 Must be cool seeing 2 yasha heads peeping out of the same hole!
  14. Pairing up yasha hase

    I already have a yasha hase/pistol shrimp pair in my 25g cube and would like to know if i add another yasha hase if it would share the same burrow with the one i already have?