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  1. small red coral with mouth id

    That they do. Was pretty excited I found him, really cute and has a gorgeous bold red colour to it. But it seems the nice freebies are usually trouble lol
  2. small red coral with mouth id

    yea done a bit of reading myself. slightly worried lol. either they perish due to high temps or they mulitply and release lots of fully formed, tiny babies around your tank that will sting pretty much anything that touches it. that plus they can move around, makes me a little nervous.
  3. small red coral with mouth id

    The one behind is a mushroom, I know that much lol. Its the little one in front. Pretty sure its a beadlet anemone, google searches have brought up something looking very similar if not identical. its opened up now, looking pretty happy attached to the base of the rock.
  4. small red coral with mouth id

    did some more searching, think its a beadlet anemone
  5. hi all, Found this attached to my glass this morning, i think it was opened up before the lights went on but has retracted since. you can see in the photo it is turned inwards, you can also see the mouth. Anyways it has finally dettached from the glass and drifted over to the rocks, maybe trying to get back into the dark? Any ideas what this is? Will feel daft if its just a mushroom on its travels lol. thanks
  6. yea its the water nozzle. i bought this tank not long ago which had been set up for about a year beforehand and during transportation i think it caused the coraline to die off. once i set everything back up it whitened within a few days. its slowly starting to creep back up again now tho. im not looking to add more fish for a bit as i dont want to push my luck doing it too fast but wanted to have something in mind and wanted to know what my options were.
  7. royal grammas are nice, like those. you think he'd squeeze in?
  8. im happy to keep the stock as it is and keep building the corals up, it was just a thought. just fancied a really stunning looking fish to finish it off
  9. Hi, I've got a River Reef 94 which currently stocks two percula clowns, a pyjama cardinal, clown goby, dracula coby with pistol shrimp, couple of hermits and an astrea snail. i was wondering if i have hit my fish limit now (or even gone over). I would love maybe a purple fish of somekind just to add a bit of really stunning colour, absolutely love the McCosker's Flasher Wrasse but think they require a bigger tank than i have. I have had a firefish before which was so timid I think it scared itself to death :/ Maybe an orchid dottyback? ALso LOVE the colour of the twin spot anthias but know nothing about them. Tank runs uv steriliser, protein skimmer plus usual water changes. Any suggestions or advice let me know thanks
  10. do all clowns pair up?

    theres no problem lol i was only curious!
  11. do all clowns pair up?

    Aww how sad! they do sometimes sleep together but they havent been at all like the last pair. when she starts doing the shakey shakey at him il know they're a true pair! Just makes me wonder what it is that makes them decide they dont want to mate up with another like they have before, whether its that he's not mature enough, or if she's still waiting for the other male or if she simply doesnt want to lol. who knows.
  12. do all clowns pair up?

    Hi all, just a quick question im curious about. i had two ocellaris clowns who became an obvious pair, swam together, they had a little cave they seemed to protect together, they would twitch at each other etc.the male was also very protective and would nip at my hand when i went to clean the tank. then during an unfortunate jumping accident, the female was left without her mate she looked lost, seemingy quite panicked like she was looking for him! so i got her a new mate, clearly smaller to make sure he remained male. and maybe 6 months later they get on...ok. they sometimes swim together but dont seem reet bothered if they are apart. no twitching, sharing of a special spot in the tank! and he's not at all protective. so im wondering, do all clowns pair or could these two just want to stay "friends"! thanks for any info!
  13. squashed torch

    hi everyone, ive had a mini disaster. i bought a nice littel torch coral and tried to stick it down with milliput. but i didnt realise how delicate they were and i crushed the skeleton base part. a few days later it started to deteriorate and completely fell apart after about 3-4 days. the arms started floating round the tank and some, atho pretty small n shrivelled landed on my ricordea. part of it was damaged as a result but the other half was fine and i hoped it wud recover as it did before wen my pistol tried to drag it into its cave n did it a bit of damage. another couple of days later it has completely gone and my two smaller rics nearby have completely vanished as well. im gutted they were gorgeous rics. do u think this was all down to the torches floating arms???
  14. goby and shrimp compatability

    no, no where near. its only just begun. On day 4 now. Not tested it yet today I'm still at work (just leaving, dont worry no skiving here!) but no change in results as of yet. I didn't think I would be this impatient! Good news about the shrimp (told you it was a stupid question lol) i think I will get one. how can I not now!!
  15. goby and shrimp compatability

    OMG i've not even finished watching 5-O Reefer's video yet, i'm actually 31 seconds in, and im totally sold!! I could watch this kind of behaviour for days!! I love it. I am sooo getting a pair! stupid question - the randalls shrimp is a pistol shrimp? and all pistol shrimp click? therefore...randalls shrimp = click click click??! how bad is the actual clicking? i know people have different experiences and i suppose its just the type of personality u get, but generally speaking, how do you find it? also, ive read that if you put the shrimp in first, let him find his cave/spot then drop in the goby in close proximity to it, it shud (in theory) be love at first sight! ok im gona continue watchin the vid... pps. live rock went in 3 days ago...only a matter of time now...